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Ahri Build Guide by Myixz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Myixz

Ahri *Indepth guide*

Myixz Last updated on December 29, 2011
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Burst Ahri


Ahri (Tanky)

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Warning/ Things to know

These builds work dont cry if you do bad first try dont cry if you cant play the champ.
She is a hard champ who is alot of skill shots.

If you need tips Add me

Server: USA
Summoner name: Myixz

At time to time i will give a lesson to show you how to play her and tricks.

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This is the basics tips on how to play ahri as a bursty (Single target) with the also of multi and how to do a strong amount of damage but have more survivability.

So what does Ahri do? Ahri is a Ap assassin mage what is strong in single target killing (like Leblanc).

What is her play style? She is a juggler on your enemy that can excel late game if build and farmed properly.

What is juggling? Juggling is kiting your enemy to the point to there death compared to strait up kiting where you are just keeping your distance so you may live not necessarily killing your target.

When would you use Tanky? when you don't have a tank on your team cause your allies aren't being the smartest.

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I choose the runes i choose for many reasons but i will go into deep explaining on each rune and why.

Red I choose magic pen so your early game can harass your opponent and farm well. also this helps alot in late game.
Yellow Sense you might be spamming your spells early game to "put the fear" in your opponent this regen on top of your dorians ring will keep your mana nice and high (if you go oom dont b but dont be dumb let the regen go up and you should have enough to harass soon enough).
Blue Your champion is Ap so this ap will give her early game damage and goes well with the red ones you choose (I choose flat but you can choose Ap per lvl as well)
Quint More ap = more damage (Same as blue you can have Ap per lvl as well)


Red Some people might go like say whaaaaa? i cant have 27 reds. Well guess what im not saying use them all im saying choose based off of what ur vsing. You wanna still have the pen use it. You wanna be more tanky sense youll be in mid choose Armor or MR or mix it up. (Per lvls work as well.)
Yellow The flat gives you a boost at lvl 1-4 so if you are to be harassed you have some hp to sustain yourself as for the per lvl ones they pass the flat at lvl 5 so you can mix it up buy what you perfure.
Blue Same reason as Bursty
Quint The ap is same as bursty as for the hp it can be per lvl but it helps early game.

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The mastery has reasons of choice but You can choose what you prefur.
There is nothing i really can go too too into depth with most of it is self explanatory.
My apologize that this isnt in depth as the title says but i dont know how i can do in depth with it.

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You start off with the dorans ring so you have hp, Ap, and mana regen. Boots is for getaways and running in range faster then they can get out so u can harass them well. You get your spell pen asap because not many people build MR this early so you will drop there MR to 0 making your attacks full blasts to there face and most likely forcing them to mix there build up to "try" to counter you but you they will need to build over 60 MR to make it somewhat effective cause 20% + -20Mr + 150ap= more damage then they think it will be. after get the death cap so you can do a lot more damage to them (trust me its worth the w8) you will have roughly 300+ ap at the first 20 minutes of the game if you farm right. The staff is so they cant escape you once you started you attack and the Hourglass gives nice amount of AP and armor + if you ever become first target you can use it and become untouchable for a few seconds giving your allies (if their good) to do enough to win or they will drop the attack on you and you can start your attack again.


If an item is the in this build as it is the other build its for the same reason + a defensive purpose. Rod of ages is switch with the abyssal scepter for more survivability but for the trade off of less damage (=(.

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If you are not good at farming go into a custom game (by your self) and test it to see how many you can get in 10 minutes (or so). Do it when you first get on to get yourself into the "groove" of minion farming. If you continue to have troubles in darling then I would recommend looking up on YouTube how to improve yourself in the art of farming creeps(minions)

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Harassing is easy by landing Charm and popping ur Q and run in with your W.
Sometimes its better to save ur ult for defensive purposes other then offensive purposes.
If your being out lanned call for help and set up for games.
If your being out lanned build against you enemy a little earlier so there harassing won't hurt you as much as it should.
If they have a stealthy use invisible wards in the middle of your lain it could save you life and possibly get you a kill or two.

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Well laining allies

Some strong bot gaining allies are taric, Alistar, sona, xin, or Galio, given, Leona, (can be) karma ( I've done that before) , malphite , and pretty much others with a strong cc or stun.