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Ahri Build Guide by SilentSwindler

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilentSwindler

Ahri: It's not just the charm that seals your fate

SilentSwindler Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Good day my fellow League players. I decided to play LoL one day, and there was Ahri, staring straight at me. I knew she was the champion I wanted to play as. This guide is meant for the following things:

    1. This is meant for straight-up ability power.
    2. It is meant for top and bot lanes.
    3. Just swap out sheen for rod of ages if playing mid.
    4. I'll try to make this brief, because I know you want to get back to playing the game.

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I play a style of Ahri where she is basically balanced the whole way through, so I get ability power per level runes. The per level runes pay off in late game in order to keep up with dealing damage against tougher and higher health champions.

The magic penetration runes are great for the whole game through. In early game, it lets your orb hit the target and take plenty of the enemy's health. In late game, it is extremely effective against champions who don't buy magic resist items. it basically leaves them with 1 magic resist point. Those champions will have almost no defense against Ahri's barrage of all magic abilities.

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The masteries build I have focuses on increased damage with more ability power and magic penetration. The utility section is meant to help boost mana by a little bit and give just the slightest amount of spell vamp in between the stacks for her passive ability.
Attack Tree:
ability power per level
magic penetration
Utility Tree:
spell vamp

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1.Thanks to the magic penetration runes and Ahri's spell vamp passive, the speed and magic pen of sorcerer's shoes are not needed until after one or two other items.

2.In all truth, you could possibly skip sorcerer's shoes right after sheen and Rylai's crystal scepter first, and then get the shoes third.

3.Hextech Revolver might be cheaper than rabadon's deathcap, but the massive boost from rabadon's will really help with the amount of health you receive from all the spell vamp you'll have.

4.After Rylai's, the other three items are really just suggestions. I don't expect someone to actually get enough gold to buy every one of the full items. I use the last three slots as kind of a flexible area depending on what I am fighting against.

5. The archangel's staff is just to really overdo your AP if the game is taking a really long time. You'll be using abilities fast enough to gain the bonus mana quick anyway. The lich bane is just an add on for the sheen, and the gunblade is just for a bit more spell vamp.

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Item variations

Like I said in the introduction, if your playing mid, just grab a rod of the ages instead of a sheen. That way you get buffed without having to get out of lane and buy more items.

If you are playing against champions with high magic resist, I suggest picking up a void staff before rabadon's and instead of the hextech revolver. When playing against master yi, just run. He can't be slowed, and unless you land charm, you're done for.

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Skill Sequence

I focus on orb of deception as my main ability to use. It gives you true damage on the way back, and is useful against minion waves. Once you get to level 18, your orb can kill an entire minion wave with one shot, except the siege minion. Plus, the orb gives you the best chance for the most spell vamp.

Instead of leveling up fox fire after orb, I level up charm. It might make fox fire less effective, but the time an enemy champion spends charmed walking towards you is more time for you to hit them and a nearby ally to help take them out. It also gives you the extra second or so that you need to escape without the enemy attacking you.

Level up spirit rush at the same levels as you do any ultimate. Spirit rush can be used as a great escape tactic, or a great chase move to get that last hit off at the enemy. I also use one dash of spirit rush to get on the flank of an enemy champion in lane. Then, I land charm on them, hit them with orb of deception and fox fire, and either use my remaining two dashes to finish them off, or get out of the enemy's attack range. This combination of moves will either kill the enemy champion, or hurt them bad enough to where they run or leave lane.

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Summoner Spells

I used to grab clarity and flash when I picked up a tear of the goddess as my first build. Once I found that sheen gives me just the mana I need, so I got rid of clarity and picked up ignite.

Ignite gives me that last bit of damage output against those pesky champions that kept escaping with under 100 health. I don't have to boldly charge in to finish them off, then get hit by the enemy turret twice and have to recall myself. I used flash to help get away from enemy ganks against me. If I'm out in the open, I use it to flash away to dodge some attack and get under turret. If I'm in the jungle and an enemy comes out at me, I go hug a wall and flash over the wall, making a clean escape. It is very useful for those times that you want to run away.

As a combination of flash and ignite that I have found out works well, I flash in towards the enemy champion in lane thats running away, and immediately ignite the enemy. Then I run away and let the enemy champion die off while I am safely away from an attack.

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Pros / Cons

Ahri can be a ganker.
Ahri has charm, a complete attack stopper that makes the enemy passively walk towards you.
Ahri can single out a champion, kill them, and run away.
Ahri can fight off multiple enemy champions with the right build.
Ahri is a good support in team fights and is a good finisher when you see a weak enemy try running away.
Fox fire can hit enemies while Ahri is still running away.
Ahri is extremely weak against high attack damage champions.
When charm misses, she is vulnerable to ganks.
Ahri must have a clear line of sight for charm.
Spirit Rush and fox fire might only hit nearby minions.

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1. Single out a champion, kill them, and start the 2v1 fight in lane early on.
2. Take care of low health champions before they escape.
3. Watch your mana count early game
4. keep track of your spell vamp stack
5. Make sure you land charm.
6. Have fun and don't rage quit.