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Ahri Build Guide by Quron

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quron

Ahri - Playing with Orbs

Quron Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Hi all and welcome to my guide of building Ahri.
In this guide you shall find a playstyle that is passive, yet very agressive.
As the guide is a new guide, I work on it every day to make it better, more explaned.
More chapters, screenshots and videos will to come!!
Please comment and rate so I can adjust/add more chapters.
Have fun reading.

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For runes I take:

Magic penetration Marks

Basic Caster runes

Flat Mana regen seals

I know that Preak gets AP/lvl seals but, at early game stages u want to farm as much as you can and gain as much exp as you can. Mana regen runes combined with Doran's ring, gives you much more lane presence than let's say: a saphire crystal.
You want to use your spells as much as you can and dont go Base every 2 sec's for mana..

Ability Power/lvl Glyphs

These runes will give you more ability power just by staying in your lane and leveling up.. It's also a little boost during the game, building your items.

Flat Ability Power Quintessences

Flat AP Quints will give you some starting AP to do some acctual damage to your enemies. It is also nice to have when you are at 9 stacks of your passive to get that 50hp more off your spell vamp.

All these runes combined with the Doran's ring will give you a solid early laning fase with as much lane presence as you need to get farmed up.

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A 21/0/9 Masteries build grants you the most benefits from their respective tree.


Having 21 points in the offencive tree will grant you the most damage output througout the game.With the increased cooldown reduction, you'll get your 9 stacks on your passive a bit faster which will give you more lane presence because of the spell vamp.


With the Mana regen from seals and the Doran's ring, you won't need any points in mana regen.
Therefor you can get the extra movement speed to escape gankers in the early laning phase.

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All your item purchases will depend on the enemy laner.
Therefor i'll give a few examples what to buy for countering the enemy laner.

Early Game:

Doran's ring:

This is my favorite item because of the Health, AP AND mana regen u get from it. This is the item I get most benefits from.

Boots of Speed:

I rarely pick this item but if the enemy laner/ganker has some kind of CC that can let them catch up with you or when you need to dodge some attacks, this is the item you should get.
Remember: This item won't get you as much lane presence as other items but it gives your teammates to get kills and possibilities to gank.
    Morgana, Anivia, Leblanc (although when you can anticipate, its not nessecarly)
    Cassiopeia & Karthus

Mid to Late game:

You want to start building your core damage items but, since you have no escape abilities except for your ultimate, you also want to build some hp/armor/MR to be able to take some damage if you get some CC spells on you.

Buying a Giant Belt will grant you some "tanking power" and a chance to outrun your enemies and get to safety. Giant belt is also an item which u shall need for your Rylai's later in the game.

Once you see the enemy is focussing you because you're getting kills like a boss, you better start building some armor or MR, depending on the enemy team's damage output.

Abyssal scepter will help you and your team to use kind of magic damage spell, and tear your opponents a part.

When the enemy team has a fed AD Carry or when they are AD based, get Zhonia's hourglass. Not only has it a nice armor and AP amount, the active will help you survive in teamfights.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1: Orb of Deception
This will give you a quite nice burst to get those ranged creeps and hurt the enemy.

Level 2: Fox-Fire
From this moment on, you want to have your passive fully stacked as often as you can.
Fox-Fire will give u 3 stacks by only using 1 spell which reduces the mana-usage and increases your CS and gold income.

Level 7-...:
At the moment of you becomming lvl 7, other lanes will be pushed or maybe a turret destroyed. This is the moment that other laners from your team will move around the map, looking for a gank. With Charm, you will be able to lock the target and you teammates can jump in for the kill.

This will be the best damage output sequence you will have:
Charm - Fox-Fire - Orb of Deception - Spirit Rush(to catch up when flash)

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Summoner Spells

The spells I use most of the time:

Ignite: When you find yourself in the lack of damage output to finish enemies, ignite will do it for you. Dash in with ur ultimate, ignite, dash a second time away but in range for ur ulti-cast and dash back out.

Flash: when your dashing out the teamfight but cant get far enough, flash will help you escape any chasers.

Other viable spells:

Clarity: When you want to spam your abilities and don't wanna pay attention to your mana or when you are a very agressive player, i suggest you get clarity for those moments when you need that mana

Cleanse: Are you playing draft mode and you see the enemy team has a ton of CC, get cleanse, it will be your saveguard in teamfights or when you are getting ganked.

Teleport: If you want to get to your lane ASAP or when you want to be very mobile and gank more often in other lanes, this is somewhat the spell you should have.

Spells NOT to pick:

Ghost: When you want to chase your opponents, use flash or dash a few times with your ultimate.


Surge: You dont need attack speed at all so why get surge when you can get ignite..

Heal: You have a spell vamp ability so why should you get heal??

Exhaust: To CC your enemies, use your Charm skill and slay them for trying to get away!!

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How to control your opponents

There Ahri is fragile and doesn't have many CC spells, i'm sure to take Rylai's to keep up when they are trying to run away. Not only gives it a boost to your survivability, it gives you a great form of CC.

Ahri can also support your team by picking off a bully off your team's AD Carry. By using Charm, not only will it give a chance to your team-mate to get away, it also gives an opportunity to jump on him while hes CC'd down to the ground.

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Ganking & Teamfights


To start off your gank you can use Charm to initiate. If the situation is that you don't get an open view on the enemy, you might want to jump in with you ultimate, pop Fox-fire and start dealing tons of damage. To keep them from running, hold your charm untill there is a point that you got a clear space to shoot. When taunted, they don't deal any damage and are therefor dead.


When your team is lacking of any good initation spell, your charm can do the trick. Although it's a skill that is hard to aim, when it hits and taunts a champion, your teammates will be willing to jump on him and start before you even started..

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Pros / Cons


    Heavy burst
    High mobility
    Very fun to play


    No escape abilities except for ultimate
    Fragile for ganks early game
    Fragile for any hard cc

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Some Screenshots(in progress)

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Change Log


    Created the guide

    Added chapters:
    Some Screenshots
    Change Log