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Ahri Build Guide by Nimmy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nimmy

Ahri - Rasengan

Nimmy Last updated on May 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my very first build on Mobafire.. I can play any champ, and i have had some favourites, but ever since Ahri ("Naruto") came out, I fell completely in love with the champion. I love the story ("Korean story around Nine Tails") and I'm a huge Naruto fan, so this champ just completely took me by surprise..
But, more on the champ herself, she is very skilled based.. she has mostly only skill shot moves, and if you have trouble using skill shots, either get used to it, or try another champion.

I use Ignite and Flash on Ahri, as i think they are best suited for her. (more on this in summoner spells).
With this build you should have above 700 AP, and you should be able to burst someone down FAST with this build.

I use a 21/0/9 build, for maximum AP and for getting movement speed and longer buff duration.

I have not yet tried her out in ranked, but I will soon though, but I am quite low atm, just started playing ranked..

Only tried her in Classic 5v5, will test her out in Dominion and 3v3 soon also.
If I do, ill be making a build for each of them also.

Alot of people call Ahri OP, and in the right hands of someone who can utilize her, she may seem like a OP champ, but she really isnt, so dont expect a champ you can just own every team you encounter.. If you are looking for a "OP" champ, try out Trynda, Mordekaiser, Lee Sin, Morgana or something :)

Changelog: Changed items for better mid control and end game dominance. I use this build in ranked also.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ignite and Flash. Ignite synergizes perfectly with your Orb of Deception ability. And having Flash on Ahri can be a life saver, and can land you kills on runners.
Even just a Flash into a Charm as a initiator in a 1v1 fight will most likely get you the kill.
Using Exhaust is kinda pointless on Ahri, caus you can chase with Ulti, you got Flash, and with Charm, you can stop other people from running away, or even doing dmg to you.
Stick to Ignite and Flash, you wont regret it :)

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For runes, i have chosen heavy AP runes, basicly going for AP per level runes for most dmg output lategame (she excels late game, and although flat AP would help more in early game, i like the level runes more, but its a preference, so pick what you want)
So yea, AP level runes on Seals and Glyphs. AP quints and Magic Pen on Marks..

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For masteries, as you can see, i have gone into a 21/0/9 build. This is because i want to maximize the AP you get from masteries, while also maintaining the extended neutral buffs.
I get the summoner's insight and wrath, for the added bonuses on the summoner spells..
Everything taken in the offensive tree is pretty straight forward, with focus on AP.
In the Utility tree i have taken the added movement speed, to synergize with her Ulti.
This should help getting away and catching runners, whatever the case should be, in game.

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I always start out with a Doran's Ring. After this I start building into Mejai's, which is insane on Ahri.. After this I get Lvl 1 boots, then get a Rod of Ages. Then i get Sorcerer's shoes for more magic pen. After this I start working on getting a Rabadon's, which will increase your AP by quite alot. You should also get some kills/assists by this time, so that your Mejai's starts stacking.. Now what I do is go for Rylai's, both for health and slow effect. I finish it off with a Morello's.
With these items, you should end up over 700 AP, and you can pretty much kill anyone in the game.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Orb of Deception, and i max this one first, as it really helps with both harassing and get minion kills.. I max Charm next (amazing spell). And fox-fire last. Keep in mind, i get Orb of Deception at lvl 1 and 3. Charm at lvl 2. And fox-fire at lvl 4. This is mostly due to Ahri being so squishy early game, so going for a kill before lvl 4 might be suicidal sometimes..
Oh, and yea, get Ulti skill every time you can..

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Ahri is awesome at laning in mid, and can for the most part get by and dominate the lane against most champs.. Use your Orb of deception to get last hits on minions (dont waste it though, you will have mana issues if you only use it to last hit minions all the time) and harass the Champion you are facing in the lane..

You can also play in the other lanes, but if you do play in other lanes, try and harass the champs so much that they have to fall back to their turret.. (you can harass exceptionally good, so use it to your advantage)
And remember, last hits only, you want creep score.. You also do not want to push the creep towards their tower, as that may result in their jungler coming and ganking.. So, try and only last hit..

Edit: Harass harass harass... Last hit minions, but harass all the time.. This will zone out their mid, and you will get lvl 6 first.. If you can't get a kill in mid, dont worry... just go into any other lane, and start ganking.. You should always be offensive and gank as much as you can in other lanes when you reach lvl 6.

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Team Work

You are a fantastic asset for teamfights ! If you can, try and initiate with your Charm ability, and if you get someone with it, your team can kill that target failry easily, and have a 5v4 teamfight instead of 5v5.
Ahri is quite squishy, and you should stay at the back for the most part, and try and save your Ulti if you can, until they start getting low health, then just Ulti in and finish them off. Or use Ulti to kill the runners.

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Pros / Cons

- Awesome and fun champ
- female Naruto :)
- Awesome carry mid/engame
- Around 1000 AP with this build

- Quite squishy
- low dmg output on lower levels
- Mana intensive, try to get blue asap

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I hope you enjoy the guide, and please leave a comment when you vote.. Appreciate any response, good or bad :) Please vote only if you have tried the build out!
I will be adding more and more on this guide, f.ex how she handles certain champs in mid, 1v1 etc :D

Thx for reading my guide,