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Ahri Build Guide by ArcticFox7

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArcticFox7

Ahri the Fox of Fire

ArcticFox7 Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My appologies if this already exists

Ive been looking around at the Ahri builds and have yet to see this build so here it is. If it exists somewhere someone comment and share the link to the other but as far as i've seen no one has gone this path.

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Ahri the Nine tailed fox

The Fox of darkness in this build ill be explaining my personal experience in playing League's new champion Ahri. Ahri has a strange play style that takes some adjustment to how you would engage all throughout the game, never engage the same way twice.

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Pro's and Con's to playing Ahri

- Tons of bust damage
- excellent scout
- great at sticking to an enemy
- True damage on return spell path
- Spells hit multiple targets
- can create escapes with charm taunting enemies out of their killing blow
- Has a similar secret passive as Teemo that everyone wants to catch you.
- Can escape almost any situation unless she is hard locked with crowd control
- Able to lure enemies to their death with Charm
- Picks off damaged carries that would otherwise get in free damage

- Semi slow to start
- gets focused often (everyone hates the fox)
- high skill required
- Burst caster and has issues with hp stack and MR stack foes (still working on a solution)

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Reds: Magic pen (obviously as she is a caster who deals magic damage mostly)

Yellows: Mana regeneration per 5 seconds per level. The way i play Ahri until my core items are out I always experience a large mana problem.

Blues: Ability Power per level (helps your damage slowly scale up while you are trying to get your core rolling to start wrecking team fights)

Quints: Flat Ability Power damage (your early game damage boost)

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For Ahri's masteries I spec 21-0-9 taking all the magic damage down to the executioner spec for more damage vs low hp targets. As an assassin low Hp targets are a main target you want to aim for.

The 9 points in utility can be placed in your own preference, you can take the faster recall time for better escapes. more move speed, or better mana regeneration.

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Items are subject to how well you do in the match. If you are doing worse go for the a tankier build early, if you are doing well go for more damage.

Grab Doran's Ring to start, best start item ever it gives health, mana and damage you cant say any other item is better. However its only good for the first ring, never stack them as once you get a second or third the utility and power of the ring falls off. Its better to start toward a better item than continue to get doran items.

Rod of Ages- this is an amazing item and sets up a nice pool of mana for you while making you harder to kill and hurt more. Some say rush Rylai's first but she needs more mana for when the fights start to happen and you get ganked. Also the survivability and sustain you get from the catalyst activation makes you able to stay in lane for a long time.

Sorcerer's Shoes- Spell penetration on a mage. Obvious choice.

Rabadon's Deathcap- Damage and more damage. Deathcap is deathcap and you are a mage. Need I say more.

Morello's evil tome- Gives the CDR to get more fox fire damage in while in the fight, more damage = more likely to kill.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter- More health, more damage and a slow on all spells. All of Ahri's Fox fire and spirit rush hits count as single target spells, so you get tons of slow utility. being harder to hit and making escape harder is simply making the job of an assassin so much easier.

Once your core is complete now comes where the build can be changed drastically.
All the below items are situational and to be used when needed for certain situations.

Will of the Ancients- If you have another Mage and are having issues surviving the fights.

Moonflair Spellblade- The enemy team is very CC heavy. This should be earlier than rylai's scepter in the build if the enemy team is heavy on CC.

Zhonya's Hourglass- If the enemy team has a lot of burst damage or an AD carry. Active for when you would be dead but might be able to survive if you had 2 more seconds, for a team mate to save you, or a spell to come off cooldown to escape.

Deathfire Grasp- For issues with tanks. make sure to get a void staff for the magic penetration and smack the tank with this as early as possible for maximum effect.

Void Staff- for when they are stacking magic resist.

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Size up your lane opponent

Fox fire is an amazing burst damage nuke when placed correctly. When landed properly Fox fire deals double the damage it says it should making it a really painful hit on an enemy especially for low Hp characters.

To help get a feel for your lane opponents competence throw orb of deception at them early to see how well the respond to skill shots. If they respond slowly and get hit easily, don't harass them much. Wait for level 4 hit them with charm, and burn them with fox fire. Depending on the lane opponent this should take them down to around half health easily.

Once you hit 6. get as close as possible with spirit rush and use fox fire, the hardest part of this is landing charm after the spirit rush. you land charm you will probably kill them.

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Dangerous mids to be careful of

Graves: He gets passive MR and Armor for hitting minions which any AD carry should be doing. Buckshot's scaling is still really high and takes large chunks of your hp if you get hit.

Playing against graves: My experience so far laning against a mid graves is to sit back and farm. Because of his damage output you can not take him 1v1 if he has any decent amount of health. If possible try and have a jungler gank him a few times in order to gain a level and item advantage. In general sit tight, grab a regeneration item like philosopher's stone and farm the minions.

Kassadin: The bane of all mid lane Mage's existence. Ranged silence and a flash mechanic with decent burst damage, he is not to be underestimated. Laning against Kassadin is also a tricky game as the more you spam the more often he can jump in and hit you with force pulse.

Playing against Kassadin: This is all a game of waiting and prediction. You need to get a good feel for what kassadin looks like he is about to do, which means you need to be spot on with your reaction time. This does not work all the time but the theory is to activate fox fire and throw charm the same instant he is jumping. If done correctly, your fox fire will hit him as well as charm. This combo will deal damage back to kassadin as well as taunt him out of his force pulse provided you have been doing the smart thing and running. In general treat as any other mid mage but be wary of tower dives as he can silence you to prevent an escape.

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Creature of Cunning

Foxes are cunning and fast, never stop moving and dash around like crazy. Ive beaten Cassiopeia in mid lane from half health, she had full, by dodging past her ult with spirit rush. Stay mobile and dash as close as possible to get all the spirit rush hits on the enemy, this coupled with fox fire is a giant damage dealer.

While killing them is preferred, Ahri has a Teemo like second passive of they want to catch and kill you because you are so annoying. So if you are low hp, dash out and stay near the outskirts of the fight waiting to run as bait.

The good old recall bait tactic is always a good one. Position yourself in the middle of the lane not behind your minions and start to recall. When they move to attack you charm, fox fire and orb for max damage, ignite them if they are low enough.

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Laning Phase

In lane you want to be aggressively passive, and by that I essentially mean be an opportunist. Harass them some and wait for key moments to strike, mainly when you land charm as this is a free rotation of damage. Once you have your ult you have 2 options.

-A. Harass your opponent until the time and positioning is right to kill them, then take the tower.
-B. Harass your lane opponent, make them recall and go ambush a side lane.

Work on getting out the rod of ages, and the Deathcap to get your damage in a nice place for the team fights.

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Charm (0_o?) "how'd that miss?"

Charm is pretty much the deciding factor on how good you do with Ahri. While good positioning will do wonders for bursting enemies down, charm secures the kill and makes them unable to flee.

You need to master this short range skill shot, mastery of this will make kills so much easier as well as ganks.

Skill shots are just that it takes skill. You need practice and to be able to predict their escape path to land the charm successfully. Firing the charm at a near max range enemy is not advised as the travel speed and cast time make long range charms almost always miss. Aim for a closer target if there is one before firing at max range.

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Team Fights

The main thing I've noticed that is crucially important to team fighting with Ahri is to be patient. Using your ultimate early in the fight is not the best of ideas, yes its a lot of burst but half the time it is wasted on the tanks or bruisers. Use your combo's and hit whatever is available, once the fight has started going on watch the enemy carries. When the carry is low Hp use your ult to close with them and combo them to death. Fox fire and spirit rush hurt like you wouldn't believe so you should be able to burst anyone from half health as long as they aren't the tank.

An important thing to watch is how much of the enemy Crowd control has been used. If there is still a lot of crowd control left to be used, don't move in too much as once you are locked in place you can't do anything.

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Still in progress but mostly complete

Im still working out the few problems i have with ahri like how to beat down tanks, and this ever so prevalent all tank meta. Ill be updating once i find a solution, or if anyone has tips for beating a tanky team please comment below.