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Ahri Build Guide by Cursdlyfe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cursdlyfe

Ahri, the kiting machine

Cursdlyfe Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide for League of legends, hope you like it.

First off, the way I play Ahri isn't like anyone else. I play Ahri as an AP bruiser/kiter, as to how and why I do this, well that will be covered later on in the guide.

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I got many questions asking me why AP/lvl and mana regen/lvl. Well I usually give them a simple answer, I don't usually harrass pre-level 4, that's when I have my full combo+my W at level 2. And Ahri can get mana intensive at times when you spam too much, and that is why I get mana regen/lvl where it gives me more mana regen as I level, giving me an advantage to the solo laner infront of me.

The quints and marks are self-explanatory so I won't go there.

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As for my masteries, I go for 21/0/9, giving me a good AP boost from the offense tree, and mana regen and buff duration from the utility tree. I think that is quite self-explanatory as well.

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Item Explanation

Starting off with boots and potions gives me lane endurance, cuz whoever you are, and whatever hero you're playing, you'll get harrassed, and with your passive, you'll almost always be at full health with the help of your potions, and thus keeping me in my lane for as long as possible farming away on creeps.

As to why I go for full rylai's before boots, well that's what makes this guide interesting. I get rylai's first to be able to kite mostly any melee character there is (except for the pesky Master Yi with his ult!). I just fox-fire them until my charm is ready to land my Orb deception without him getting away from it on the way back. I usually get the Melee's on the opposing team to rage about how Ahri is so overpowered when the game ends. It also gives you a nice health boost to keep you from dying easily.

Y U NO GET SORCERER'S BOOTS? YOU NEED MAGIC PEN! NUB FAKAR BISHT BUGGY! Meh... Her spells sync together so well that CD reduction make a great difference on her. And with my build I try to get as close to the CD reduction cap as possible, the only way to achieve that is through Ionian boots and Morrello's, or Magi's and Morrello's. And I don't like to depend on Magi's too much for CD reduction as you will have to keep it at 20 stacks at all times to get it's passive CD red, and that's not always possible.

Next I get Fiendish Codex to give me some more CD red., then I go for full Morrello's. This is the time that you'll feel the full power of Ahri, no Melee is going to be able to get to you if you time your spells right. Your fox-fire will be on a 3-4 second cooldown, making it very spammable.

Rabadon's then supplements me with a good amount of AP to be able to 2 shot their AD carry from a relatively safe distance.

WoTA gives some survivability, and as my spells are spammable, I rarely die as I spell-vamp every 3 seconds with my fox-fire.

The last item always depends on the game, if their AP carry is pwning me early on in fights, I either get banshee's veil or Zhonya's hourglass (depends on which AP carry it is). Quicksilver Sash if they have a hard CC that's always used on me. If I see them stacking MR then I go for Void Staff for the nifty 40% Mpen.

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Laning phase

Your early game is mostly about farming, farming, then more farming. Your orb of deception makes it very easy to farm. Start off by doing an Orb on the creeps then hit each on the ranged creeps once, then focus on the melee ones to last hit them, by the time you're done your Orb will be off CD so you could easily Orb them to death!

If you're getting harrassed alot then just utilize your passive and potions to keep you in the lane for as long as possible. And harrass back with your fox-fire, as it does the most single target damage if they all hit the same target.

When harrassing, keep in mind the best times to land your full combo, charm them then be ready, if it lands, then quickly activate your fox-fire and land your Orb on them, will mostly take half of their HP, then go back to farming as usual.

Once you get level 6, it's usually an insured kill. If you've harrassed them to about 60-75% health then ulti in, land your charm, activate your fox-fire and Orb them. Don't forget to land a few normal hits until your fox-fire is off CD then ulti again and activate your fox-fire, then ulti again to insure the kill. If that doesn't work, then you must have either not landed your charm, or your Orb missed.

After getting your blasting wand and perhaps a tome, start ganking. Ahri is an amazing ganker, with her great mobility and charm, you'll almost always get a kill for your team.

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Mid and late game

Mid game you should have completed your rylai's, boots, and your morrello's. At this point of time your main focus is to charm the opposing team's largest threat then bomb him away with your burst.

It's almost always useful to be the last one going in, and from a side, making you able to charm whoever you please. This almost insures that you're not focused at the beginning of the fight. If however you're still focused, then with your great mobility and your slows, you'll be able to keep your chasers occupied long enough for your team to do some damage to them, then out of the blue, charm then nuke them down.

Late game is pretty much the same as her mid game, with one exception. Expect to be focused in each and every team fight, for you are now able to burst down their largest damage dealer in about 3-6 seconds. So don't get frustrated if you die alot late game, which rarely happens as you're one of the best kiters at that point of time.

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I hope you liked my guide, I know it's a big wall of text with nothing in it, but if people like it I will update it with other features soon enough.

Good luck, have fun, and don't rage if Master Yi keeps chasing you down, or LeBlanc keeps 2 shotting you!