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Ahri Build Guide by xtkx92

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xtkx92

Ahri - The Nine-tailed Nightmare

xtkx92 Last updated on December 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction (Ahri - Beautiful Destruction)

Welcome, Summoners. My name is TK and this is my first build. Thus, I decided to make my very first build on one of my favorite champions, Ahri.

What makes Ahri so potent yet difficult is all based on how good you are at skill shots. Skill shots play a major role in the style of play. It is very challenging to play as our nine-tailed wonder if you can not hit your skill shot. Now, saying that, Ahri is quite unique. Her crowd control is a skill shot. So, needless to say you are terrible with skill shots, well in that case, try learning to play as Ahri against bots.

The following guide is going to encompass a couple of things. The rune selection, masteries, the item selection, skill selection, and summoner spells. Bare in mind, this is just how I choose to play Ahri ninety percent of the time. The other ten percent is based on how the other team is playing. So, in essence, if the other team is aggressive, you need to counter. That I will put into a separate chapter.

Now, let us begin.

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Pros Vs Cons

-Low Cool Down
-High Ability Power
-Gap Creator and Gap Closer
-Auto Spell Vamp


-Glass Cannon
-Slow Attack Speed
-No Attack Damage

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Rune Selection

The selection of runes are important. When I decided to start runing, I was stuck between the Greater Glyph of Force and the Greater Glyph of Potency. Now, the ability power of having nine Greater Glyphs of Force is significantly higher; as in 16.74 points higher. Yes, I have tried both and I have been stuffed on more times then one. HOWEVER, if played properly, a great player on the other side of Ahri can change the game, regardless of the rune build.

Now, when it comes to the marks. The Greater Mark of Insight is the only real way to go. I mean you can benefit from having the Greater Mark of Force or even the Greater Mark of Potency. However, the extra ability power is not as influential as the Magic Penetration. Having a magic penetration of 8.55 at level one is quite amazing. It makes a huge difference.

The seal selection is really a no brainer. However, for those people who would argue that the cool down reduction is more important then anything else, then by all means, get the Greater Seal of Focus. If you want a little extra, and I emphasize the word little, get the Greater Seal of Force. However, in this build, I selected the Greater Seal of Clarity. The mana regeneration is ideal. At level one, the mana regeneration of 0.585 per five seconds is going to be a game changer early on.

In the means of the Quintessences, a few of them would be quite helpful for Ahri. Nevertheless, I decided to get three of the Greater Quintessence of Potency. Those three Quintessences are going to be a game changer at early levels. Since you have three of them, your ability power would be 14.85 at level one, without even discussing the Greater Seals, Marks or Glyphs. Now, again, with every selection I have discussed, it is quite okay to experiment with them. This is just my build, you are free to build however you choose.

What is the difference? Well there is a big difference. The greater glyph of potency is great early game. It starts you with a higher ability power. HOWEVER, late game, which Ahri is really really strong in, the scaling ability power of the greater glyph of force is much more desirable. As I mentioned earlier, 16.74 points.

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Mastery Selection

Masteries are something that typically do not differ between summoners. A lot of them build the same way. So If you have seen an Ahri build like this, I'm sorry but it is the best way to build her.

Start with one point in Summoner's Wrath. I mean, an extra five ability power when ignite is on cool down? Sure! Four points in Mental Force for the extra four ability power. Face it, you are playing as an AP champion. Any extra ability power is needed. Four points in Sorcery which is worth it. The cool down reduction is nice especially because Ahri already has a small cool down on her skills. One point should go into Arcane Knowledge. Ten percent magic penetration at level one? Who wouldn't need that? Here is when it could get a little messy. you need at least two more points before you can move onto the next level in the tree. I put three into Havoc. It increases damage dealt by 1.5% when maxed. Again, choice is yours. Next, put four into Blast for an extra ability power boast. Not much but still. Four points into Archmage to increase your ability power by an additional five percent. Finally, one point into Executioner. Six percent increase on enemies below forty percent? Come on now.

Now for the Utility tree. One point into Summoner's Insight to reduce the cool down of Flash by fifteen seconds. Three points into Expanded Mind for an extra two hundred sixteen mana at level eighteen. One point into Swiftness for the half percent movement speed. It's worth it. Finally, three points into Meditation for the three mana regeneration per five seconds.

Now, I repeat, this is just how I build Ahri. You can build however you want, but this is what works the best for me.


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Item Sequence

This is the HARDEST section to build upon. There are so many different builds for Ahri that would benefit her. However, I am going to share with you how I build her.

  • -Start off with boots of speed and two health potions and one mana potion. Stay in lane until you can;
  • -Rush Rabadon's Deathcap by getting Needlessly Large Rod OR build a Kage's lucky pick. (Twenty-five AP and five gold per 10 seconds)
  • -Finish Sorcerer's shoes.
  • -Finish Rabadon's.
  • -Start Rylai's Crystal Scepter with either Giant's Belt or Blasting Rod. Finish this ASAP!
  • -Finally grab a Deathfire's Grasp.
  • -Void Staff.
  • -Athane.


Now, I played against a formidable Ahri player (KingIonTrueLove) who gave me a little bit of a different item selection. So, in honor of that player, I am also going to say this. Deathfire's Grasp really isn't worth it. I understand that the eighty ability power is awesome. HOWEVER, I have decided that grabbing an Archangels Staff would be potent as well. The ability power bonus of the extra mana does help a lot as well.


I have gotten a comment asking about Warmog's Armor and Zhonya's Hourglass. I will explain why I personally do not like to use these items. Warmog's is a good item to have, I just don't like the extra health. I understand that it means that you can stay alive longer, yes. However, it doesn't give you any extra ability power or mana (mana being if you were using the Archangel's Staff). For the hourglass, on the other hand, I personally do not use it. It's a little to much gold for me to use and while the extra hundred ability power is good, the thirty percent increase from Rabadon's and Archangel's gives you an amazing passive.
    Grants ability power equal to 3% of your maximum mana. UNIQUE: Every time you use an ability, your maximum mana increases by 4 (3 second cooldown). Bonus caps at 1000 mana.

So, you are getting four hundred mana and then constantly increasing your mana while also giving a base forty-five ability power and increasing that over time as well.

Now this will give you a good amount of ability power and some health. Ahri is a glass cannon, which I will discuss later.

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Skills and Summoner Skills

The skill set really all depends on the lane you are working in. I play Ahri middle lane almost always. So my skill set is mostly aggressive. However, before I explain my reasoning behind my skill selection, I am going to talk about the Summoner's skills.

My chosen selection is to grab Ignite in the D slot and Flash in the F slot. Ironic I know. However, a couple of different selections CAN be made. Other good selections are Clarity, Ghost and Heal. Heal is more or less a good thing to have for middle lane. However, it does have a long cool down and you have a passive spell vamp every so many abilities.

Orb of Deception should be maxed as soon as possible. I understand it is a skill shot but it is one of her best abilities and it is the one skill that will give you the spell vamp. However, the first three levels should go Q-W-E.

Fox-Fire is a good skill to have. It helps to kill off some creeps or get in the last couple hits as a champion is running.
Charm should be maxed last. It is her ONLY crowd control ability but late game can turn the tides.

Spirit Rush is her ultimate. This skill is AMAZING for more reasons then one. A, it's a good damage dealing gap closer. B, it's a good damage dealing gap creator. C, it can be used three times in a row. Finally, D, it has a decently low cool down.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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This is quite a hard section to write. I guess it really depends on how you are as an Ahri player and how the opponent plays. These are just some of the opponents I have faced.


Yes, I said it. Damn near impossible. Katarina is one of the most difficult opponents you will ever face middle lane. The combination of Bouncing Blade, Shunpo, her spin, then her ultimate is to deadly for you to survive. The best bet is to have someone gank her with you. Difficulty = Depends

This really does depend on a couple of things. First and foremost, how is their Yi playing? If he's not an experienced player it should be easy. However, if he has any idea how to play Master Yi this match up could be difficult. If he manages to hit you with his Alpha Strike, run as close to your turrent because he will appear next to you. Charm him and go to town. Difficulty = DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!!

Again, I have said damn near impossible. Syndra has ridiculous pokes and can shut you down easily. Be careful.
Difficulty = Difficult but doable

This really all depends on how each other decides to build. Whoever has the highest Magic resistance will typically win this match up.
Difficulty = Easy

A Morgana player, experienced or not, will have a very hard time with out Nine-tailed Nightmare. Beware of her skill shot and stay out of Tormented Soil and you shouldn't have a problem. Soul Shackles WILL deal damage and stun you long enough for her team to get you in a team fight though...
Difficulty = Easy to Difficult

This really all depends on how you play Ahri and how Sona chose to build/play. If she's aggressive you might have some issues. A more passive Sona is more susceptible to Arhi. Difficulty = Easy

Face it. Dodge her skill shot and you should be all set.
Difficulty = Easy to Difficult

This really all depends. Twisted Fate does have some hard pokes and if he catches you properly you will get stuffed. Dodge the cone whenever possible and stay a good distance away. Calling for help isn't a bad idea though.


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So, that concludes my build on Ahri. I hope that you enjoy and leave feedback as often as you like. I am open to changes. Post screen shots of your games as well!

Thank you for commenting and your input is noted. (working on coding as well) MORE CODING COMING!