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Ahri Build Guide by xIUnd3rD0gZzIx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIUnd3rD0gZzIx

Ahri, The nine tails fox

xIUnd3rD0gZzIx Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ahri is a fairly unique champion relying on a good aim and good judgement. I have been playing Ahri quite a bit recently and I must say I have enjoyed her immensely. Her great damage output mixed with her skill shots and ultimate makes it so your mind and fingers are never at rest with this awesome champion. There are so many cool tricks to pull of with Ahri which is what has kept me playing her and now I think its safe to say I can call her a main.

So please enjoys my guide.
PS. please.. Criticize me. This is my first guide so tell me whats good or not. (In a kind manner :D).

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I take Seal and Glyphs of force for one reason... POWER!. They give me so much Ability power at Lv 18 and mixed with the masteries means your almost getting 3 ability power (Or more) every time you level up which I think is great. Marks are magic penetration for the obvious reason that with these your opponent is missing a fair chunk of there stock magic resist at the start of the game. My Quints are potency.. the extra 15 ability power at Lv 1.. just really help control your lane at a early Lv with Ahri and her Orb of Deception. These masteries provide a lot of extra damage output throughout the game. Good hands just means you miss out on less laning time or can come in for the clutch nexus save. Expanded mind and meditation just give me that extra mana and mana regen to sustain that little bit longer on the mana side.

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I take the three dorans start for 3 reasons, 300 health (Always nice), 45 Ability power (combined with runes and masteries is a lot of early game damage output) and mana regen which allows me to farm those minions with out worrying to much about mana. you only need basic boots for at least the first 20 minutes. Hex-tech revolver early on gives you more sustain in the lane while farming those minions and combines nicely with Soul eater. Then grabbing your sorcerer shoes provides Extra magic pen (By now your opponents will have little to no magic resist (True damage is tasty) which might lead them to stop there build a bit just to counter you. Then going straight into a Rabadons Deathcap gives Ahri at around about 25 minutes in huge power. Rylais crystal scepter gives you a nice chunk of health, 80 ability power and a awesome slowing effect making those skill shots easier to land or helping chase down that last kill to score and ace. finishing Will of the ancients give your a bit more sustain in a team fight and some good AP. finishing of with a void staff for that extra penetration.

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.Great farming capability from 6 and onwards
.Hard to out lane in the laning phase
.Hits stupidly hard
.Can happily turret dive with putting herself into to much damger


.If not positioned right, basically useless
.Can be easily shutdown with s snare,stun or slow

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Maxing Orb of deception first allows for easy farming and harass. Maxing Fox Fire second combined with spirit rush gives insane damage output and a lot of life back with hex-tech revolver/will of the ancients.Charm is maxed last due to it being the most unreliable damage output and only a being used as a utility spell. Maxing spirit rush as soon as you can because its your ultimate and once you have it, you can play extremely offensively and come out on top with a kill most of the time if used correctly.

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If fed, Ahri can be an amazing initiator. But if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, it isn't a good idea because once Ahri has no spirit rush charges left she has almost lost all escape options. If stunned or snared in the middle of using your spirit rush to get in and out of combat, Ahri can be easily killed die to her being so squishy. If that is the case all you have to do is use spirit rush to chase after those enemy's that are just getting away. Fox fire is a great single target damage output so don't be afraid to let your full combo out on the enemy AP carry. It will usually result in them retreating from battle.

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Ahri is an amazing champion. She has insane single target damage, Excellent minions farming, she is stupidly powerful and will never fail you if you know what your doing. I recommend everyone give her a go and don't just jump to conclusions if you have a rough first game with her. I guarantee if you work hard with her you can manage great things and even destroy that AD carry that has been bugging you all your League of Legends life.

Thanks you for reading my guide on Ahri, the 9 tails fox.