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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Mighty Emu

Ahri - The Smelly Kitty

The Mighty Emu Last updated on March 18, 2016
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Pre-Chapter 2

Hi, I am making this guide because there are a ton of BAD Ahri players out there. They really stink. And not in a good way. I hope this guide will help you become the GOOD stinky kitty we all know and love. Well without further to do, let's get pumping!

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This is Chapter 2

Build her right and she will ace the enemy team, get the drg and never miss a single charm. If you put both Rylai's Sceptor and Infinite Edge on Ahri, her charm will auto hit the enemy just like Annies Q. It's an exploit Riot has refused to address since the start of Season 6. Also, building Thornmail will hard counter Zed, Yas, Ekko, Yi, and any AD jng. It's a win win for mid lane. I usually Rush Thorn, then start my IE before moving into the Sceptor for an unstoppable carry mid/late game.

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The Next Chapter After 2

Well I hope that helps you guys out a lot. I look forward to playing with anyone in the Rift. Good luck and I hope your Ahri game keeps getting stronger, thanks of course, to this guide!!

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