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Ahri Build Guide by LordAlbert

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordAlbert

Ahri - You can't stop that fox

LordAlbert Last updated on December 19, 2011
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18 December : first release of my guide on this new champion , i will edit it better soon ^^ .

This champion is really op and nobody can't stop you in mid !

These are some games played by me with this build :

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Take this as soon as possible, it let you make crazy damage in early game and regenerate a lot of health points.

If you aren't pretty skilled yet with Ahri i reccomend this item in early game to get more survivability but if you take the spell svamp soon and other ap items you don't really need this.

This is the best item for all ap champs, you must take this as soon as you can, of course first take spell svamp, with spell svamp and this together you would be able to fight alone against many opponents using your ulti to kill and run away fastly .

When your enemies will see how much damage can you do they probably will buy some magic resist, take this and keep owning them =) .

What to say... More health, more ap , and you slow and rape your enemies, you must take this !

Taking this will save you many times in teamfight in late game, your skill's cooldowns would be finished and you could fight again doing crazy damage and regenerating your hp !

If you manage to get stacks and keep them, you will go out of control in terms of damage, but you will become the prime target to focus in a fight, which is something you don't want. If you are confident that you can get stacks and also stay alive take this as soon as you can.

I don't really care about cooldowns but, if you take void staff, and you prefer have faster cooldowns that more magic penetration, take this as shoes !

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Against the other champs mid

Ahri (***) - The mirror match-up you will go against the most now she is just out, or when her free week comes. Ahri versus Ahri really only depends on player skill, runes, masteries and build. Both of you have the same range on your Orb of Deception, so whoever uses it first, and dodges the enemy's one by walking backwards, will get the harass off. Be aware that Ahri can catch up to you since she has the same ultimate, so don't play risky with your life, since she can towerdive you and your Spirit Rush won't save you.

Akali (***) - A minor threat, and usually puts herself solo top anyway. In the case that she is mid, feel free to harass her with Orb of Deception, because she is melee and can't do much until she has her Shadow Dance. When she does, however, be careful of her burst, as she might force you to Spirit Rush to escape. Try to play aggressively versus an Akali, while avoid her post-6 burst. Also don't forget that Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush can't hit a stealthed target, and will instead target minions if you decide to use it while she is in her Twilight Shroud.

Anivia (**) - Pretty easy to lane against, especially once you have your ultimate! Make sure you juke to the sides, and not backwards when she uses Flash Frost however. If you don't get caught by Flash Frost, the lane will be easy as pie. If you do, make sure you get potions on you way back. Once the two of you hit level 6, you will not be caught by her combo, ever. Your Spirit Rush allows you to escape her wall, ultimate, and flash frost with ease, and Frostbite doesn't do much if you aren't slowed. Watch out for her Rebirth when going for a kill or diving however.

Annie (****) - The horrors of Annie. Play extremely safe in this lane and try to poke her with Orb of Deception. If she catches you with her Pyromania stun, you will take quite some damage. At level 6 she will outdamage you by far, so go back if possible to heal. If she hits her Pyromania + Summon: Tibbers combo, with the rest of her spell combo, you will die. However, if you have fast reaction time, and can Spirit Rush just when she uses Tibbers, then the fight will be in your favor by far, having lost her stun and a lot of her damage.

Ashe (*) - You rarely see Ashe mid at higher levels, and there is a reason for this. She easily gets outdone by AP casters. You will easily out harass her, and you can dodge her Volley by hiding behind minions, while Orb of Deception does pass through minions. Her only threat is how it's hard to escape once she has the constant slow on you, but you shouldn't get in a situation where she is constantly attacking you, because you can burst her down, since she is so squishy. Be sure to warn your teammates when you see her fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and make sure to Spirit Rush dodge it when you see it going for you, since the stun can mess you over.

Brand (*****) - My god, Brand is extremely difficult to lane against, since he is completely based around dominating a lane. You might want to start Boots of Speed or get them earlier, to dodge Pillar of Flame. If you try to get away from minions to hit your Charm combo, he'll counter by using his Conflagration + Sear, which stuns you, and then his pillar, which hurts a lot. Try to play aggressively when you can, but don't play risky, as he'll always win a risky duel because Charm brings him towards you for an easy Conflagration.

Caitlyn (***) - An absolute offensive pest in mid. You won't often find her mid because she will be babysitted bottom. But when she is might, she will be extremely aggressive! The reason she isn't four or five stars is because she still has the problem of being a squishy ad carry that melts fast. Her Piltover Peacemaker will be extremely annoying harass, try to stay behind minion to make it's damage lower and dodge it if possible. She will also set up a line of 3 traps and you have to maneuver through it, and if you get caught, take a Piltover to the face. Trigger these traps when she can't follow up with a Piltover. Also her range. When you try to last hit, she will counter by just auto attacking you. This damage will build up to be an annoying lane.

Cassiopeia (***) - To be quite honest, I rarely lane against Cassiopeia since she is so underplayed. When I do, I don't have that much trouble. Laning against Cassiopeia equals getting boots first no matter what. If you are capable of dodging her poisons, her Twin Fang won't do much either. If you can't dodge her poisons, treat her as a four star threat. Her ultimate shouldn't be much of a threat if you can predict when she uses it. If you get caught by it, you might take a lot of damage though, so be careful.

Ezreal (**) - Ezreal shouldn't be too hard. Both of you are skillshot based, however his main skillshot doesn't pass through minions while yours does. His auto attacks may do a number though and he has something similar to your Spirit Rush with his Arcane Shift. If you are low health, make sure to juke to the sides to dodge the Trueshot Barrage that will be incoming. If you use your Spirit Rush to dash around him to dodge his skillshots, you'll make quick work of him without taking that much damage.

Fiddlesticks (***) - He's so annoying! This champion I feel is created just to annoy you to death. He will throw his Dark Wind to get off free undodgeable harass, and his Terror into Drain will do a number on you. Try to use Charm to cancel the drain whenever you can, and when you see him channel Crowstorm, just Spirit Rush away.

Fizz (***) - Haven't seen this guy much since his nerf but I was quite excited for him, so I can easily compare his playstyle with Ahri's. Basically, Fizz excels at getting close to you and doing damage, and that's where Ahri's damage also excels. When he comes close, just tag with him with Charm and unfold your combo as he harmlessly takes damage. He shouldn't be much of a threat but late game his damage is quite immense, but so is yours. Take care.

Gangplank (**** or **) - This guy can either be an extreme pest early, or play passively. Late game he'll be a pest either way with his criticals and possibly tankyness. If he maxes Parrrley first, be prepared for heavy harassment. Try to keep your distance from his Parrrley range as your Orb of Deception has a larger range, and poke at him. He can also level his Remove Scurvy first, which makes him resistant against harass, but also makes him play more passive as his own harass suffers from it. In this case focus on farming as he'll heal most of your harass.

Gragas (***) - This guy is also underplayed like Cassiopeia. He has great sustain, getting mana back, and also health with his passive Happy Hour. Try to dodge his Barrel Roll as much as possible by juking, possibly getting boots first. His ultimate shouldn't be a big problem if you can just dash away. If he catches you with your burst mobility down however..

Graves (***) - Another member of the AD carry mid family, this guy is actually quite good. My friend, playing LeBlanc got dominated by him once. He will hurt a lot up close, which is where you do damage with Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush. You need to juke his Buckshot with Spirit Rush no matter what, or risk losing the fight hard. If you juke his skills, his auto attacks will still hurt but the fight should be manageable. Make sure to poke him a lot in lane with Orb of Deception, as his own range is lower than yours.

Heimerdinger (**) - This guy is cake. He's confined to the space around his turrets. The only reason that I don't mark him one star is because his ultimate still does a number with that slow. Usually you can just safely kill his turrets as well as harass him without receiving any counter harass. The only danger could be the rockets. If you are in trouble, ask for a gank. Heimer will always push using his turrets, so he's really weak to ganks. Don't forget that once he dies, his turrets die too, so if you burst him fast enough, you won't suffer from UPGRADE!!!.

Karthus (***) - Karthus is a pretty nice lane opponent, but start boots first! And also be irregular with your movement to dodge Lay Waste or suffer the consequences. Wall of Pain's slow is strong but you should be able to get around it. Defile will make you think twice about using Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush near him. His ultimate Requiem can also kill you when you think you got away with low HP. But he's also very squishy, so you can easily beat him down.

Kassadin (****) - This guy has counter-harass, and on top of that, sustained burst mobility and a great slow. He starts out as someone who sticks to a target and kills him, and ends up as a powerful nuker. Up to level 3 he won't harass much as his Null Sphere doesn't do much yet. From level 3 however, whenever you try to harass, he'll silence you with some great damage, so you can't counter harass. Then when you're half health at your turret when he hits level 6, he'll use Riftwalk and his Null Sphere and Force Pulse to get rid of you fast. He also takes less magic damage with his passive.. Play aggressively against this guy, because he has a melee autoattack, but stay out of his null sphere range. Your Orb of Deception easily outranges his null sphere. Try to get a gank too.

Katarina (**) - Katarina isn't that hard, since her main damage ability Death Lotus can be avoided easily, simply by using Spirit Rush to get out, and then the remaining 2 stacks to go back in once the ultimate has ended. In fact, you don't even have to get out. Charm will cancel her ultimate as she uses her, granted you land the skillshot fast enough. Her Bouncing Blade is free harass, but won't bounce much early on and lacks damage. Her Shunpo puts her in range for a free combo as she tries to run back to her side of the lane. Tear her apart as Ahri.

Kennen (****) - Pretty good mid, and usually picks up Hextech Revolver to have great sustain too. His Thundering Shuriken will not go through minions but he will spam it because he uses energy. If he can't hit you with it, then he will switch to charging Electrical Surge on minions, hitting you with the passive auto attack, and using the active. His Lightning Rush is decent but can't escape from your Spirit Rush. Stay out of his ultimate though, because the stun can really screw you over. Get out of it asap using Spirit Rush or risk death. Also count the amount of Marks of the Storm on you, they are the small blue orbs around your character. If you have 3 on you, you get stunned. Make sure when you have 2 you aren't near Kennen to gain a third or risk taking a lot of damage.

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Soul EaterThis passive is really nice. Ahri gains a charge every time her spells hit an enemy. After 9 charges, her next spell will have 35% spell vamp. At first, 9 charges before a 35% spell-vamp from the next spell might sound like it takes forever to get, but don't forget that you can get up to 3 stacks PER spell usage! So with a lot of enemy minions/champions around, this passive goes into effect after using 3 spells. Holy ****.

By late-game and once you get your Will of the Ancients, you will be spell-vamping back to full HP easily. It's insane how much this passive heals you. A very great passive to have so don't underestimate it!

Orb of Deception
This skill is what you'll max out first. Simple reason: It's a good harass and farming tool. A more thorough reason: It can put a lot of hurt on those who build a lot of armor and magic resist - most notably: the tanks. Ahri throws out and pulls back her orb dealing magic damage when she throws it out, and true damage when she pulls it back.

That's crazy - on the way out, the orb does magic damage and on the way back, the orb does true damage!?!? That's like having multiple Ignites. I try to get as many AP items as possible early game so that I can do a ton of true damage.

After you get a few AP items, you will be clearing minion-waves with ease. One Orb of Deception is all it takes to wipe out nearly one wave granted you position yourself correctly.

Works really well with Charm as well. Preferably you want to land your Charm first and immediately after you'll want to use Orb of Deception. This will ensure the enemy gets caught in-between Orb of Deception going out and returning.

A nice skill that can help you finish off enemies that barely escape your initial combo. It releases three blue flames that auto-lock onto enemies, prioritizing champions. Does reduced damage for each subsequent flame that hits the same target. Max this for second.

Note: According to the League of Legends Wiki, "each fire from Fox-Fire will count as a single-target target spell". That means items like Will of the Ancients and Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply the full percentage of their active effect for each target a single fire hits. Nice.

This skill is BEAUTIFUL. It deals damage and causes the enemy to walk harmlessly towards you for a duration. I can't tell you how many times I've been able to get kills, assists, and ESCAPE. Yes folks, escape. Now many of you guys who play Ahri have probably realized how effective it is at escaping. I mean, you're basically taunting an enemy which disables them for a brief period of time which is often more than enough to escape. Not to mention they don't attack you so you'll run away unscathed.

Take in Sion's stun for example. If you time Charm correctly, you're able to taunt him in and stop him from stunning you. If you're faster than him it usually means you will escape. What's even better is that you might be able to get a kill, too!

Another crazy example: I got stunned by a yellow card from Twisted Fate and then pulled in by Blitzcrank. Managed to run away with less than 50 HP remaining but of course, Twisted Fate uses his ulti in order to secure his kill on me. Or not.

See, what happened was that using the delay time I have when Twisted Fate teleports in, I timed my Charm at the right moment in which it stopped him from getting the first hit off me. I then used my Fox-Fire and Orb of Deception as quick as I could and absolutely obliterated him with the help of two shots from the turret. He had around 70% HP too. To me, that was the epitome of Charm's awesomeness.

You can also use Charm to save a team-mates life by using it on an enemy champion that's attacking your team-mate. Another use for Charm is checking and luring enemies in/out of bushes.

Spirit Rush
A very good ultimate. You can chase, escape, juke, run-in-and-out of team fights, etc. It releases 3 essence bolts on each dash dealing damage, up to a maximum of 3 dashes. I like this ultimate particularly because of it's chasing/escaping ability. With the summoner spell Ghost, no one can catch or escape you. I tend to save my last dash just before the time runs out just to give me a better variety of what I can do.

For example, if my team-mates happen to arrive in time to help me, I can always use that last dash to enter back into the team fight for a surprise gank on the enemy. Or if there's a wall/cliff nearby, I can dash through it to guarantee my escape.

Overall, Spirit Rush is one of the reasons why I can build Ahri with a lot of damage and lower survivability (because you don't really need it).