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Akali Build Guide by darkarkin1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkarkin1

Akali Ability Dagger

darkarkin1 Last updated on August 17, 2012
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Hello Summoners! I have been compiling my tips and tricks for Akali for a while now, and have been developing my own skills with her, and I'd like to make this special in sharing everything I know about her. To put something in perspective, I have mained Akali for over 300 MATCHES, with an 80% win rate. You may ask, what IS Akali? Is she an AP Carry, An AD Bruiser, an Assassin, a squishy destroyer? Well to answer your question, yes, she is ALL of these things.

Akali is a very powerful hybrid champion, who scales with AD and AP on her skills, she has a very powerful skillset, combining burst, stealth, AOE and a MASSIVE Gap-Closer, into one sexy package ;)

Read my in-depth guide, understand her mechanics, and embrace the SHEER power that is..

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Ranked Play

Early-Game (1-6) Stay back and farm the minions. If the enemy tries to advance upon your turret, place down a twilight shroud to create a zone, usually pushing him/her back. However, if the turret is on low health and they ARE going to get it, do NOT stay there. Always call MIA's, no matter if they have been gone 10 seconds, or 10 minutes, always call MIA.You should have to level up fast Mid-Game (6-12) Ensure that you are last hitting as much as possible, and taking as many opportunities to poke at the enemy. When you think you can execute a kill, use the following combo: You throw your Mark of the Assassin [img=] to your enemy, Shadow Dance to close the gap, then upon basic attack it activates the extra damage from your Mark of the Assassin, followed by a Crescent Slash and Ignite and they will more than likely die. If not, you obviously have 2 more Shadow Dance stacks left, allowing you to gain a kill! Late Game (12-18) You need to focus on a balance in all things (pun intended.) You need to farm when possible, ward when possible at the vital points on the map, you must also help in destroying the squishies in teamfights, whilst also maintaining a safe standing point. Twilight Shroud is a perfect example of doing this, you are able to jump into the middle of a teamfight, confusing and scaring enemies, perhaps calling off a teamfight you know you cannot win, or delaying it to a more viable point.

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Pros / Cons


// Very bursty //
// Has Stealth Elements //
// Very low Cooldown Times //
// Has strong lategame and post level 6 //
// Strong Gap-Closer //
// Able to juke and escape whilst dealing damage //

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Summoner Spells

I recommend Flash as a viable spell for Akali, as it synergizes with her escape mechanics, and her gap closer mechanics. This spell is especially useful for other champions which have a large gap-closer like Corki or Renekton

Ignite is a MUST on Akali, as this provides her with a finisher in-case all 3 gap-closers fail to land that last little bit of damage, this is also helpful for killing tankier enemies such as Shen and Rammus.


Teleport is useful for getting places, Akali has a decent base-movement speed, and therefore the cool down required for Teleport sometimes isn't worth it, besides, you have Spell Vamp survivability, and you shouldn't be getting pushed out of lane, but we'll touch on enemy match ups in the next chapter.

Even though Akali is NOT an AP DPS Champion, having the extra burst of Ability Power can help alot.

Ghost is decent on Akali, as it increases her already-fast movement speed, making her a chasing queen. However, if Akali gets stuck within a team-fight, and she has no way out, it's almost guaranteed death.

This is not a good choice for Blind Pick, however, in Draft/Ranked picks, you can see who your match-up is at top, usually the more tanky, non-supports go top-lane. If their team has heavy CC and you are capable of removing Ignite, then do it. The use of Cleanse not only removes CC effects, but cancels the tick's on any DoT such as Ignite.

If you are having trouble or just learning to play, Heal is a viable spell, as it keeps Akali in lane for longer, or allows her to survive after escaping many DoT's (Damage over Time Effects e.g. )

This spell is extremely useful if you don't have a Rylai's yet, also it helps cancel ganks from the jungler.


Smite is only viable if you are Jungle Akali, which is hardly viable, but could be decent around level 6 with unstoppable ganks.

If you are not level 12, or this is one of the only spells you can use, opt to use this, it just provides a large minion for the enemy, which deals alot of damage to turrets, not a great spell.


If you are having troubles maintaining your Mana on Akali, then you are clearly high as a kite, because Akali uses ENERGY.

Support Akali? No.