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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shearsy013

Akali - Ability Power (Mid Destroyer)

Shearsy013 Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Akali is an easy ninja play but is difficult to be good. Although she was until recently underrated, Akali excels at dealing large amounts of burst damage, arguably some of the best in the game. Her role in a team is generally labeled as an "anti-carry", someone who singles out the enemy team's squishiest and highest dps champions and rips them to shreds. This guide will tell you what you need to know to play Akali.

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Runes are one of the most important tricks in getting ahead early game.
The one mistake people intend to do is to buy Magic pen Runes for Akali.
although Magic Pen runes are good for her, you want to make the most out of Akali's passives.
If you follow this Rune build you will start off with both Twin Disciplines
Marks of Strengthx9 - Gives the Healing Passive
Seals of Evasion - Gives all around dodge
Glyphs of Potency - Extra ability Power towards passive.
Greater Quintessence of Potency - Extra Ability Power Gains bonus damage passive.
At the beginning of the game you will end up with around 15% bonus damage and 10% Extra healing.
In Order to have the Healing Passive you also must have Brute Force filled out in masteries.

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Twin Disciplines:
Akali's passive is what makes her a viable hybrid. She gains bonus magic damage from AP and spell vamp from AD. With flat AP runes, Brute Force and Doran's Blade, both buffs will be activated at level 1.

Mark of the Assassin:
This is Akali's main damaging ability. Max it first. Use it to harass early game. Whenever it's safe to fully engage, wait until the cooldown is up to burn the first mark and afterward use it again for a double auto attack double mark burst. Deals tons and tons of magic damage, fast.

Twilight Shroud:
This is Akali's stealthing ability, unique in that it is the only stealth that activates instantly. Use it in the thick of a teamfight, for zone control, to juke, to 1v1 kite, to slow enemies, and for facechecking brushes. Be advised that it starts at 80 energy, so be careful when using it while bursting. Use it at the edge of brush or around a corner to juke. Flash out of it when death is otherwise imminent. Also don't forget that it gives Akali armor and magic resistance, so it just might save you from that DoT or turret shot.

Crescent Slash:
This is Akali's only AoE ability. Use it for farming and bursting. Remember that its range is very short and easy to miss on fast moving targets. It scales off both ability power and attack damage, but only does physical damage.

Shadow Dance:
Akali's ultimate is what defines her. You can do so many things with this ability. Start off a surprise gank with it, last hit that about to die creep, chase and kill steal like a pro, burst with surplus charges, and most importantly, juke. Does a surprisingly large amount of magic damage.

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Masteries and Spells

Akali is a very beneficial character in early game through out late game.
If your masteries and rune page is built right, you will start out if both passives, this will increase your chance of success in early game.
I love to roll ignite in game, one reason if your going against another champion and you have the ignite mastery filled out (Burning Embers) This will increase your ability power which will also make your burst damage during the duration of the ignite stronger. This will increase your chance of extremly damaging that enemy player.
Rolling 21 / 0 / 9 is great for akali, You gain extra damage and this master build is mainly for Mid use. You gain XP extremely fast, Also you gain extra healing abilities with and extra 1 gold every few seconds. The extra gold wouldnt hurt.

Summoner Spells
Flash - This spell will act as an extra Shadow dance dash in early game, Lets say your mid going against Vladimere, You keep chewing Vlad off with your Mark of the assassin, once your get vlad to a low enough half lets say half health, you hit him once more and wait for your mark of the assassin to be right about up and once when hes near you, flash at him, cast ignite, burst him with the first marks throw your marks again and double burt him, At this point if he is at half health he should be dead.
This ability help because it acts for damage over time rather and another benefit, it increases your ability power so you can get that extra damage on the opposing enemy.

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Unique Skills

Akali is an amazing ninja, in my opinion, if played right she will win over any of ninja in the game. Her twin disciplines give her the advanatage early game through end game as she tears through other enemys. Akali is probably the only character to be able to ultilize Lichbane or trinity force to its full strength. For instance after you use your Mark of the assassins, Lichbane kicks in and you deal bonus damage from lichbane, mark of the assassin plus your passive to the enemy.
Akali is basically the best burst character in the game, she can put out around 2k damage in 2 bursts.

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Skill Sequence

Mark of the Assassin - Your best friend, use this ability to farm enemy minions, also if you get hte burst damage out it will give you your energy back. This attack does the most output damage and it should be lvl'd up as soon as possible.
Twilight Shroud - Get this skill at level 2, this should be the last ability you should max out. Use this ability to harrass other enemies and also use this ability to help farm specially mid. Rememeber, do not rely fully on this ability, it will ultimately get you killed if you cannot use this at the right moment.
Cresent Slash - This is an aoe attack that strikes any enemy thats is close to you. This does a bit of damage but it also consumes most of your energy, use this attack to kill the enemy if he is low on health.
Shadow Dance - This ability lets you dash at your oponent from and distance. When you use this ability you either want to use it right after you cast it on a enemy or cast it to catch up with him if hes getting away. If you cast it on a enemy you will be able to double burst him as well as the the extra bonus damage you will get from the shadow dance its self. You have 3 dashes, depending on your CD reduction, if will give you 1 dash every 15 to 20 seconds at level 18, at lvl 6 it will be every 24 seconds. Also if you get an assist or a kill it will replenish you with an extra dash to kill that next enemy.

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First you want to start off withAfter Ability tome, BuildOnce you have hextech Revolver, you want to build your boots. I mainly would goBut depending on the game you can either goorOnce you have your boots you want to go straight towards yourThis is important because you want spell vamp in your build to generate a lot of health during battle since your a burst character. Next you want to buildthis will grant you survivablity. Then go forLichbane is important because that will grant you extra burst damage.
These are the Core items of the build, These items are needed in order to do well in game .
The other two slots is up to you, depending on the game you may go with;; orWarmogs is another good choice, but these items i prefer to get end game.

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With farming, your crescent slash is amazing, it will attack off the enemy minions or enemies around you. You also can use your Mark of the Assassin to burst damage the enemy minion down. If you are laning against someone use your twilight shroud as cover and last hit minions with your mark of the assasin. Farming is quite easy for akali, you just have to know when to use the abilities.

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Akali is by far one of the best middle characters, if played right she can kill about any character needed before lvl 6. Anivia is probably the only character you may not want to go against mid. At the Start you want to chew off the minions to reach lvl 2 before the enemy does after this you will get your shroud, use the shroud to focus the enemy champion so you can chew him off and maybe burst him if he is stupid enough to walk into your bubble. If you do well enough and get him below half health, harrass him and try to bait him a little bit and make sure you have the mark of the assassin up. Once you do and you end up bait him turn around, flash, then ignite, then use the firs burst which will gerenate extra damage from the ignite and passive, then double burst him followed by a crescent slash which should ultimately kill him. If you are not able to harass him till lvl 6, you now have the range to harrass him. Use your shadow dance to get close to the enemy but make sure you have your marks up on him before you dash in. This you can make sure you get the most damage out of akali against the character as you can.
Remember to do not play to agressive. Make sure you farm while in mid instead of just harrassing. If you are doing well enough against mid and you kill the character before lvl six, build(Mejai's Soulstealer) instead of revolver first, once you complete this build your boots then go for revolver. After level six, make sure you help your teammates sneaking throught out the map and ganking the jungler, and top/bottom enemies.

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Team Work

Last but not leaste, Teamwork is very important, in a team fight, if you have a chance to let someone get a kill, you should let him have it if you are already fed. Reason is because if you cre becoming too strong, you will be focused and if your team does not have kills which means less items, late game you wont be able to help carry the team in team fights since you will be focus and die and then there goes your team. You can also use your shroud for you teammates since it slows the enemy down a little bit but it also provides armor to yourself and your team. But in team fights you do not want to use it right away you want to make sure you use it at a time where its most necessary.