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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clizter

Akali burst! perfect ganker and farmer

Clizter Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Rember this guide is hard 2 use
info about the spells

Mark of the Assassin: Your only ranged spell, but the only one you'll need. You can use it to pick up last hits in a lane without putting yourself at risk, but since a follwup melee attack on your marked targets restores some of the energy (and deals considerable damage) it's more efficient to use this ability while you're about to punch your target in the face. For most of the early game this will be your best friend in the jungle, as it's magic damage will spell vamp just enough health for you to stay alive. You'll want to max this ability first.

Twilight Shroud: Your bubble, and your friend. Inside this you (and only you) are stealthed with increased armor and magic resistance. If an enemy tries to walk through it? They're ever so slightly slowed. Nice. This is the only ability you can possibly use to support your team (by helping slow down persuers) that doesn't involve killing. The stealth is broken whenever you do something, such as make an attack, use an ability or use summoner spells that break stealth (sadly flash is one of these, but that would just make it too easy). That's the bad news. The good news is that after performing an action, you fade back into stealth so fast that it's incredibly difficult to target Akali, and even if they do, you're still taking reduced damage. This bubble can be a life saver. Even if your enemy knows you're somewhere in there, the stealth's fade time on leaving the bubble is just long enough to perhaps make a break for a bush or into the fog of war. You see A stun flying at you from Sion or Taric? Or Ashe's arrow? Throw your bubble down and the stun will wear off long before the stealth does. Beware of Garen and Corki.
Twilight Shroud is a great farming tool because you can stay inside it and take little (or no) damage from a creep wave, but in the jungle it can be a liability, since if your attack speed is too slow and your stealth kicks in before you can keep up your attacks, the creeps will turn around and start regenerating their health as if you're not even there. Later in the game this doesn't become an issue, but you won't have to use it to survive in the late game anyway.

Crescent Slash: Your only move that scales with attack damage, but it's also mostly for farming creeps (or procing your sheen/lich bane for free). Sufficient spamming of this while waiting for your Mark of the Assassin to come off cooldown should whittle down everybody crazy enough to be near you.
Shadow Dance: A closing maneuver that you store up charges for and can chain to jump to your target. It can store a maximum of three charges, and you regain a charge every 20 seconds, plus whenever you score a kill or assist. It deals fair damage on its own, but used to close the cap to an unsuspecting target you've hit with Mark of the Assassin, or using it to close to marking distance, will spell doom for your enemies. It's range is considerable, and one can easily use it to attack through a wall if circumstances allow. It also provides an excellent escape maneuver, assuming there is an enemy target within range that won't kill you while making a break for it. Using two shadow dance charges during a fight (one to close to marking range, mark your target, melee them, then another to close any distance again and repeat the process) and saving one in case things get sour is what I've found to be the best option. If not, that's why you have flash.
Shadow Dance's jungling uses are limited (unless you've warded the **** out of the jungle so you can jump though walls to the minions), and once you're level 6 you won't really need it's extra damage to take things down anyway. I've also found that occasionally shadow dancing to a neutral minion (namely golem buff) will occasionally propel you straight on through the wall. Mildly entertaining.

Just to note: Akali is not a carry. She is an assassin. You're there to support your team by dealing massive damage and picking up kills on enemies fleeing in terror from your mighty carries and tanks. Never initiate (unless your target is alone and afraid), and for the love of Janna stay on the sidelines during team fights or else you WILL be CC'd to death. Only jump in when you think you're going to pick up a kill, and try to always have an escape plan.
Rember this guide is hard 2 use. you need to focus getting all the kills you can get and still dont die. First max Q becuse it gives you alot of damage and its good for harrasing and killing them then E to be abel to do better burst and kill alot of minions and ofc dont forget to have 1 point at W so you can hide and slow them you should take the last points you get on it so you max it at lvl 18. Ultimate allways make sure to look how many stacks you have! at lvl 6 make sure you have 2-3 stacks before trying to gank them becuse if you have 2 you will be abel to charge in and chase them better and ofc if they get low hp and almost escaping use the ultimage again to get a kill. I think this will help you get alot of kills. if you have any question write to me or comment