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Akali Build Guide by OrionDemon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OrionDemon

Akali, by Orion

OrionDemon Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello Community! This is my very first Guide, and i am not a native english speaker, so please disconsider any gramatical failures there might be! =D
I am building this Guide exclusively cause i´ve seen so many bad akalis lately, besides, my build works in every game, and i think its just insane! Guess i never ended negative with this build.
Ps: I am not selling out a wonder build that will make you own, if you dont have the ability, and game notion to use it, don´t blame it on me. But... ill tell you guys everything that i do, and why i do it.

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With this rune set, you ´ll activate your both passives at lvl one, aloowing you to get a Amplifiying Tome, for extra damage, extra spell vamp to keep you in lane.

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Masteries... well... do i really need to comment it? its Akali, she does not need any critical or any kinda other Masterie. =D

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Pros / Cons

Pros: well... she rocks. Besides that? She is a decent farmer early game, can do tons of burst damage, and no one can escape her. My bulding aloes her to tower dive early-mid game, cause she has tons of Spell/lifesteal.

Cons: I gotta admit, if you face a Xin Zhao and he has oracle or ward, you might be in trouble. Thats why you´ll gentely request assist from your team to take any oracle users down. Mid game is a good ideia to buy oracle yourself. You´ll protect your skin, and help the team destroying wards!

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite because...
Flash can save your skin alot, and gives you a ridicoulous range in combo with your ultimate. No one will escape you. If your in a bad situation, smoke in, see what direction your enemy is takin, blind out near a enemy creep, ultimate to safety! Perfect escape.

Question: Why use ignite when she does SOOOO much damage by her self? Answer is simple.
Its gonna give that advantage early game, and late game, will alow you to *** out of players with high lifesteal or drain. PLUS- it gives you Ability power with the masterie! =D

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Many of you may ask? No stackin itens? well, i dont believe Akali needs them. Because, by experience, i know that, when you get 10/2 or something similir in the first 20 minutes, people will start focusing you like crazy. That explain why Banshe is a good last item. But... itens are itens, and depending on the game, you might need something diferent. I would say that the core itens are Hextech Gunblade, cause it gives you insane lifesteal and spell vamp, and attack and ap, this item was made FOR akali! Its just perfect. Some of you might say that its not the best item to start with, well, my build needs alot of durability, and ill explain it in Lanning/gankin section! =D
I Listed the itens till Rabadons, cause those are, in my opinion suiteble for any game... further on you might need to adapt itens to the game.

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Early Mid lane.

Well well. THIS IS A CRUCIAL PART! I´d say that akali is well suited for Mid! I never ended a game with less than 20 kills when i midded. Your early game is not that strong. Your behavior in lane till lvl 6 is, you ll get your patience, Q- hit minions for last hit, if the enemy gets near enought toss it at him. OBS- if you re handling with a char like Vlad, that will instantly skill you whenever you get near, you shall wait lvl 2, smoke the floor, and then toss fall back, makin it unable to him hit you. Same goes for fidlesticks and annie and other tipical Mid chars. Be carefull, this is the most important part of the game. when you get lvl 6, you ll normaly get aswell the first kill. Toss Q, Wait for Q to refresh, ultimate, E, hit, Toss Q again and hit, if its a melee and he turns back to hit you, use W and play him around like a child. If you manage to harrash the enemy till 40-50% of his HP, this combo plus Ignite should be enought to kill him. Remember that Akali has only 200 energy. Plus... before you engage and do this combo, try to stack at least 2 shadow essenses, so he has no chance at all to escape. With this kill, you should have enought money to buy your SpellVampGun ( forgot the name) This item, makes akali SHINE Mid game! Around lvl 9 you hould head to Red buff ( yes... i said Red Buff) With the gun, and a Hp potion you can take it pretty easily. Choose a lane where the enemy is low (50%)health and you should pretty surely with help from your partners get a kill.

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I usually have some kills at this time of the game, from lanning early, you may get 1-2 kills, because Akali can do it. From gankin you should have some more. Would say you are fed. If this is the situation, build up the item sequence, but keep it smart, you ll be focused, so dont Rambo around. Choose lonely carrys as prey, or summon your teammates to gank entire lanes and PWN them.
If thats not the case. Lets say your 0-3. Keep it smart for easy kills , but stay in lane as much as possible, level up fast, build up money from minions, cause at this time of the game, you ll be killin them pretty fast. Don´t rush, assist your partners, dont walk alone, keep it really like a underdog. If you creep enough and play wisely, you ll catch up pretty fast and late game you ll be dealing lots of damage.

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Team fight!

Well well! I gotta say, i dont like teamfighting with Akali! hahah But its necessary! A good teamfight with good results, is made out of good analysis. If they have 3-4 disables, it would not be wise to engage so hasty. If you have a tank( i hope you have ) in your team, than make sure he engages first.. Akalis Ulti is amazing. when he engages, in the next moment you can simply flash in their carry and bring him down pretty fast. Remember since you gonna get focused, if they dont have oracle or any ward ( you gotta have wards to know if they have wards! ) so you can Ulti in, use smoke and start using your combo on their carry, remeber to use smoke in team fights, it will save you many times... if thing get complicated, they ward or something like that, a strategy that i normaly use is, ultimate to far away enemy creep and flash out danger! Your job is " KILL the CARRY!" take your time in smoke...Q and burn it... repeat until she start fleeing, use your Hextech Gunblade passive and ultimate for the kill. If you engage a Carry and it runes away fast out of your smoke range or into the enemy team... it might be wise to switch targets ! =D your smoke is your safety so to say! You ll get it! Some games with Akali and you will understand!

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I am not gonna put a detailed info about what every skill does, you can read that at the LOL Website or in game.

Now that you know what her skills do,... You re main rotation combo is Q-R-E-Hit-Q-Hit, repeat and ultimate until the enemy lays down . once you get the costume to use it, it becomes natural and easy. Your success as Akali depends on your skill to use her ultimate, not only as attackin skill, as well as escape skill! And man, thats one of the best sensations of playing with her! When you lure them into your smoke in low health and ultimate to a farway minion and let them behind! its so satisfying! Love it!! hahah!
Another essencial skill is, smoke, dont waste it, use it wisely! Its sooo damn good! but if its on CD and you need it, than you are dead. =D

Ps: One thing you gotta have in mind! Akali is a natural Spell vamp lifesteal character, and by that i mean. Lets put a situation! You just got a kill , and your health is quite low, lets say 300 HP, you dont have CD on your smoke. Sudenly comes a Xin zhao out of nowhere! Flash out of his range... make sure he is following you! Watch your energy lvl and cd on smoke... when you get cd on smoke toos it, and wait till he comes... Depending on how much damage output you have, you might get the kill on him... and if he doent come behind you.. simple go away! hahahah. Doing this requires a decent judgement of situation and itens, dont recomend it for begginers. get some practice and you ll get the grip of thing! =D
Its really rare that the game takes so long, but, sometimes it does, if the enemy is not disabling you, but dealing more damage and Lifestealing more, you might wanna get another Hextech Gunblade! That will give you around 90% Spell Vamp.... insane or what? hahah

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Situational itens!

Akali can 1 vs 1 very well against almost any char in the game. There are some cases that you might need to do some changes to your rotine item build to counter it.
Many times a nice banshee might just do the trick. I think that a good player must have the knoledge and reflex to pop smoke before that Sion´s stun arrives, if not, well.. you have Banshe. In other cases, Banshe might not work so well, like against a FED Fidlestick. You dont need extra itens to kill him, by experience i know that a ignite and your own Spellvamp will give the kill. But... if he arrives with a team and you are not able to attack him, because of fear or stuns or anything, than, it would be smart to use Quicksilver Sash, altough i never did it myself, it would resolve this situation allowing you, to attack or flee!

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Recent Changes!

Following sugestions, i´ve tough on gettin Guinso and Banshe out of the main line and puttin Rabbadon. With Rabbadon, you get a HUGE ap boost, and your damage, that was llready tremendous, gets even mightier! I dint test it yet, but, wich such ap, maybe Lich Bane can be a nice upgrade. Need to test it still, but... Q the enemy, hit for 450 + the Mark! outch!!

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Some prints.

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Hope you enjoyed this build. I dont know how to put fancy pics and those stuff. But... the words here written may bring you to be a excellent Akali! =D
I am tired of writting! Please leave a comment! Your critics are also welcome to be discussed.