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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pallsu

Akali - Coup de grâce

Pallsu Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my build for "Akali the fist of shadow". There are many builds on Akali allready that work great, but i'm going to throw mine out there atleast since it works very well. (for me atleast) :D Allright lets take a look and i'll explain in depth about how my build works and why you should use some items and of course what you could swap them out for if you don't like them. The seals of strenght are for the AD passive to active at level 1 after buying Dorans blade without having to spec into "Brute Force". Oh and Coup de grâce means something like, killing someone with mercy (for them not having to suffer). With that i meant killing enemies before they can even feel anything, oh yes now that's nuke right there :3

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Allright time to explain the runes.. The runes as you can see (if you've seen other builds) are very alike since it's these runes that are the most important for her. You'll want her Passives active very early (or instantly) And that's why. You need alot of Magic penetration for champions who are not that squishy, or for ppl that build tank. The dodge runes are for the talent tree thingy "Nimbleness". The seals of strenght are for the AD passive to active at level 1 after buying Dorans blade without having to spec into "Brute Force" so you get enough talent points to get "Tenacy" that will remove your squishyness :3. The glyphs are all for AP you know the drill. And the quintessences are for the same purpose. Thats all for the runes, feel free to switch it up to get your own playing style, for example switching the dodge runes for Ap/Ad runes. That's your choice :)

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Allright, time for Masteries! :D I go with a 9/21/0 and i think it's very good and i'll explain why in a second. You'll want to go the offensive tree to get the Spell penetration, as i said before, Spell pene is important on Akali. Then i go for the defensive part, and i do that because of Akali is squishy and we'll want to counter that. :3. When we got the Runes that give Ad and we don't have to spec into Brute force then we can get Tenacy that is the Coup de grace of the Defensive tree (I like to call it that :D). And of course get Veteran's scars to remove the low health early game. You can of course totally change the Talent tree to get "Havoc" and such but then look up another build please since this is build is alittle more towards ranked matches and important games :).

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Then it's time for items, which is a very important part of every builds so lets begin.

First: Begin with picking up a Dorans blade. It'll activate one of your passive and remove some of your "squishyness" when getting that 100hp+.

2:nd When you've been laning for alittle while you'll want to get the Hextech revolver which is a must for Akali, atleast for my build anyway. I'm sure you know why, all that Spell vamp that you'll want and some nice Ap :3.

3:rd You'll want to get some movement speed cause that's allways important. Here you can choose between some different shoes depending on your opponents.

First up are Boots of Swiftness. They are always great, great movement speed to chase and get away. But then again you've got the great ulti to chase and you've got flash, invis and such abilitys to get away so you might want to get...

Sorcerer's shoes. As i said earlier spell pene is always wonderfull and this will help you nuke down those tanks EVEN faster :DDD

Then there's Mercury's threads. Will remove "squishyness" and if you get Cc'd as Akali you are dead as **** so these can help you survive that by instantly flashing out when the Cc on you expires.

Ninja tabi... I'm not that sure about these. But of course they will work with the Nimbleness spec, haven't really tried these that much but i will test them further and edit this soon.

4:th After this you'll want to be able to take some more hits since you should be getting into mid game and people will start hitting. Thats why i say Rylai's Crystal scepter. It's really great for Akali since the passive on it is AMAZING for her. Everytime you ulti in on someone they get slowed so your ability to chase will become even better and it'll help the team when you have to focus someone in teamfights. So to summarize 4:th pick Rylai for Hp, Ap and The amazing passive.

5:th Here you'll want to get your Hextech Revolver > built into Hextech Gunblade.
Everything better Ap, Spell vamp and all that + The active which hits alot + slows.

"Important" You SHALL NOT sell your Dorans Blade before you get Pickaxe (the one needed for Hextech Gunblade) IF you do then your passive will go away! AFTER you've bought Gunblade then it's up to you if you want to sell it. =3

6:th Here "Sheen" is very nice and very nice earlier also you can VERY well get it earlier your choice, but i find all the earlier items more important but it's all up you.
Sheen's nice because of when you mark others, you gotta auto-attack them and sheen's passive means your auto attack will hit Alot! :3

6:th Rabadons Deathcap
Here comes the damage~~~~~~~~
You can get this before sheen, depends if you've died and have alot of cash (enough to buy Needlessly large rod for example) The AP is brutal and with this your enemies will be doing themselves when they see you.

7:th Lich Bane This will be really late game and you might not get this far but if you do.. oh shiats. Lich bane won't be that expensive if you've bought sheen allready. Lich bane gives alot of AP and all that so it'll be just perfect :333

Last item: You shouldn't have to read further since everyone should be dead by now but here i would get:
A: Void staff, if thhe game get this far it's often because of the other team got a good tank.

B: The Black Cleaver, the same reason as above you might want to rape is Defence for others in your team also if you got alot of AD champs with you.

C: Another Hextech Gunblande, gunblades are wonderfull you'll never go down if you get a second one.

D: Second Deathcap?, don't like it myself since the passive don't stack but still LOTS of Ap

I know there are various ways to build her, and i'd love to see some comments about it. For example 2 HT Gunblades earlier, it actully makes her a GREAT laner since the Spell vamp is just soo lovely. But i'm gonna leave it at that for now.