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Akali Build Guide by CloneXI

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CloneXI

Akali: enemies will say "Surrender at 20!"

CloneXI Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Build 1: More Damage!


Akali: 64% Spell vamp

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Introduction: Akali: enemies will say "Surrender at 20!"

So you want play Akali! This guide is perfect for you! I have played over 600+ games, and did 5 Penta Kills, a lot of double, triple, and quadra kills! So is safe to say that I play Akali well. Akali is my main champion, the 2 other champions I specialize is Sion and Singed. A.K.A: A.S.S. (Akali, Sion, Singed)

I hope this guide can help people that is having a hard time using Akali. I am open for opinions, and I believe everyone is entitle to! Okay! Lets get started!

NOTE: I have played Akali with so many build/guide. This build fits my needs and makes me survive longer then any other Akali builds. I also like playing build 2! More in spell vamp! (64% + 25% Will of the ancient = 94%)

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Pros / Cons: Strength and Weakness!


    *High burst damage
    *Low Cool Downs
    *Amazing Chaser/Ganker
    *Ultimate Mid Lane Champion
    *Nice escape skill "Shroud".
    *100% Lean mean Killing Squishy Machine! (1vs1 or 2vs1)
Akali Strengths: 1vs1 with squishy is a sure Kill.

    *Akali is a squishy.
    *No crowd control.
    *Struggles in 5vs5 team fights. (Because most likely she will get focus)
Akali Weakness: A tank with Oracles in an organized team fights. If that happens Akali has a hard time trying to help in team fights.

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Core Items: 94% Spell Vamp! If one of your team gets "Will of the Anci

Build 1: More on damage!

Build 2: Spell vamp 64% + 25% (if one of your teammates gets Will of the Ancient)= 94%

These are item I would go for because it gives damage and high spell vamp. Yeah I know it has a low magic pen and hardly any magic resist.

(You decide which build you like! I love both of them and play them often!)

My reasons:

    1) You would only need magic pen if you're trying to kill a tank! And that is not Akalis' Role! Akalis' role is killing Squishy with-in seconds! Akali is really not effective in killing tank champion. So don't even try to kill a tank! Unless under leveled! Under fed! Died so many times! lol! That only means; he is not a threat.

    2) You would only need magic resist if you are dying too much! I hardly die with Akali because I know her limitations. Once you know her limitation you would wouldn't need magic resist.

You die too much? Here is what I recommend.

WARMOGS: If there is a lot of DPS carry!

FORCE OF NATURE: If there is a lot of AP carry!

GUARDIAN ANGEL: regardless this would be your second tank item.

NOTE: Make sure to get your "Hextech gunblade" before you get your tank item. After you get hextech; alternate your buying pattern.

For example:

***OR ***

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Runes/ Mastery/ Summoners Spell:

Runes & Mastery:

I'm not going to go in detail with this subject because a lot of people has different play style. I have played Akali with so many Runes set, and I have realize that the runes and mastery I am using now gives me so much consistency than any other Runes and Mastery build.

If you don't believe me please try out my build and you will see. :D

Summoners Spells:


Flash and Ignite! lol! Just don't ask question just do! By far this is the best Summoner spell for Akali and many Champions. eheheh

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Akali Game Play: Akali Mid Lane is the best way to go!

I have tried playing with Akali in every lane, jungle, solo top. The best lane for Akali is Mid Lane. I have never gotten owned with Akali at Mid Lane! Unless gank by the other teams jungler! As far as 1vs1 Mid Lane goes, Akali is Unstoppable! Again just try it out for yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

You would see Akali maximum potential when you play her at mid lane!

The Secret:
    *The secret in a successful Akali is out leveling everyone by +3/+5 levels. This guild will show you what skill you must practice and knowledge to achieve this goal.

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My Golden rules: Keep your friends close! Keep your enemies closer!

My golden rule before I go in and harass or commit into killing my opponent:

    1) I wait until they use their most devastating skill or Ultimate. Don't just jump in! Anticipate and pay attention what skill they're using. Is also good to have your mobafire web page up so that you can see what that champion can do.

    2) Study your opponent (like I said mobafire is a good source to know your enemy) Is important to know how long their cool downs are and how much damage it can inflict! Is important to estimate your chance's and limitation's fast!

    3) Make sure your shroud and flash is out of cool downs. There would be time when you don't have flash or shroud. You have a strong feeling you can kill your opponent and you see all four enemy champion in your mini map. Take the initiative and go for the kill!

    4) Your "Mini Map" is your best friend!!! Always look at your mini map! See how many enemy champions in your map! If you only see one! It's obvious to go back and defend tower! Don't make a rookie mistake by not paying attention to your mini map! Is there! utilize it!

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Mid lane Level 1-6: Last hit minions/ Maintain opponents Health below 50%!!

Akali don't shine till level 6. So until you reach level 6, last hit minions by using your "Q" (Mark of the Assassin) ability. Harass enemy champion when you see an opportunity; use your "Shroud and Mark of the Assassin".

The Secret:

    *Don't use your summoner spells or your health potion until your level 6. (There are times when you have to flash in hit your opponent and ignite them to kill them.)
    *From level 1-6 keep your opponent health below 50% to prepare your kill when you reach level 6. (shadow dance)

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Mid lane Level 6-11: Stay Mid lane as long as possible!

When you're level 6 you should be able to finish off your opponent with out any problem with just one shadow dance, mark of the assassin, crescent slash, and ignite (make sure you have at-least 2 shadow dance for insurance). If you're not successful in keeping your opponent below 50% health. You would need to use this combo.

Here is the combo to wear your opponent down:

Use your "Q" ability and wait for like 3 seconds then ---> R (Shadow Dance)---> Q (Mark of the Assassin) ---> E (Crescent Slash) ---> W (Shroud).

With this combo you will be able to put your opponent down to 50% health. Run back past your minions so they think you're running away. When you see them chasing you, and they are far away from their tower repeat the combo all over again and use ignite. If necessary use "Q" and "R" again. (Basically just keep repeating the combo over and over again until you know you can commit to a kill.)

*Combo in sequence:

Mark of the Assassin: One thing you got to understand with this skill is that it deal x2 of its spell damage and normal attack to activate the next spell damage.

Shroud: You would only use this to escape or when you are ganking (via getting focus) or in a team fight.

Crescent Slash: This is good for farming! (Once your AP is high) For the time being is a good skill to last hit. (It also gives extra damage to champions!)

Shadow Dance: This will be your bread and butter! You can use this skill to chase and sometimes escape if you can target an enemy minion.

"Q" ability and wait for like 3 seconds then ---> R (Shadow Dance)---> Q (Mark of the Assassin) ---> E (Crescent Slash) ---> W (Shroud).

*Stuff to know before you commit and kill your opponent:

    1) Make sure your opponents health is 50% or below. (once you have your Hextech Gunblade you would be able to kill your opponent at 100% health)

    2) Make sure there not close to there towers.

    3) For opponents that has stuns or devastating ultimate. You would have to anticipate and wait for them to use it before you commit.
Example: Kennen, Annie, and etc. (Use flash if you need to. Once their Ultimate skill is gone their useless and miss their chance in killing you).

The Secret:
    *You would want to kill your opponent at mid right away, and stay in mid lane as long as possible so you can out level him. If you get to kill your opponent 3-5 time you will out level him by +2/+4 level. (People gets very mad when they just resurected and got back at there tower to just die in less then a min or two.) lol!
    *Never gank top or bot unless you know 100% you can get a kill. Because if you can't kill anyone; You will have downtime in not leveling up. Remember the key is "out leveling everyone" +3/+5 levels!
How can you find out?
    *If you see enemy champions at top or bot with 40% health or below, and is near your top tower! It is worth the trip and downtime! But then again, if your team can handle it and don't need help just let them be. Let them get the kill and just focus in defending your lane.

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Level 11-16: Cut them off! Before they get a chance to regroup!

By this time you out level all opponents by +3 or +5 levels (This will give you a great advantage!!!). By Level 14 you should have your Hextech Gunblade and Sorcerers boots. This is when you can kill a squishy opponent with 100% health with-in seconds!

Combo sequence with Hextech Gunblade:

R (Shadow dance)---> Hextech Gumblade---> Q (Mark of the Assassin)---> W (Crescent Slash)---> Normal attack x2---> And just keep repeating until your opponent is dead!

The Secret:

    *Pay attention as you go in. Most likely you would get "exhaust", blind or devastating CC; When that happens fall back a bit or use your shroud and wait for it to disappear.
    *Timing is the key! Ask you teammate if they see them using ULT, Summoners spells, or other CC skills. You wouldn't want to jump in just to get owned. Be patience, once you know that they use their skill; go all out! (Once you get your sheen, and will of the ancient it really wouldn't matter. You can just go for the kill anytime! As long is a 1v1)
    *Let your teammates know to cut off the other team that is trying to aid their team!

    *If you get to kill one or two opponent consistently, Then you are doing your job as an assassin!

Do this successfully and your enemy will say "Surrender at 20". Believe me it happens to me and my friends all the time!

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Level 16 - 18: Team fights

By this time every team is trying to form ganks and team fights. Team fights could be difficult for Akali sometimes. NEVER INITIATE!!! If you do you will die! lol!


*In team fights positioning and timing is important for Akali. You would always want to position yourself near there squishy or carry.

*Let your team come in first to eliminate the other teams CC.

*If the enemy team has "Oracles" (seeing you while invisible). You would have to communicate to your team to kill the person with "Oracles" or if your team can kill 2 to 3 champions right away then is safe for you to help.

The Secret:

    *Your job as an assassin through out the whole game is to always and consistently eliminate 1 or 2 enemies! Make it easy for your team so you guys can fight 5v4 or 5v3! (Meaning you guys being the 5 man team that is still alive.)

    *No team is perfect! Every team makes a mistake! Capitalize on their mistake and ace them!

    *As an assassin you have to be good at cutting off enemy champion before they regroup.
    Example: If you see 1 top, 1 mid, and 3 bot. You should be on your way to top or mid to kill an enemy.

    *Avoid trying to get seen by the enemy team. You can do that by knowing how the "fog of war" map works. You're an assassin you have to be unpredictable where you would strike.

Is important to kill the person with oracles right away!

    1) You can deny your opponent 400g

    2) His/her teammate would see oracles is not effective! Teammate wont buy oracles!

If you don't kill the person with oracles right away, and you die a lot! This is what going to happen:
    1) The other team will find oracles effective, and instead of 1 enemy with oracles there would be 2 or 3!

    2) In team fights you would be utterly useless! Four of your teammate will have a hard time going up against 5. 4v5 is never good!

    3) Like what I said earlier:
"Akali Weakness: A tank with Oracles in an organized team fights. If that happens Akali has a hard time trying to help in team fights."

NOTE: Oracles or champs that has the ability to see invincibility like "Lee Sin" or "Talon" is one of Akali's worst enemies!

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Conclusion: Enemy will say "Surrender at 20!"

If you fallow this guide right, and out level everyone by +3 +5 you will see your opponents surrendering at 20! I see it a lot! There are times when you go up against those hard headed team that think that they can win! I don't blame them! I am one of those hard headed players!

I'm very optimistic even if the odds are against me! I like being an optimist! Keeping a positive attitude really help turn the tides! (Me and my friends call it "THE TIDE HAS TURD!) I have been in a lot games where I thought we have lost! But still won the game!

League of Legends: Art of War Philosophy

    *40+ minute in the game: all it takes is just that one Ace to win the game!

    *No team is perfect! Every team makes a mistake! Capitalize on their mistake and ace them!

    *Until you see the defeat sign never give up!

    *Never exchange your positive winning spirit with a negative losing spirit! Don't be a soar loser!

    *Keep your friends close! Keep your enemies closer!

    *A great offense! Is the best defense! Remember that!

    *Cut them off before they regroup!

Thank you for reading my guide! I hope the information I gave was enough. I will continue to add video on how I play Akali in the near future. Have a wonderful day summoners and kick some butt with Akali! :D

Add me if you guys want to play together! My summoners name is CLONE XI

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My Akali Score: My scores will be updated from time to time.

If I only new that I would make a guide I should have had print screen all my 600+ games with Akali! lol!