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Akali Build Guide by ddreadlord

Akali - Fast and Hard, The way I like it.

Akali - Fast and Hard, The way I like it.

Updated on June 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ddreadlord Build Guide By ddreadlord 2,752 Views 3 Comments
2,752 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ddreadlord Akali Build Guide By ddreadlord Updated on June 21, 2011
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This build is just to keep me straight when playing games. I found it works very well as a speed build, as Akali has her shadow dance ability, i just need to get a few hits in whiles following the enemy to kill them with the high attack damage. I use Heal and Teleport because i'm quite aggressive so heal helps a lot and teleport keeps me in the front lines for that extra exp and action.

constructive criticisms are welcome, the talents are there just to put something there, i would however probably go with that. runes are basically attack speed, AP or armor pen. and the likes that compliment attack speed builds. Or my personal favorite, but perhaps less effective would be to go completely attack speed, gaining more than 20% attack speed from runes only, but i would probably keep at least 2 quintessences of swiftness in there for the movement speed boost that will catch me that runner if we have the same boots.
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To go into more detail, I wanna talk about some other useful summoner abilities, since they are quite important. Iv'e seen quite a few people use things like exhaust and flash, which i have tried and decided against for this character, solely because of shadow dance. This move eliminates the need for exhaust and flash, as it is an offensive version of flash, being able to teleport to your enemy target at a relatively similar range. Exhaust is not needed since again there is no point in slowing enemies down when you can catch up to their normal speed. I have played games with exhaust on and had my finger constantly on the button in case i couldn't catch up to them and had to slow them down, but I only used it once or twice, and mostly just for making a quick escape, which is not needed with heal.

Also the item list is only a guideline, and once you purchase all items on the list, you can trade items that aren't worth keeping for that situation for a trinity force, which is always welcome in any build, giving Attack power, Ability power, movement speed, attack speed and chance on hit to slow the target, and I'm sure i forgot to mention something else it does, but you get the point, its a good item.

When it comes to runes, It's your choice to be honest. The build I have up here is a reasonable one due to Akali's passives, but just because personally i am a big fan of attack speed, I would get attack speed on all of them except the 2 Quintessences of Swiftness for the movement speed. This in grand total increases you're attack speed by more than 25% if i calculated it right, which is quite a lot at the begging of the game as well as on top of the items you get at the end of the game. I might change this rune build later when i start capping my attack speed sooner in games. Or perhaps just get more damaging items instead of attack speed ones at that point.

Anyways, rate, leave comment, use this build if you like. GL & HF in future games.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ddreadlord
ddreadlord Akali Guide
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Akali - Fast and Hard, The way I like it.

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