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Akali Build Guide by Homb

Akali - godlike assasin

Akali - godlike assasin

Updated on July 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Homb Build Guide By Homb 2,599 Views 3 Comments
2,599 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Homb Akali Build Guide By Homb Updated on July 25, 2011
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This is my Akali guide, it's my first guide here on mobafire, so dont be too harsh. This build is going to show you how you can helo ur team by taking out the enemies main (ranged) carry in a matter of seconds and get out of it alive.
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You either start off with a long sword and a health pot, or, if u not think u're gonna get that many early klls; a Dorans Blade. If you go for the Long Sword way, build it to a Sword of the Occult as soon as you can afford it. Also, if you get ur occult stacks up, nvm the hextech revolver, occult will provide you with more than enough spell vamp. If you get the Dorans Blade, however, try to stay in lane as long as you can. Either way, what you wanna do is rush crystal scepter, this item makes you so much more sustainable and it's passive is going to rape your opponents. The fact that you slow makes it almost impossible to escape you whenever you decide to attack. I get this item before boots. Get your boots of speed, then crystal scepter and, if its a heavy cc team Merc Treads, if not or if your doing extremly well as it is, sorcerer's shoes. The next item will then be, if u got dorans blade, a hextech revolver, if u got some occult stacks, pick up ur deathcap. When u get that rabadons, u'll almost get a kill every time you go for it. 1v1 u are almost unbeatable, note that there are some exceptions here, eg. Xin Zhao, a decent Warwick, Mordekaiser with some minons to stack his shield and Tryndamere. When you get ur lichbane even your auto attacks will be something to watch outfor, top it all of with a hextech gunblade and ur basicly legendary.
Some of you might wonder why to get an AD item to begin with, the answer is because u want ur passive to prock from lvl 1.
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IN the beginning, what u wanna do is last hit minons, eihter with ur Q auto attacks or the Q-AA combo. When you hit lvl two you can be a bit more aggresive, lay you W on the ranged minons, most champions will now back off a little and focus on last hitting and harrassing. This way ull also deny your enemies their precious XP. Note that last hitting is always more important than harassing, this is for almost every champion. When you get 6 ur damage will be extremly high and youll be extremy dangerous. Force people back, maybe kill them and gank like a mad man. Ur ganking potential is very high, (AB)USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!!
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Mid/late game

Now the team fights should be starting, ur job here is to get their most farmed carry, or their support. Whoever stand a little to far behind the rest is yours to take. Also, if you see someone farming a lane, get there immedialy and get their ***. WIth ur crystal scepter passive there's no way theyll get away, look out for baits however!
Another thing to notice is that when u see a team fight starting, u should go a little away from your team, stand in a bush nearby ready to take one of them whos standing a little away from the rest, nuke him down before the others are able to react and get the **** out of there. You should use ur flash defensive almost every time, play around in the twilight shroud and flash away if it is needed, you could also ulti to an enemy minons or champion if that is a way, try to save your flash, but dont be afraid to use it.
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Whenevr your about to kill and enemy, what you wanna do is, if he's in range, throw ur Q ulti on, auto attack, E, Q auto attack, and repeat, if he's escaping ulti after. Also note that with crystal scepter ur the best chaser in the game, no exceptions!
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In order to survive you need to no ur team, urself and ur enemies. Play around in ur twilight shroud and wait for the right time to flash out or ulti on to an enemy, also note that after u live the shroud ull be stealthed for about half a second, so it should be enough to get into a nearby bush if needed. Ur greatest enemy here is and oracles, if an enemy has it kill him ASAP!
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The End

Please read and try the build before voting, commeting and note that its not quite finnished, I am still working on it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Homb
Homb Akali Guide
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Akali - godlike assasin

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