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Akali Build Guide by AirCraft

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirCraft

Akali - Hex Ninja

AirCraft Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Welcome to my Akali Guide!
I played her alot, with many different builds and in this Guide I will show u the most efficient way of playing her - in my opinion :)

Have Fun reading it, try it and give some feedback.

I recommend:
- Lasthit Skill
- Good working Brain *whuups*
- Teamplay
- Micromanagement
- Know-How of Akali (i think about doing a new section for it, but i will talk about it spreaded in the whole guide)

Please comment and try the build before voting! Ty

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This looks not like a normal Runepage eh? Right! Cause Akali is not a normal Champ. With these Runes u will get both Passivs at LvL 1, which gives you the option to buy boots (pro-sytle^^)

Why no Penetration? Real Question? Akali is HYBRID - OMG? Yes she is! Everytime I'm looking on the stats from games, I see that I do more physical than magical dmg; in long games (50min+) they will nearly reach 50-50. But one hint, try to end this game ASAP, with this guide you will be a pain in the *** at early and mid, in late you are a real ninja, who waits and kills the squishys in the back (with 1-2 hits ofc).

Your extra dmg from the Passiv will be same, or even greater than a lilbit penetration!

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- .. nc :P
- "What? Akali w/o Rylias first? Noob no slow!" Yep, let them talk, they are all clueless. Rylias will cost a lot for that lil dmg; we will come back to this item later. Revolver for infinity lanestaying! Spamable ability healing skills like vlad!
- Insane! After getting this your dmg is not from this world, combo a squishy, USE it for slow and damage (300 instantdmg will be a good burst while attacking squishy), and they will fall very easy. Did I mentioned the slow? aww here we are why no Rylias! You will just need one slow for a kill with this amount of damage :) Try to get 1on1 as often as you can, cause you will win easy and get a lot of feed! This item is the best for your passiv and it will fit really well to the playstyle!
- Why now? Cause you will safe your feed with HP! This item is great in this situation. You can kill squishys in lategame with just a Hextech-Gunblade, so you will get an item wich gives survibity and dmg - tada here it is (the slow is just a good gimmick)
- Look next item :)
- To increase your insane burst with Q -> R -> Autoattack into a next dimension
- More ap = more dmg-output? yes! and your autoattack will get even more magical % dmg
- I'm not reaching this point that often, so that is the point i dont really know what to get lol ^^ Just buy it to get the focus away from you in the Clash

Note: Akali is easy countered with an Oracel on a Tank in the enemy team, thats why she is not so often played in ranked

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If u played her and think u can handel her well, then you can try to solo top! It's really great (faster LvL 6):

- When you 1on1: You can lasthit with Q (safe), or harass the enemy with Q and auto-lasthit (agressiv). Watch the range of your E, you can use it too, but try not to hit many (push is bad for you in early) Hint: buy ward together with the revolver or let your jungel buy one

- When you 2on1: play safe, communicate with your jungel (i love mumu), one good gank and you can erase them fast (right timed you do extreme high dmg)

While playing with a mate on top, you can go into the jungel with your revolver or even start counterjungel where you will have some fun-time

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Team Work

In TEamfights you should wait a little, till their support and ad/ap carry shows up. jump in and down the support (use stealth if they begin focusing you). when they see that you are invis they will have no focus anymore and your team should do the rest :P you can start to instant attack their carrys if they lost the focus on you, this will help to win the fight, and the game? :)
akali is very strong, when the team is out of position or they get a split up (gragas/jarv ult)

if they got oracel on support you need to kill it fast, try to get help from the team (something like ez ult). then go on!

if they have a tank with an oracel or an off-tank you will get more problems with it. 2 options in my opinion:

1. stay out of battle till they get their focus on your team, you should try to do high dmg before dying, most times your team will easy win a teamfight if u sacrifice yourself ^^

2. jump in and stealth, they will instantly focus you: u get a lil bit more ress from your shroud, try to hit them with E and Q to heal up, everysecond you are alive your teammates can do a lot of dmg, but in the end you will die at all :(

one funny thing is to jump into a team, shround and instantly flash out of it, they will stay there and wait for it going away, surprise your not in - time for a well timed teamattack.

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Unique Skills

Your unique skill is called "feed". So many ppl say, that akali is feeded and win game cause of it. whats wrong? come on! hard burst, epic kill ability, why not use them? u dont get feed, you just kill them, thats the point. ok they can go and stay at turret for whole

Next unique skill is the ability to kick every top solo player, and yes i mean everyone!
if u face an melee u can faceroll, cause if they wanna farm (nasus) they need to get to you, when they lasthit, they get a Q -> Autohit -> procc -> E. 25 gold for 1/4 of their health, good price? yes! you have easy farm. if u face someone ranged, you just need to relax till u get lvl6 and then harass, even vlad is easy target for akali, cause your output is too much and your healing power will show vlad the real sololaner :)

next hint: when they camp at tower with low hp, go in Q -> R -> Kill -> jump out with R to a creep! with a good timemanagement you can do it like kata ;)