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Akali Build Guide by Marten

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marten

Akali - How did i die?

Marten Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Jungle Akali. I still can't believe that she is a normal jungler but she IS! If i said to my team i go to jungle and i took akali then they all were against it but in game they realised that it's possible to jungle with Akali. your ganks aren't very strong until lvl 6 but i think its not a big problem.

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Why jungle Akali?

Akali used to be my main champ and now i meant how would it be to jungle with it? I thought that may be Akali would be a good ganker with her ult. And when i started to test routes and builds etc. then i discovered that Akali is fun jungler. Don't go playing with other people when you first try this. You NEED to practise on bots.

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Fun jungling
Great ganker until lvl 6
High damage
Can do a backflip

Hard to jungle
Little bit squishy

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Jungle route

I tried 4 routes. I found out that the best is to start from the blue golem.
I'm sorry that i don't have any pictures but i hope that u get what i want to say.
When you're jungling with akali you need to use smite very often (at the begininng)

First go to the blue golem. Let your teammate pull and little help. At the same time you need to attack him with your q. Continue attacking him until it has 450 hp then smite it. Then kill little lizards next to the blue golem.

Now go to the wolves. You will kill them easily with your q and e just take the big wolf first.

Wraiths are harder. You don't have much hp left so you need to kill the blue one and fall back. Run back until they stop follow you. Then go to the bush next wratihs and wait for your smite is available. You need to wait about 20 sec. then smite 1 wraith and kill others.

Buy cloth armor and 2 hp potions.

Now go to the minigolems. just attack them with your q and e and everything should be fine. Your smite comes available when you're killing them and if it comes availabe. If golem you're killing has less hp than smite deals then smite another golem. because otherwise you would waste your smite.

After golems i improvise. I jungle hardly less than before and gank almost all the time until teamfights. You mustn't recall too often. you will loose levels then.
Now you're free to do what you want!

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I didn't add 6th item because you can buy there what you want. Myself i usually buy there Moonflair Spellblade because then u have huge tenacity and its good for akali. it also gives you ability power. if you're facing ad team you can buy there a thormnail or against ap team banshee's veil.

Why i buy cloth armor? Cloth armor is very good for you if you're jungling. It gaves you armor so neutral monsters have less change to crit and they don't do so much damage. You need to sell this after but if you're going to build something from this then you may keep it.

I've seen a lot of people who start with boots! I hate this. Akali's best first item is doran's blade. because it activates your passive so it gives you a spell vamp, hp and attack damage. You can't count this lifesteal because it's only 3 %. This lifesteal is only useful if you buy multiple doran's blades and that's pointless with akali.

Also a BIG mistake is to buy hextech gunblade in last items because hextech gunblade is main item for akali. this gives u a lot of damage, ability power, spell vamp, lifesteal and ofcourse its active.

Lich bane is very good because it gives you a movement speed and VERY good passive. ofcourse it gives you ability power what you need for sure.

Crystal scepter is necessary because without it you would be very squishy. And again it gives you a ability power!

Rabadon's deathcap gives you tons of ability power.

You can use this build with a lane Akali too but then you need to take a ignite not smite.

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For ending

It was my first guide so don't be very uncharitable. I'm not very god at english aswell so i think there is mistakes! Don't be afraid to criticise! It's good to know what i should to approve and what is good.
Waiting for your comments!
Thank you for reading!