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Akali Build Guide by changen

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author changen

Akali is Better than Ever

changen Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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With the season 2 nerf of Akali's Passives. I decided to go out and find a way to make good out of the bad.

I think i have done it.

She has a STRONGER lane presence now, a STRONGER mid game, and still a decent Anti-carry late game.

Her late game is nerfed, but she is still a very viable champ

And here is how I do it.

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I personall believe that Akali will be even stronger than before because of the masteries changes. No she doesnt have more damage, but she shines even more in lane than before.

Mobafire still dont have the new Masteries, so i will simply get a run down of what i use now.

9 in offense
1 point in Summoner Wraith
3 points in Brute Force

9 - 12 in Defense
3 points in Hardness
1 point in Resistence
4 points in Durability
1 point in Veteran Scars
Optional: 3 Points in Vigor

9 - 12 in Ultility
1 point in Summoner Insight
3 Points in Expanded Mind
4 points in Swiftness
1 Point in Transmutation or Runic Affinity
Optional: 3 points in Good Hands (playing Aggressive Lane)

My Reasons: Akali has no longer to be held back by the Offensice Tree to get the 3 points in Brute Force for her passives at lvl 1.

If You do the math 7.5% (with Havoc and Executioner) of a 3k burst is only 200 damage. Not worth the Points, in the long run.

Reason for points in Defense. The Nerf brought Akali's early game down a notch. You will need the Extra Hp (and/or the Life Regen) to survive in Lane. Akali has been know to have a fragile early game, but now the defensive tree is there to fix everything. The flat hp is great, combined with the hp per lvl mastery she even heals more in lane when she lvls up.

Death Reduction is really important for any Player below 1800 elo. The average games at that level of playing has around a maximum of 20 death for BOTH TEAMS ADDED TOGETHER. At lower levels, people dont ward, people arent as familiar with the champs they are playing, etc. They are more likely to die. And death reduction really helps out in the early game by not missing as much XP when returning to lane, or the late game, where it becomes even more useful in returning to defend your base when you lose a team fight.

Extra Energy. Akali's Damage is lower now due to the nerf to her passive. That means you need more Abilities to do the same damage. This is a really good mastery for the early and the late game, where your energy will be spent quite quickly in team fights.

Movement speed is great for Akali. This makes her a even better chaser than before.

I use Ignite and Flash, so the 2 left over points are put into the corresponding masteries.

You also not put the extra 1 points in the Utility tree Summoner spell mastery, and instead put it into spell vamp for more lane sustain.

So in the end, Akali ends back up to 10% again.

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This is what makes or breaks Akali's Nerf.

The Items should be much different than before. Commonly, After Gunblade, a Death Cap was used for more Q scaling, and more damage from Her Passive.

You must BUILD TOWARD THE MID GAME and not the late game. She can not carry late game as before. But her damage is increased from before at Mid game.

The Gunblade rush from revovler is still a good idea.
rushing Rylais or Death Cap is no longer a good idea. The nerf on her passive killed it.

I believe that the lower the amount of AP you accumulate, the better, FOR MID GAME.

Rushing a Sheen after Gunblade produces good damage. The HP per lvl runes, and the Defensive Masteries still make you tanky even with out rylais or a giants belt. Getting a Lich Bane after gunblade will be the solution to her passive nerf. Have full AP Masteries and Gunbalde + Lich Bane, you can still proc for around 150~200. Lich bane also has a movement buff, which is also great on Akali for chasing.

If the game is still not ending, get a Rylais if you are ahead and if they are not focusing you in team fights. Get a Guardian Angle if they are focusing you in team fights. By now you have reached Tank status with around 2.7~2.8k hp with nothing but offensive items

If the game is still going on, and the enemy has no Magical Resistance, go Death Cap for more damage on your Lich Procs. If they have alot of Resistance, go Void Staff.

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Standard Akali Rune page. 7 AD runes, 2 magic pent Runes. Or if you want an Extra one percent of spell vamp, take 9 AD runes, ignite mastery and ignite. The bonus ad from activating ignite will activate another percent of spell vamp.

Your Choice of AP Per lvl runes or Flat AP runes. I use the per lvl runes because you do not get Lich Bane until late game, and the more AP, the more effective Lich Bane will be

Flat AP Quints. You need them to activate her spell vamp passive at lvl 3 if you went per lvl runes, or lvl 1 if you went flat AP Blues.


she does less damage and less burst late game, but she is much more tanky, and can take a lot more punishment than before, while still dealing similar damage (due to your mid-game oriented build) You might also want to take blue, if you AP carry doesnt mind. You will need the energy regen to to spam more spells and do more damage.

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I will not go over the Nuisance of playing Akali, there are many more Guides that are better than mine that will explain her skills and playstyle.

My Guide is here to show you a solution to her nerf Late game. You solve it by stomping the other team even harder mid game.