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Akali Build Guide by exitfeat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author exitfeat

Akali : its all about Balance.

exitfeat Last updated on June 18, 2011
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So pretty much this is my first guide. And I love Akali. I know there are similar builds out there but I'm not sure whether its completely the same or not. And also don't flame on me if you think I'm copying someone else's build. I'm sorry if I am but I'd like to explain how I build akali and how I own with her pretty much every game even if I lose. Please read the whole guide, not just skim it, because then you're not getting my full explanation.

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Pros / Cons

She just owns and has tons of burst damage
This build will get you great survivability in the early to mid game(at least i think so)
Very mobile, and can catch up to enemies very easily.

Even though she has great survivability, it all comes down to your position; if you are up against a heavy CC team, then you might be screwed if you're an inch away from where you should be.
And Fiddlesticks really is her kryptonite. I absolutely revolt at going against a Fiddlesticks. He just straight out owns her if she gets in range of his fear.

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I love my item build. First off, I get Doran's blade. This is for that 10% spell vamp, 3% lifesteal, and also 100 hp to start you off.
Then I stay in lane until I have about 1100 gold, to buy my Boots of Swiftness and a ward, because usually you'll be in mid or in solo lane. Akali's so versatile I love it!
And the reason why I choose boots of swiftness over mercury treads or Sorcerer's shoes is because I KNOW that every time I use my skill sequence of Q-->R-->autoattack about 90% of the time I will land my autoattack (unless I'm going up against a Jax -_-). And these boots help you with just that. That extra enhancement on speed just allows you to catch people so easily because most likely they will be using boots that have only 2 speed. So that's my reason for that.
Thirdly I get Bilgewater Cutlass. Now in game, I always get made fun of for going this item first because they think I'm some Akali nub who is just getting a random item trying to rush Hextech. But that's not it at all. If you're someone who LOVES active items, this is the ****. Because at around lvl 7 or 8 (which is when you should have this item) your skill sequence goes Q-->R-->autoatk-->Bilgewater Cutlass and you'll be able to repeat your Q without using your R because you are so much faster than your enemy. Bilgewater Cutlass not only deals dmg to your opponent, it slows greatly. AND this item also boosts your passive to get you plenty of spell vamp to keep you alive. Then I rush to hextech gunblade since I'm killing face anyway. And when you get Gunblade you get extra range on that slow AND extra damage on the active as well as more spell vamp! How great is that for survivability.
After that, I go for Rylai's. Like many other guides say, no Rylai's, no Akali. And this is completely true, but I DEFINITELY don't recommend rushing it. Compared to Bilgewater Cutlass it'll take way too long and I don't like having to wait for my slows. So you get Giant's belt first, nothing else. Even if you're at 860 gold and you're so tempted to get Blasting Wand, don't do it. But anyways, Rylai's owns with Akali.
After you've bought Rylai's you should be at around lvl 14 - 16, depending on how many faces you've owned. At this time, if youre at 300 HP and you want to solo dragon, you can do it, AND it'll heal you too. because of your massive spell vamp that you have you pretty much heal yourself up to full HP (which i think should be around 2200-2400).
Then you work on Lich Bane. If you even get to this item (which sometimes I don't because we're probably winning) then you'll end up owning more faces.
After Lich Bane you buy your Needlessly Large Rod. work on Rabadon's and youre up to around 500 AP.
After that, its your choice. If the opposite team is AP heavy, you know what to do, get that abbysal! otherwise I'd go will of the Ancients for even more survivability and spell vamp. Or you can go to Void Staff for more ownage.

Oh by the way, I absolutely despise snowball items. Mejai's is pretty lame and so is Sword of the Occult. unless youre in a Co-op match, i would never buy those items.

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Skill Sequence

So as you've probably figured out by now, the skill sequence goes Q-->R-->Autoatk-->Q-->R-->Autoatk with bilgewater cutlass involved in the first burst. It's really up to you how you like to use her, but this is definitely the way I use her, and it works for me most of the time. I either get the opponent really low or I end up killing.

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Well I think that's about it. If you have any questions about any of the things I said, please let me know! And also try out this build before rating it. It really does matter that you do try it.