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Akali Build Guide by DarKKronoS95

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarKKronoS95

Akali Mid-Lane madness (remake->Lea Flamma)

DarKKronoS95 Last updated on June 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys this is my first guide on mobafire and first i want to apolagise for my poor english knowledge, but i think this guide will be help you to dominate the midlane. My guide will show you how to play akali in midlane against strong ap dmg. dealer and how to konter them in earlygame. So have fun and pls dont downvote this guide cause this isnt your playstyle.

Have fun, DarKKronoS95

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Pros /Cons


-very fun to play
-lots of dmg (ap and ad)!!!
-can easiely take out squishie targets
-in mid game great farmer
-awesome ultimate (pull to enemy+dmg)
-Passiv grands your dmg and your vampire !!!
-stealth and slow possability (w-skill)

-no tank abilities(so your team has to launch the team fights)
-Ultimate can fail if enemy is clever (like ez using his teleport skill to flash in his tower to pull u in enemy tower)
-Your stealth skill dont protect u from aoe dmg

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why i took this runes?
well, akalis dmg comes from her high ability power so i choose some ap runes to grand her dmg in early game(glyphes and Quintessences).

If u want to deal more dmg in late game use 9 greater glyph of force.

The armor in the runes is no mistake. This guide was made to run through the jungel in mid and late game (bonus ms with lich bane)only in early game u need more mage resistance to conter your lane and get your first kills so u dont need early bonus mage resistance cause every char got more mage-resistance then ad resistance at the beginning. combined with merkury boots u will got enogh mage-resistance to conter skills and stuns. i ad some health per lvl runes to grand my duarability in late game. i take 5 health runes for 100 extra life at lvl 18.

The magic penetration Mark is a must have for every ap I also take some dmg marks to aktivate her second passiv early.

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why this masteries?
akali is a high dmg. output champion, so you need lots of dmg so u skill 21 in offense, to max out dmg and reduce cooldown . To grand her durabilty we take 9 points in defense to grand her beginning life because we dont start with dorans ring so we wouldt have extremly low life for an melee champion. A beginning with dorans ring wouldt be very bad cause u cant use the mana regeneration so u wouldt pay lots of gold for an effekt u cant even use.We take more points in ad-resistance then in ap resistance cause we will have enough ap resistance with merkury boots.

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You beginn with amplifiying tome and a haelth potion. then you buy normal boots to grand your movement speed. then you rush for hextech rvolver and merkury boots. then u buy pickaxe to grand your passiv speelvamp. my item buildt is in the szenario that you dominated the midlane so you have to go on mejais soulstealer to grand your ap per kill (Caution!!!: if your midlane enemy is expirienced against akali and dont die dont buy this item . Rush for hextech gunblade instead.)
when u finished mejais soulsteler finish hextech gunblade and buy sheen to grand your dmg after your pull (ultimate). Now its importent to look on the enemys playstyle if the enemy is going on ap tank u shouldt not buy needless large rod. instead of this item u shouldt buy abysals cepter to deal more dmg against ap tanks. If the enemy doesnt do this you can go on with the standard build; Buy needless large rod. then get lichbane to grand your movementspeed and dmg after pull.
Now u finish /rush on rabadons deathcap and finish your buildt with an ending item like zheonias hourglass, rylais crystal cepter etc. (your/enemys playstyle) .

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Skill Sequence

Your main dmg source is your q skill so i take one point early and max as fast as i can. your q can be used to hold your enemy on distance cause he will not come u to close with the mark on himself so u can even hold ranged mage on distance. i take my e-skill as second dmg sorce so i max him as second skill to deal aoe dmg and farm the enemy minions. i take at my w-skill 1 point at lvl 4 and max it at last cause u dont need the extra slow cause u will use this to dodge insta lock skills not to slow enemys this will do the outher laner.
As an ultimate i skill it when ever its possible so at lvl 6/11and 16.
(see skilltree at top)

akalis skills are perfectly balanced on each outher. you open your combo with q to mark your enemy then u use your ult to come close and deal tons of dmg. after the landing and your first hit u use your e skill to deal bonus dmg. If the enemy runs away use your q-ultimate combo to chase him. If hes triening to konter u use your w- skill to stealth youreself and wait until cooldown is low then use a full combo again.
u can use your w-skill to get time for your teammates to come closer to your enemy while you get ganked.

here u can see a good playstyle to play mid with akali in early game. he/she doesnt used my buildt but here u can see the forde of the q skill on ranged mages.

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Summoner Spells

I Took flash flash and ignite cause its very usefull to secure kills in lane. outher possabilies will be ghoust/exhaust instead of flash. But use Flash to flee from enemys through walls.

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Teamfight Playstyle

In teamfights u dont start the fight u stand in jungel behind the trees or behind your tank. You wait till the teamfight is starting then u take out the squishie targets first like ap-ranged dmgdealer and ranged ad carry. Then u help your team with the melee champions.
and here again the same video at the ending u can realy good see how to play the combos.

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thanks for reading/using my akali guide i hope it helped you a lot and will give u some penta kills :P
ty for lea flamma he helped me to correct some mistakes.