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Akali Build Guide by straind

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author straind

Akali Oh Wait Im Fed (Basic Guide)

straind Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About the Build

Your runes and the Doran's blade activate both passives as well give you some more survivability early game and a nice little bonus throughout. The Doran's blade can be sold when needed but never before you get another source of spell vamp. I recommend holding onto it as long as possible but immediately selling when your building the Hextech Gunblade because once that is built there is not much need for it anymore.Mejais Soulstealer is purely situational do not get if doing poorly this is an item you only grab when being fed. Move on with the build by just skipping that item and filling that empty spot in the end with a Zhonyas Hourglass. Flash and Ignite I find are best for Akali because Ignite helps secure kills as well as stop champions with fast health regeneration and Flash is really good to close the distance between you and a champion trying to escape as well as help you escape when you need to. Now with Akali I find it better to be in a solo lane because she can do it and it gives u a bit more exp early game so you can gank easier and quicker. Now Akali is one of if not the best burst champions and that is what this build capitalizes on. I have only been able to finish a few games with this build because usually the other team surrenders at 20 when i have a minimum kd of 7/1 and in the games i finish i always have 18+ kills.

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Early Game

Now try to take a solo lane mid is fine as well as top if your team has a jungle. Now its best to play defensively against any group has decent harassing early game. I choose the move sequence above because i believe all of Akali's abilities are very important right off the bat for laning now of course in certain situations other orders are better, but almost always this is best in my opinion. Use your Q to harass and LAST HIT MINIONS. This is a key part of soloing a lane with her in many situations you will be out harassed until level 6 so use this ability to get those last hits to generate extra gold. Besides that buy health pots as needed and use your abilities Q and E to farm effectively as possible and your W defensively or even as a slow if needed.

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Mid/Late Game

By now your level 6 at least on par to what level the champions in middle lane should have. Here is where you get offensive in your lane. When your at a decent amount of health and have most of your energy push up a little bit and hit a champion with your Q now wait for the cooldown to hit 1 second and use your ultimate to engage. Let a melee hit in than immediately Q again. Use your E and maybe another hit from your ultimate and by this point most non-tank champions will be dead. Use your W to escape from any other champions in lane and let your energy return and health regenerate a little now rinse and repeat this method for almost all kills tossing an ignite in when needed and once you get it the Hextech Gunblade active is helpful to prevent champions from getting away. That is really the core of using Akali.

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I hope I helped anyone who is trying to get better with Akali and if you are having any problems with Akali after using this build the best advice I can give you is practice makes perfect.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Please comment below with reasons for any down-vote or up-vote as well to let me know of any mistakes I may have made.
Although I have been playing for a long time making my own builds as well as helping friends with their builds this is my first actual guide so please let me know anything I have not done well with or of course the opposite.

Thanks for reading and commenting.