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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vespher

Akali - Pentakill Penthouse

Vespher Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Sup. This is my first build, so I hope you like it. Please leave a comment with questions/concerns, or to show off how bad you raped face with this build! :D

But you don't care about that, you came here to learn how to destroy peoples faces off with the fist of shadow. You want to learn how to chase people across the map while dealing constant damage, and not letting them escape. You came here to learn about Akali, ***********er!

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- Lots of damage Early game
- Too much damage Late game
- Best chaser in the game
- Cleans up low enemies in no time

- Squishy, especially at earlier levels
- Can easily run out of Energy if not careful
- Will be focused if fed
- Easy to learn, difficult to master

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0. Twin Discipline
You don't need to pay too much attention to the effect of your passive. Just think of it as extra damage :D

1. Mark of the Assassin
This skill is great for early game harassing and last hitting. Because you use energy, you don't need to worry about Mana Regen or anything like that. It can be used in combination with your ult to deal lots of damage, and that is your main killing technique. But don't be too greedy; just because you hit someone with the skill, it doesn't mean you need to rush them and hit them again for the bonus damage, all though Twilight Shroud can help you do that.

2. Twilight Shroud
Just remember that when you are playing Akali, great damage comes with a great price. You are one squishy little *****. And in order do do your job and deal massive ****ing damage to the enemy team, you can't be getting hit. This is where Twilight Shroud comes in. As long as your under it, your invisible to the enemy team (Not including Vision Wards and/or Oracles Elixir) and you can hit them as much as you want. Early game if you are getting pushed back a lot, this can be used to get closer to minions so you can last hit.

This skill is also good for escaping. When escaping, try to place it just in front of you so that both you and the enemies chasing you get maximum time in the effect area. Another method is place it just before a brush, and run into the shroud, but stay in the shroud and don't enter the bush. The enemies will follow through, thinking that you entered the brush. Once they're mindlessly looking for you, escape the way you came. Also, if you need to recall and are paranoid about an enemy waiting at your turret to kill you, you can use this to shield yourself.

3. Crescent Slash
This is some pretty good damage output for killing champions and farming minions. It can be used with Twilight shroud to own your lane. But do be aware, this skill does not activate the bonus damage of Mark of the Assassin. Only normal attacks will do that.

4. Shadow Dance
Your bread and butter, as some people say. This skill will decimate the enemy team to a point where they will probably soil themselves. When using Shadow Dance, hit your target with Mark of the Assasin, then Shadow Dance to them, then Normal attack them for Mark of the Assassins bonus damage, then Crescent Slash them. Repeat. Remember to use Twilight Shroud if there are too many enemies, and you only want to eliminate one target. On another note, this skill is the best chasing skill in the game (Other than Master Yi's overpowered ult), given you have enough stacks. Don't try to chase someone at half health if you only have 1 Essence of Shadow. Use your best judgment, as the right decision will lead to a kill for you, and the wrong will lead to a kill for an enemy.

Also, Exhaust and Flash (Maybe Ghost) will come in handy while chasing, but don't use them until all your Essence of Shadows are consumed.

Summoner Abilities
Exhaust - Great for chasing and saving.
Flash - Again, great for chasing and saving. Useful if you run out of Essence of Shadows in the middle of a chase.
Ignite - Extra damage, can kill someone out of range if they are low enough.
Teleport - Self explanatory. Great for early ganks, as you do not need to traverse the whole map.

Don't worry about any other summoner abilities, as they will not help as much as these.

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Play style

Early game
Remember that you are squishy. Use Mark of the Assassin to harass and get last hits. Use Twilight Shroud whenever you are in a sticky situation, as most of the time it will save your life. Also, as said in the skills description, use Twilight Shroud to get closer to enemy minions so you can last hit, or use crescent slash. Be aware that you can get ganked at any time, and play accordingly.

Mid game
As soon as you get your boots, start to gank regularly. You will not do good late game if you don't get some kills early/mid game, so use brushes and Twilight Shroud to your Advantage. Remember the chasing order as explained in my description for Shadow Dance.

Oh, and "Gank regularly" doesn't mean ditch your lane partner. He/she still needs help. Look around, if a teammate is having troubles, help them.

Late game
Once you have your Rageblade, you are OP. There is no other way to explain it. Someone around 1750 health will be dropped in 6 seconds or less, maybe 10 if they have lots of magic resist. By now, you should be targeting enemy carries. They MUST be the first to fall at your hands. Use Twilight Shroud first thing, and boom. Once the carry is gone, you win the team fight. After that, start eliminating targets one by one, focusing on ones with low HP first.

If the game lasts long enough for you to get your Rabbadon's Deathcap, its because the game is asking you to end it. You will be dropping people in 2-3 hits, tanks in 6-7. You should have no problem winning now, provided your team isn't made of idiot.

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Conclusion and Changelog

The biggest overall tip i can give you when playing Akali is to gank. As said above, you will be nothing but free sandwiches for the enemy team if you don't get a few kills early/mid game, and getting kills in your lane can be hard without the element of surprise.

Thanks for reading my guide! Like i said, its my first guide. Please leave your comments to let me know how I did! Now go out there and rape face, you are the Fist of Shadow!


Just Because:

27/12/10 - Changed Items (Added a Hextech Gunblade).
28/20/10 - Fixed Masteries.
28/12/10 - Added some "oomph" to the visuals of the guide.
29/12/10 - Added a Pros and Cons section.
29/12/10 - Added a section explaining summoner abilities.
29/12/10 - Added icons for abilities and summoner abilities.
05/01/11 - Changed item build to accommodate for the removal of Zhonya's Ring
06/01/11 - Changed Summoner Spells, Masteries, and Skill Sequence.