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Akali General Guide by majlowski

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author majlowski

Akali, Precision In Killing

majlowski Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm majlowski, and this is my first guide to Akali - The Fist of Shadow. I've decided to create it, because i am playing with her for a year now, and didnt've found everything i ever needed to her. I prefer to play her at solotop, but she is kinda usefull at mid lane aswell. So... let's start!

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Pros / Cons

- Very good AP bruiser
- Energy user
- Invisibility effect on W
- One of the best chaser and ganker in game
- Hard to push from lane on solotop
- Deals tons of magic damage

- Easy to counter with Oracle
- Not tanky enough to lead the game
- Easy to build resists aginst her

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I've chosen these runes mostly because of passive activation at level 1 (marks and glyphs+quintessences). Flat HP seals serve us for being more hard to kill on early game, while not having our ultimate skill.

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Ehhh... masteries. It's hard to pick any other masteries for Akali, again - mostly because of her passive - Twin Disciples. Activating it on level 1 give us big advantage on levels 1-3 and late game. On solotop she is practicly unpushable with spellvamp from hextech revolver, and healing from passive.

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Well, starting with hextech revolver, as i mentioned, give us opportunity to heal ourselves with skills Q and E which make us hard to push from lane. Many people ask me why do i start with AP book and 1 potion over shoes and 3 potions - it's because with my passive activated, runes and these +20 AP i can do massive damage with Q on level 1 which i always use to gank enemy team on early levels.
Other question - why i go for Giant's belt over sorecerer's shoes? To get more durability. On solotop we are probably having melee DPS champion, so we are in defending position. It's good to have more durability under tower, and kill enemy champion on ganks or after 1 combo while at 50-60% of HP.
RYLAI CRYSTAL SCEPTER - this item is practically our core item. Akali is one of the best chaser in the game, so slowing down enemies with our abilities and aditional HP&AP are helping us practically in every fight.
Rabadoon's - after buying that item you have about 4XX AP, that's wonderful.

Why do I pick Revolver over will of acients?
It's because Akali is kinda solo player. She doesen't need any help to kill even in double fights or teamfights. Our role in team is to run around the teamfight and kill most squishy/most problematic opponents. If we run like this practicaly none of our allies will get the bonus from the Will.

Lich Bane - Massivly empowers our Q and R.

Final item - Zhyona Hourglass - Aditional ability power and that armor. Activation on teamfights when you're getting focused. (You can also pick some armor like Warmong/Thornmail/Force of Nature if one of the opponents is fed, because you're already doing tons of damage.)

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Skill Sequence

I max Q first because of it's damage. Nothing will give us that amount of damage on solo lane. Worth mentioning is that Akali is kinda duelist champion, easy to counter with oracle, but even with that can easy kill her target.

W give us opportunity to run, and fight. Slows enemies and make us invisible on the target area. Preferably fight in it on duel 1v1 cuz of the slow and invisibility, aswell our armor and magic ressist is increased in that circle - that's what is worth to know. I'm giving 1 point at lvl 2 in it and max it last.

E - our main farming skill. Useful aswell at teamfights.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer having Ignite over Exhaust because of the reducing target's healing. I don't really care about the slow from Ex, because i got that in my W skill. Akali's role is to kill fast, and run fast - That's why im taking Flash. I put W on the area and flash from it so enemy team can't see me.

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Early Game

Mainly defensive. Before ultimate skill, Akali is pretty useful only at levels 1-3, mostly because of the damage from Q. We are hitting 6lvl as quick as possible and starting to harras.
Try to farm as much as possible at lvl 4 with E skill.

Mid Game

Is the most powerfull Akali's time. Probably opposite team does not have an oracle yet, so you are practically ungankable. With having basic 3 items (Hextech Revolver, Sorecerer's shoes, Rylai's Crystal Scepter) you are doing massive damage and slowing enemies, with pretty nice spellvamp - good healing. You are unpushable from lane.

Late Game

Ahhh, the phase of teamfights - you are now having massive damage, but being countered by support's/jungler's oracle. Your target in teamfights is to kill quickly most squishy targets like AD carry and support. Assist your teamnates and secure the kills with the Rylai's slowdown. After won teamfight push easily because of 157 AD + passive basic atack damage.

Basic Combo:

1.Throwing Q at enemy champion, jumping with R, quickly dropping W, then harras (If needed R to minion to safety).

2. Starting with R, then quickly Q and drop W. Another ulti on the target untill your target is dead.

Use ignite only when your target is at low hp. You can use it at the beggining of the fight on champions with massive heal like Sion or Fiora.

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Well, Akali can be counterpicks to many champions, but i want to tell what you shouldn't play aginst with her:

-Yorick (too tanky ad combo, will spam you with ghouls and you wont be able to farm enough)
-Morgana (catching you in cage even with the W skill on and putting the stain on your W skill)
-Galio (building himself magic resist and gaining AP for that <OP!>)

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As i said, this is my first guide, so please don't be brute in comments :D
I will be editing it every patch, so don't be worry. And of course ill try to improve this guide every time i'd know how to do so.
Thank you for reading and votes :)


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