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Akali Build Guide by bleach12301

AKALI: running away?

AKALI: running away?

Updated on July 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author bleach12301 Build Guide By bleach12301 1,944 Views 1 Comments
1,944 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author bleach12301 Akali Build Guide By bleach12301 Updated on July 11, 2011
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hello every one i am CARPEN0CT3M and i am here with my second build with Akali the fist of shadows. akali is a great character if you just love the ability of mopping down your opponents if they arnt smart. so have fun reading this and learning about her and try out the build :)
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For Akalis runes i like to build it with her with greater mark of strength
greater glyph of force
and greater seal of vitality
for quints i use
greater quint of potency
the reason for these runes is simple the force helps with ability power since most of your attack will be coming from your ability.
the greater seal of vitality if for the health bonus you need health bonus the more health the harder to kill
and the mark of strength is for just a little add of attack because she doesn't have quit of an attack
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For the items you want to start off getting an amplifying tome and a health pot you should be pretty good to solo but if you dont want to just stick with a team mate.

next on your first return you have to make a good choice in either to get your hextech first or sheen if the battle is bad i would suggest getting the hextech but if you are comfy then get sheen first

then on your next return you want to get boots of speed and then work on your mejais now with mejais you have to stay above a certain thing so stick together and get them so you can own

next you want to finish your boots and start working the railys cepter this item is a core item for this build it will help you alot so try and jungle and get it quick.

your lich bane is next

then hextech gunblade

then deathcap
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is basic you just want to get your q and e first then get your w
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Summoner Spells

for the summoner spells you can go with what you want but i like flash for the ability to flash and then come back to surprise the enemy with your ulti
and i also like ignite so when they are down on health you can mark them flash and do burst damage to kill them
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so basically akali is a very powerful champ who people consider op i dont but that probably cause i mainly play her so right some comments and vote it up please thank you and have a great time playing LoL
League of Legends Build Guide Author bleach12301
bleach12301 Akali Guide
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AKALI: running away?

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