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Akali Build Guide by Naixpalm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Naixpalm

Akali-say whut !?

Naixpalm Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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uhm yeah >.<

NOTE: This is my first time using Mobafire and i really dont know how things work here(like how to edit and stuff) and im sorry if my grammar is horrid.

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Akali is a fun to play champion that can awesomely chase down enemy champions. For me she's an "anti-carry" champ that focuses down squishy and high damage dealer enemy. This guide will help you how to rip your enemies apart.

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-Fun to play
-Awesome laner
-Does strong burst
-Awesome at chasing/ganking
-Really hot


-Can countered by Oracle/CC
-Requires good skill to master

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Twin Disciplines:

Akali's passive makes her an awesome hybrid. She gains bonus magic damage from AP and Spellvamp on AD. you will get both passive activated at lvl 1 with my runes.

Mark of the Assasin:

Akali's first awesome ability. You can use it in alot of things like harrasing enemy champs and farming. When used as an initiation skill, wait til it cools down and use your ulti to dash in.

Twilight Shroud:

This is the skill that makes her invisible. you can use it to facecheck bushes, to slow enemies down, for 1v1,2v2 and it gives you armor and magic resist so its a good thing you fight under this spell. you can also use it for escaping enemies, slow them or flash out of it.

Crescent Slash:

This is Akali's AoE ability. can be used to farm HP on minion waves like Nocturne but it gives a alot less HP than him. the Only hybrid skill of Akali. Its a small AoE so don't use it when chasing fast enemies unless you can hit that champ.

Shadow Dance:

Akali's ultimate ability that is what shes known for. this have alot of uses. for escaping, farming and most importantly damages enemies with huge amount of magic damage.

Skill rotation:

Q -> R -> Auto attack -> W (if needed) -> Q -> Auto attack -> E -> R
Im pretty sure before that skill rotation is done the enemy is dead (depends on who you attacking)

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Summoner Spells

For me i always use ignite so i could handle tanks that have a huge HP regen like Mundo but you could also use Exhaustif your not used to use ignite and you have to have flash, flash is the SS (Summoner Spell) that will keep you alive and you will be able to tower dive if you want.




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For runes use what i recomend
x9 so you will have the bonus 10 attack dmg and triggers one of your passive at lvl 1.

x2 so you can have that passive ad at lvl one
x7 so youll have tons of HP at lvl 1 since your not getting dorans blade anymore.
x3 it will help you get the other passive at lvl 1.
x6 and will help the quintenssence to reach bonus 20 Ap for your passive.
x3 for filling up the space and for more AP.

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I buy this at first item so you could chase enemies at lvl 1. dont worry about your passive cuz i know u have both of them.

This item will give you more Spellvamp and Ap so its awesome to have it at early game.

I always get this so when you use your Q and auto attack on that unit it will do tons of damage.

I use this boots so i could easily run around the map for ganks and when you turn invi using your bubble then flash out you can outrun them.

Im rushing this after sheen and hextech so i could just slow them almost every second and i'll have more HP.

With this you will increasing your spellvamp and have a slow other than Rylai's passive.

By this time you have tons of AP so you should finish this item and it has a passive like yours so you will have a huge burst damage.

Whaaatttt !?!?!? a guinsoo ? you serious ? yeah i am .. i saw alot of people dont use this item on akali. its really awesome for him because you use your skill every second so you will get 8 stacks quick and its for hydrid too so it will help your passive alot.

Why do you get rabadons last ? noob >.> .. noo ! cuz by now your a beast !! you dont need rabadons on early and mid game unless you really need to because when u have atleast first 5 items on my build you'll rape alot of people by that time.

Situational Items

For huge CC teams

If you need more magic pen.

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Escaping Tricks

Akali's skills can be also used on escaping enemies. you can use your Twilight shroud and laugh at your enemies because they can't see you. when u know here to escape just flash out of the bubble or use your Ulti to dash to an enemy minion and run away. thats what boots of mobility for. you can place a ward around jungle to ulti on the jungle minions (or what ever you call it) but it may cost a lil expensive. Just outsmart the enemy champs and always watchout for enemies that have oracle.

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Awesome Tips

Tip 1:

always know what you can and can't do. Don't over extend when solo laning and never underestimate your enemy unless you know what they're capable of.

Tip 2:

always outsmart them and fight under your bubble (twilight Shroud) unless you can surely kill him without the bonus armor magic resist and invisible by the bubble.

Tip 3:

Always remember, when your in the bubble your still vulnerable to abilities such as brand's Pillar of flame, Dr. Mundo's cleaver and other abilities that doesn't need a target to be able to use.

Tip 4:

I see alot of people that uses the bubble under the enemies turrent and just staying there. DUDE !!! TURRETS CAN SEE INVISIBLE UNITS.

Tip 5:

Try to farm up using your Mark of the Assassin on minions last hitting them. i always prefer mid on Akali because you can have all the minions you want unless you still need practice at solo laning.

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Team Fights

so now you are ready to fight !!! awesome XD
just remember don't start the team fight always go in 2nd to the last because your a mellee and squishy and don't forget to use your bubble so you wont get focused as possible and you should focus the squishiest ones kick the **** out of them and rape them ALL!!!. Always remember to outsmart your enemies you really need to be smarter than them cuz you only have 3 stacks of your ult so use it wisely and also remember that you will get 1 stack back on assist and a kill.

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Things to Remember

-On solo laning, hug the turret and use the bubble when the minion wave comes.
-Farm as much as you could.
-Harass as much as you can with your Q.
-Wait til Mark of the Assassin to cooldown for max damage output.
-Gank as much as you could.
-Watchout for wards that could see invi units

Alright !!!!

thank you so much for reading and hope you like my build and facerape everyone !!! gudluck ^^