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League of Legends Build Guide Author pharoah

Akali, So far - So Good!

pharoah Last updated on May 13, 2010
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First time making a build here so here it goes.

So I've Been playing her a hell of a lot, she's so much fun. I've come up with a general way to play her and what items to get/not get.

Summoner Spells:

Teleport: Not many people have this in their builds, and i'll explain why its really good with her.
Teleport is generally a good spell, but with her I feel it has a few more perks than with other heros. This HAPPENS - you teleport in, and Shadow Dance at a hero not expecting your mobility etc. I've gotten quite a few kills with teleport...I know that sounds odd lol

Exhaust: Exhaust is seriously manditory, I'll explain why. When you get the mastery it now reduces Magic Resist AND Armor - When Akali attacks she uses both to great advantage, this offers you so many easy kills early, mid, late....and fb is a breeze with a cc laner.

Other worthy summoner spells are the same old dps junks, ignite is decent with the ap boost at the beginning not so bad. You really can do what u want with her she's very versatile.

Cleanse is good as well.
again they are all situational...i've actually been running cleanse last few games.

Item Build:
The first item you should always get is Long sword, with one pot.
I see a lot of people getting doran's blade first, I'll explain why its redundant.
You get more damage from long sword, it activates Discipline of Might, which gives you Spell Vamp and if youre finding you need more hp at the beginning, go with hp runes.
The reason you want spell vamp over melee life leech is simple - a lot of lane situations don't allow you to melee.
ill get more into this in the play style section if you're about ready to flame.

Next you want to get sheen and boots. I can't stress how key sheen is. It's cheap and it gives you so much more dmg on ur Q strike.

Depending how the game is going, Get haunting guise, sorc boots and trinity force. the rest is up to u but i've given a little bit of an outline.

I've tried building her in so many different orders. But I find that MPEN are the best things to get early - mid to late you do need crit.

Play Style:Before i begin. I dont' know why ppl are getting E leveled up max first...its not where your burst is...Q is your burst E is ..kinda a bad spell period. Q is better at: Nuking, Farmin, Spell Vamping, everything. Max Q first. Besides if you're facing people that let you E creeps in easy win for you.

Laning/Early Game: Get Q first, Try for first blood in the bush with exhaust, etc.
More often than not, you are laning against people that will try to focus you due to your squishiness.
This is why as i explained earlier - you get long sword first. It allows you to move in and out and Q creeps for a life steal, and periodically W, Q strike - melee hit opponents.
As long as you know what you're doing you won't die and you can last hit a large amount of creeps. as for killing heros its all situational, but i find that you have to be a **** and wait for your laning buddy to take aggro so to speak and then exhaust/rape someone.
Keep in mind, that by lvl 6-7 with a sheen you can kill lizard, golem easily as long as you have leveled up Q max first.

You my friend, are an excellent ganker, and believe it or not you CAN initiate..err sometimes....

Shadow Dance is great for ganking, especially when u have an aoe slow and you can cast shado dance it out of a bush and have 3 stacks.

The initiating part ...well it has worked a few times...obviously don't do this in front of someone with elixir/stun/crazy aoe etc:
Shadow dance into someone, then quickly Drop smoke It can cause your team (especially pugs)to jump all over them and cause the other team to be quite confused. This also positions you in the fight so that you can start nuking people and popping in and out of invis.

Gank a lot, farm a lot, use teleport to ur advantage. Keep in mind this hero farms like a beast Esp with haunting guise/sheen/sorc boots.

I dont' see a need to get further into it - she's very versatile and this isn't the only way to play her - I've seen people rush warmogs etc. This has been my build and strat since she was released and I have won most of my games. or lost with a lot of kills and feeders on my team.

The runes are kind of up in the air for me at this point. Ive done well with Crit dmg, Mpen, Apen, HP etc. I just find that early game is more important and MPEN allows you to get a lot of early kills.

Well Excuse me for any bad posting quality - it's my first post!
Thx guys ! Enjoy!