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Akali Build Guide by DeathByKittens00

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathByKittens00

Akali, So Much Burst It Hurts (AP)

DeathByKittens00 Last updated on September 12, 2012
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Hello there summoners! My name is DeathByKittens00 and I am a low ELO casual League of Legends player. My favorite champions to play are Akali, Ezreal, and Vladimir. Now that TE introduction is out of the way, I hope this guide helps you in any way, and remember to leave a comment and a rating so that I may improve this guide frequently. Thank you!

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Pros and Cons

Extreme Burst Damage
Really fun to play
Flexible lane options (Can go top or mid)

Easily countered
Not very useful until lvl 6
Really squishy
Focused a lot
Hard to master/play

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Remade Changes

This guide has been completely remade. I have tried to address every concern and I am still continuing to. Thank you for your feedback everyone, the last guide was rushed and I had no idea what I was talking about. I'll try to do a better job this time around:)

Redone Mastery Tree (No more summoner's wrath, instead more minion damage)
Redone Items (No more Trinity Force, Rabadons earlier, Added Guardian Angel, earlier Lich Bane)
Deleted Sustainable Akali Build (I realized I can't pay attention to both and that it was just hindering my ability to improve my burst build)
Redone all chapters of guide from scratch (As in deleted all the chapters and am remaking the entire guide, every word, for you guys(: )

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I am not a very good explainer, most of the time I just ramble on until I reach an obvious point, but I'll try my best:)
So in the previous guide, I used Summoners Wrath, but I realized that you don't really need the passive 5 ap and ad from Ignite, and that unless you use exhaust instead of Ignite (which I usually don't do, but it is a viable option). So instead I added Butcher for a bit better CS farming ability. This is mostly for the early game farming, because late game, you don't need it, so if you want, jut add the matery point to Havoc or something lol.

Other than that, I chose standard AP Masteries, except for the 3 points in brute force, which helps with her Q+basic attack early game. I chose Health and Defensive Masteries, because Utility Masteries are useless on her.

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I'm really bad at explaining runes and deciding which to pick, so yeah. Basically, I get MR and armor with AP quints and magic pen , but you can also use health runes and movement speed on Akali.

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Now, I am not going to go into exact details about how this item profs a specific number of times with her Q or how this increases the chance of that, I am just giving you the item sequence I recommend and the one that has worked for me. I will work on getting pictures of my victories from now on, but until then just trust me:)

Start off the game with the normal boots and 3 pots for movement speed to get out of sticky situations, which you will get into, and pots to be able to stay in lane longer to get your Hextech Revolver.

First Back:
ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1275 OR MORE TO GO BACK, unless of course your at like 1 bar of health or something, but your 3 pots should be fine. The reason for this is to rush your Hextech Revolver and a sight ward as fast as possible. Once you get your Hextech Revolver, you will be able to dominate the lane a little more effectively. If you dot have enough, and for some reason you were force to back, grab the Amplifying Tomes and a sight ward to get back to lane. It is absolutely crucial you build up your Hextech Revolver first (for like the spell vamp and extra AP and whatnot, again not going into that much detail).

Core Build:
Rylai's - ALWAYS GET RIGHT AFTER HEXTECH REVOLVER. YOU NEED THIS FOR CC (tht Akali unfortunately does not have much or at all of) AND THE AP.
Lich Bane - Once you get this item, if you play smart, the game is over. The decent amount of AP and the passive that works with your Q make you do so much damage. Plus, you are now a turret killing machine (e then hit, 2 second cool down, e then hit)
Rabadons - There's really nothing else you new t this point then more damage, if your playing smart. If you want to, finish your Gunblade first, or if your getting focused like mad, grab Guardian Angel or Banshees Veil or something.

No, Hextech Gunblade is not a core item in my build. It is situational. Unless your going hybrid, don't get this early. Oh, and quick note, NEVER and I say NEVER get Guinsoos Rageblade. So expensive, and so useless on Akali.

Whether you want GA for the passive and armor plus MR, or whether you want to absorb that annoying enemy ulti with Banshees Veil, it's up to you. Any defensive item is good for Akali. But try not to get carried away, keep it inexpensive, because survivability is just a perk.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Order:
R -> Q -> E -> W

Max Q as quickly as possible. It's her main damage output. Take R whenever possible.

Skill Order:
Q -> R -> E or Basic Attack
This is very basic three step attack sequence. Proc your Q, dash to them with R, use E to consume the mark or basic attack, your preference, both do massive damage, but I tend to e, then just continue with whatever is not on cool down. Also, use your W to both slow the enemy a little bit while they are escaping, or to shroud yourself from a counter attack and continue with your burst. Try to either harass down your opponent to less then half health before the combo or allow your team to do some damage first.


In a team fight use Q -> R -> W -> E or basic attack
To avoid some intense focusing from the enemy team.

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Summoner Spells

The two summoner spells, the ONLY two summoner spells that I use, are Flash and Ignite. Flash for the mobility and Ignite to finish off opponents if they're still alive after your burst damage.


Exhaust - Exhaust is ok on Akali as well. This is good for Replacing the CC that Akali lacks and can be very useful against high mobility enemies like Jax and Master Yi
Cleanse - Meh. I'd never use it, but if the enemy is a really CC heavy team, then you could pick it up. Akali is sort of countered by enemy CC so if your a prop with Cleanse, then go for it.
Heal - Heal is useful for any champion. I don't use it much, but I guess it's ok for leaving a fight, healing, and heading back in.
Ghost - Ghost is good for chasing down enemies, but I don't use it because Akali already has her ulti to close gaps.

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Early Laning Phase

Be PASSIVE AND SAFE. A common mistake for early Akalis is to proc a q and chase the enemy into an auto attack. DON'T. It will make you an easy target afterwards when you now have to rely on your basic attacks to do damage. Focus on harassing with your q and then farming minions. Until you hit 6, please refrain from roaming, and until you hit 4, try not to focus too much on harassing.

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Mid Game

Now that you have your R, you can trade damage more effectively. I will explain thi in the advanced techniques section.

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Still in Progress

I still have so much to do, so bear with me.

To do list:
Finish guide
Add pictures
Add videos of my Akali gameplay
Etc. (Lol)