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Build Guide by sialis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sialis

akali: the 2 second kill (UPDATED)

sialis Last updated on June 7, 2011
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akali is an amazing anti carry. any more needed? okay yes her main roll in LoL is to focus the squishy champs in the back of a team fight, and she is very good at what she does. if you want major burst damage akali might be for you. remember sharing is caring. and don't be greedy share with the needy. ;)

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the reason i don't have any flat AP is because my first purchase is the amplifying tomb witch will activate half of her passive and the runes with activate the AD half.

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Unique Skills

this is her main source of damage, the best way to use this is to throw your first one let it sit until its almost done with its Cool Down then hit proc it use it again the sequence will be like Q > shadow dance (or flash early game) auto attack > Q > auto attack > E > then w if necessary us this early game use this early game to last hit minions and harass champs.

TWILIGHT SHROUD: this is the ONLY stealth that activates instantly, this is VERY useful in the way that you can use if losing a 1v1 fight and possibly come out the victor. You can also use this in a team fight to stop the focus and it will let you get closer to the squishy one is the back with out them noticing. the last thing this is used for is escape, this is arguably the best escape mechanism in LoL, i like to run one way then once they get passed your shroud (thinking you are still running the same way) change direction and run back the same way you came. another good escape technique is to throw your shroud down and press b. lol that easy shroud and recall. if done right this will throw off the other team. one more thing attacking in any way on your shroud will reveal you fro about a second it doesn't sound like a long time but it enough for good players to hit you or give them a place to use their AoE, KEEP MOVING at all times in your shroud it gives them less of a chance to hit you.

CRESCENT SLASH: this is akali's only AoE spell. this is great for farming and does good damage late game. not much to say about this except it is good while in your shroud in a team fight to do damage to a few champs.

SHADOW DANCE: is the fist of shadow's ulti, this is what makes akali the best kser and the one of the best chasers in the game.this does not use energy, it uses a essence witch you can stack 3 max. this is a very good counter to flash because of the range. After killing or assisting in a kill you gain one stack so if there are more than one low health champ this will let you charge in for the kill. this will usually end up in a double or triple kill. I got my first PENTA kill with akali.[/color]

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start with amplifying tomb and a health pot and once you have enough go for another tomb, after that once you have enough get you some boots then go for hex tech revolver. get your sorcerers boots fro magic pen. then get your rylis AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! this will give you q a slowing effect and give you good health. then go for your death cap, then your lynch bane. after that you can get your rod of ages for more health and finish of with your hex tech blade.

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Pros / Cons

major burst damage
great chaser
awesome jukes
good farmer late game
great at defending turrets with her W (twilight shroud)
best kser in game

sometimes focused
countered by oricals elixir
AoE can still effects you in your shroud
squishy (unless you use my build)
hard to master
difficult early game

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Summoner Spells

my main summoner spells are
FLASH: this is awesome to proc you Q before level 6 also great synergy with your W spell to escape.
EXHAUST is great for getting away and ensuring the kill.

but a few other good ones for her are ignite for finishing off that last bit of health.
TELEPORT is great for getting to a turret before it goes down or setting up fro a gank. if you have teemo you can teleport to his mushrooms or to a vision ward very useful for getting to that low health champ that always seems to be there.

but really the summoner spells

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game play

EARLY GAME this is the hardest part of the game. you want to be careful, use your q to farm and harass when ever you can. if you partner initiates feel free to join. but do no initiate unless a kill is 100% because you are way to squishy early game. also call MIA because that is something every one should do because it really helps the team to not get gaked. at this point you should be building you sorcerers boots and your hex tech revolver. work on you rylis as soon as possible because it will help you survive a team fight and a 1v1 or gank. (it just helps)

MID GAME this is where some of the fun starts, you want good lane presents with akali and by that i mean you want to try and gank as much as possible while still farming and getting money. try and find a good balance because some ganks dont work and if they dont (or you dont get the kill) then you lose out on a lot of gold and exp. at this point you should have your death cap and be working on you lynch bane. depending on how many kills you have and how many minions you have let hit. also mid game your E ability (crescent slash) will be a useful for last hitting a few minions at a time.

LATE GAME: at this point its just game on! the only farming you really should have to do is defending turrets from monster waves of creeps. at this point you should have enough kills and minion kills to have your full build. late game is where the most team fights break out so remember if you take out the carrys in the back of the group you will greatly influence a team fight. at this point you should be killing squishy champs in about 2 secs all you will see of there health is BIG RED BARS! and with all the health and ap you have it will be nothing to finish them off. after that lay down your shroud and do burst damage to who ever is left. and remember that you get one essence of shadow for every kill you get so right after killing some one you can dart over to the next and finish them off and this will normally result in a double or triple kill.

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this is my first guide so please don't hate on it unless you have tried it. i have MAJOR success with this build and use it every game. if you love to get people raging this is the build to do that, i hope you all have fun and dont forget to comment on how i did, good or bad i want to know. but dont be straight mean. try to give constructive criticism so i can get better. thank you for reading and i hope you can all use THE FIST OF SHADOWS well!

P.S. i cant figure out how to add images for ability's and such so sorry about that i really wish i could but again sorry. even if its not so pretty it works just like the marines BOO YA!