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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeesama

Akali... The Burst of Shadow

Zeesama Last updated on July 15, 2010
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This is the first guide I ever made for anything. I didn't read the other guides so I'm not sure if anyone posted a similar build or not. Hell, I'm not even sure if my fancy build name is posted elsewhere or not. Regardless if anyone has anything that looks like what I'm about to post then I'm sorry.

ANYWHO!! Let's get down to business.

This build is for Akali The ninja bursty goddess that we all know and love. This is a hybrid build that leans towards AP.

First off.. Summoner spells:

Ignite: I take ignite for several reasons.. It helps a lot in first blood.. helps to reduce enemy champion's healing and with the mastery it gives you AP.. Which activates your passive in early game. So with a long sword and my rune build and mastery you get both passives at level 1.

Cleanse: Akali is a ninja assassin.. You go in, you kill stuff, you go out.. I find cleanse very helpful in doing that and not to mention that it helps in getting first blood.

Skill Order:
Q-W-E.. Max out Q then E then W.. And of course taking R at levels 6-11-16

Main Items:

Mercury Treads: You can replace them by other boots.. But I love these. I can't tell you how many times Pantheon jumped stunned me only to have me behind him before he pokes away with that sword and I burst him from behind :)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Gives you AP, HP and makes you an amazing Chaser. Build this ASAP

Lichbane: Building this next makes your burst even burstier.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: AP and AD as well as a wonderful passive for more AP and attack speed.. A must have in my opinion

The last two spots are optional.. Usually I build a Zhonya's Ring for more AP and to harass to no end with it's active use and my Twilight Shroud. Then I finish off with a Youmuu's Ghostblade from the Long Sword I bought at level 1. Or if things are tough build some defensive items. It depends on your play style and the game itself really.
Mejaj's Soulstealer is awesome. But I get focused a lot if my stacks go up.. If you can survive then it's totally worth it.

Early Game:

Start off with a long sword and a healthpot.. Buying Long Sword activates your Spell Steal Passive. Head off to your lane and start harassing with that Q.. Only use the pot if your health is low and you absolutely can't spell vamp creeps. If a fight goes down at level 1 start off with ignite.. With the masteries and runes in this build your other Passive will activate.. Giving you more damage in your auto attacks which along with the other passive is amazing to have at level 1. Next spell you take is W.. Abusive that Shroud as much as you can to harass and also to slow them if you're going for a hit. I don't know why but people tend to run away from a glowing ground effect.. Use that to push them to where you want them as well.

Mid Game:

Buy an Amplifying Tome and Mercury Treads when you visit the store. You need the tome to keep your passive on without needing to have ignite on cooldown. After that Finish Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Now you're a mean chasing machine.. If you time your Shadow Dances with the Q and E no one can ever escape your wrath. Then build a sheen and finish off Lichbane. Then buy that Rageblade and the game is probably over by then.

Late Game:

Finish off building the rest of your gear and chug Fortitude Elixirs if you have the bagspace and cash. You will be focused here A lot and end game sucks a bit if you don't know how to go in and out of battle. Use Twilight Shroud on the edge of a bush and people will follow you into it thinking that you left to the other side of the bush you can simply shadow dance to a far enemy champion or creep and run in opposite directions.. Be creative in your escape methods and don't use the same tricks over and over again and you should be fine. I was the only person on my team that can stealth and the other team had 3 people with oracles just for my shroud harassment.
Another hint is to act like you're running away or attacking a creep and enemy champions will get closer and be more comfortable. That's when you Q and Shadow Dance to them then hit E and auto attack to explode the Q n stuff.. You know what Akali does to kill people.

Again this is my first guide ever and I couldn't even figure out how to link items in my build. Any comments or feedback even if it's harsh and negative feedback are welcomed. This is just how I play Akali and any suggestions or alterations are welcomed as well.

Best Regards,