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Akali Build Guide by JazzyJazz77

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JazzyJazz77

Akali the crescent shadow dancer (pro guide)

JazzyJazz77 Last updated on June 28, 2012
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When i first played akali i didnt know what to expect, i liked playing ninjas such as kennen and shen. then when i played akali i just went with a build i came up with and it worked so well, my first match my kd was 23/4/11 and then the next was 17/3/2. at first i thought this was just a lucky spree or i was versing noobs. but then the next morning i was still doing awesome, all of my kds where amazing and just to be sure i played a ranked match and it was just the same 14/4/3. and the best part is i always use the same build! and the same way to kill each person (see below for details on how to kill people effectively) so she stuck with me and soon became one of my favorites.

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Pros / Cons


.Is a very good nuker
.Can escape very easy (TWILIGHT SHROUD)
.good jungler
.can 1 hit kill squishes
.is VERY OP early game
.can also be op late game
.doesnt NEED to farm minions or jungle (unless its a bad game)
.if she is doing bad she can make a big comeback easy


.Squishy early game
.If she doesn't get kills at the start shes slow for the rest of the game
.She needs quick thinking to play (which not allot of people have)
.she relies on her ability's so if she is on CD or out of energy then its a week moment for her
.cant get allot of cs as her E (CRESCENT SLASH) is the only thing that does AOE (and its not that strong early game)

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Skill Sequence

Well first get twilight shroud because you use it to face check brushes and when the 2v2 happens the shroud gives bonus armor and slows the other team which really helps to get that first blood. The reason i go strait for Q is because if you get the mark of the assassin on them and then hit them early game it can take up to half there health away (and if you play her right sometimes late game) and the reason i dont get E (crescent slash) until later is because its not that good until you start getting your build and dont get the W (twilight shroud) until the end because the only thing you need it for is to hide or to slow. and of course like all champs get your R (shadow dance) at lvl 6,12 and 18.

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How to use your ability's

first what you should always try to do first is get your Q (mark of assassin) on them, (if they are too far away use your ult to get closer to them) then once your Q is on them ult towards them once you are near them throw your W down on them (this will slow them) then just normal attack them to set off the mark of the assassin, then use E to do a little more damage. and then repeat.

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Team Work

With akali there isnt many spells you can use to help the team but here are some ways i help the team. first of all your W can slow so you can use it to help chase or to help someone get away. and akali, believe it or not can also kinda a tricky way. first ult them then distract them all by attacking them and spamming ability's then throw your W down (try to have flash before you do this) and then flash out or try to trickily sneak out and the whole other team will be trying to find you or get you.

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Summoner Spells

Well as far as i can see from playing her you will always need flash (NEVER TO CHASE only to get away) and you can go with either heal or ignite with it. with ignite its just easy for people who get away or are going to tower hug but i also use it for mainly 1v2s or 1v3s. for example to save time and health and even your life to attack in a 1v2/1v3 is easy to just get someone on low hp then ignite and focus the other person. or for heal to be more aggressive early game as akali is squishy and doesnt run up the front much early game (be warned heal is not that helpful late game with akali) i have also been told that exhaust is also good for akali but i dont really see how because she already has a slow (twilight shroud) and her ult that brings her up to her target.

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What you should NOT do

1. DO NOT attack a tank! akali can not nuke a target if they have too much health and armor so i advise not to attack tanks at all unless your 100% sure you will get the kill.
2. DO NOT try to solo towers OR tower dive unless you can get the tower/kill in 1/2 hits akali dies VERY quick to towers.
3. DO NOT attack fed AD! they will kill you in 4 hits! or maybe even less! to attack one of these and live let alone win needs allot of practice as akali.
4. DO NOT try to do 1v4s or 1v5s! this is important i know everyone wants a pentakill BUT 1v3 is akalis limit! just to win a 1v3 needs practice and a little luck. but if you really want those pentas you need a friends help! (tank is best)
5. DO NOT attack mages/AD who have stuns/snares! try not to do this unless you REALLY have to or they are REALLY squishy, akali depends on mobility and twilight shroud if you have been snared or stunned you are basically a free kill!

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1. SQUISHIESSSSS! kill them! akali is an assassin people! she nukes squishies like there's no tomorrow!
2. you can use your ult to get away from someone! just pray to god that there is a minion on the other team near you.
3. the twilight shroud is amazing! even if it looks like its hopeless the shroud saves your life! more then once i can assure you! when your in the twilight shroud the other team act like idiots! they run around trying to find you everywhere! and its so easy to sneak past them especially if you have flash! so remember when in doubt shroud it out.
4. if your tower diving (which is on the list of what you SHOULDN'T do) if you have to try to dive them and put them on as low health as possible and then ignite then run! if you have flash try to flash away! and people who use heal you will have to kill them yourself then heal to survive the tower (another reason to use ignite instead of heal)
5. USE YOUR Q i dont care what anyone says its OP! every time you have your Q USE IT! THEN HIT THEM! it take so much hp!

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Well thats about it all i can say now is when in doubt shroud it out! and SPAM YOUR Q! you will get kills in no time. but there are some unlucky matches where you will have to fight all tanks :( but thats league of legends for you. if you have a bad game just try again! remember to like this guide! i put allot of work into it!