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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyv3r

Akali - The Essence of Shadow

Skyv3r Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide to Akali! This is my personal build for her and has proved to work quite well for my play style. Comments are appreciated as this is my first guide.

For starters I know everyone is questioning my runes so I would like to defend that first.

Greater Mark of Insight x9 for obvious reasons, pretty much the standard for any Akali build.

Greater Seal of Fortitude x8, Why not x9 you ask? I will be covering that shortly. Otherwise pretty standard to go with the health for the extra survivability early on.

Greater Seal of Potency x1

Greater Glyph of Potency x9, Ability power is the source of Akalis burst, also a pretty standard choice.

Greater Quintessence of Potency x2

Greater Quintessence of Strength x1. My choices here may seem a little strange.

Having a good start is very key in having a strong game with any champion. Starting with Twin Disciplines is my goal and reason for this rune set up. With this build you with start at level 1 with 20 ability power and 14 attack damage(including summoner masteries).

Which leads me into my item build and sort description of my play style. This rune set up will allow you to start with Doran's Blade and still have both Disciplines. I normally run middle lane with her so the extra health(you will start at level 1 with 678hp with this build.) and life steal is essential to stay in the lane until you have farmed enough for boots and sheen. Once I have at least 1550gold and am level 6 I will recall and pick up these 2 items. On my way back to the lane I stop and pick up Lizard buff for the additional damage and slow effect, this should also have given the other player enough time to push up to your tower. Now that you are 6 and have Lizard you shouldn't have any problems eliminating your opponent. I sneak back into the grass along side the lane and wait for the right chance to jump the other player. One of the things I see a lot of Akali's doing is opening with dash, personally I prefer to open with mark(to allow you to use more marks during the confrontation) and follow that with a dash. I then immediately drop my shroud slightly ahead of the player and go into a rotation as follows, mark-hit-crescent-hit-mark-hit, as they try to flee use dash to stay in range and they will not make it to their tower alive. If necessary use exhaust and ignite to ensure the kill. Once middle is dead I head off to gank which ever side is in most need of it(at this point I don't worry about pushing the middle tower right away but prefer set up situations for my teammates to be able to push theirs and farm easier). From here on out keep a close eye on your middle lane for the other player to return, otherwise continue to gank and try to maintain Lizard buff, you will need it for the slow because I do not rush Rylai's. I always go for Guinsoo's first, starting with the pickaxe (because of sheen). Once Guinsoo's is finished I then go onto Rylai's starting with the Giant's belt.

I got into play style a little earlier than I had intended but I feel it's safe to assume that my masteries are pretty understandable(the three attack damage is essential with this rune set up to be able to start with Doran's Blade and both Disciplines).

Well there ya have it folks, my interpretation of Akali.
Any input is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to comment and don't forget to vote!