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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dauss

Akali the fist of PWNAGE

Dauss Last updated on December 26, 2010
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Akali Build

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Hey guys, im new too the forum and this is my first guide so please be nice! :D

Anyway lets get straight to it. Ok so for masteries I like to go 21 0 9 builde for akali because she is so offensive and has ridiculous burst damage that will leave people in awe at your amazing power to kill them in 3 seconds. Also grab the dodge up to nimbleness in the defensive side of the tree.

Summoner spells I like to take exhausst and ignite because these 2 help you get your early game kills for those healthy stacks so you can dominate for the rest of the game. Flash is also a good choice as she does not have a very good escaping mechanism, so you throw down your shroud and flash across a wall or away from danger.

NOTE: This is a bit of a gamble build because your 2 main items are stacked, so you are risking doing horribly bad but most of the time you will end up dominating them if your lane partner is half decent.

Runes are pretty much your choice, that's why I didnt put it up there but you can go magic pen or armour pen because she is a hybrid, cd reduc. glyphs, dodge seals, and flat health quints work.

Item build: first you want an amplifying tome to activate half of your passive, twin discipline. And grab a health pot as well. The rest is up top, but I will go into more detail later on in this guide.

Early game: Akali "can" solo but is better off with a lanning partner. preferably lanning with a stun, slow or taunt. So you have your amplifying tome and pot. Go to your lane with your buddy and chill at the tip of your bushes. Let them come to you. Focus squishy first by throwing mark of the assassin on him/her/it hit, exhaust ignite, hit, mark, hit, rinse and repeat till there is a dead body on the ground(that isn't yours) remember that all the while your partner is smacking and he/she may have exhaust/ignite as well. So if it is planned right and all goes well then you or your partner will have 1st blood. Then just focus on farming and harassing with your mark of the assassin.

Mid game: Alright this is where it gets fun. Her mid game starts at lvl 6 when you have shadow dash. Now you are super deadly because you can reach your target so fast. The standard combo when you hit lvl 6 is dash, mark, hit, eshaust ignite, crescent slash, dive, mark hit, and continue till dead. this will pick up a kill 90% of the time. Remember to hide in bushes etc. If you play her correclty from this point you should have at least 4 or 5 stacks on soulstealer and a couple on sword of the Occult by lvl 8 or 9. COntinue laning and ganking and killing your helpless enemies.

Late game: So this is the time they either surrender or youhave to carry your teams win. You should have 20 stacks on both items and have at least up to reageblade if not gunblade. just continue to dive onto your enemies when you feel its safe and with the slow from crystal scepter your teammates should have no trouble catching up to them and with your ridiculous damage output you can do heaps of damage in teamfights. And your role in teamfights is to dive the squishy kill him in 3 seconds and GTFO before you get focused. Rinse and repeat and kill them all.

Overall akali is one of my most favorite champs to play and she isn't easy because if you mess up ealry game, the whole build goes down the toilet, but when you do it right, oh my god it is so fun. Anyway thank you for reading this guide and please let me know if their are any mistakes that I made and comment on what I could do diffently. Thanks!!