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League of Legends Build Guide Author dedicateD

Akali, the Fist of the Shadow

dedicateD Last updated on January 19, 2011
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This is my first build/guide I've written. I don't know how things work on this site, so if theres a question, you are going to have to find a way to message me or email me. Email will be at the bottom, in the last section.

This is a really long, in detail, guide to how I build my Akali. To skip to a certain part, press CTRL+F and type in the bracket and number/name, ex: [Intro]. If enough people ask, I will redo the (Playstyle) section to show how to actually play her.

Rune Choice:
[Item Order]
[1.0] Extra Items
[1.1] Trinity Force
[1.2] Boots
[1.3] Rylai's Scepter
[1.4] Guinsoo's Rageblade
[1.5] Extra Items (elaborated)

This is a time-proven build that has won me more than half my total ranked games and has more than 80% win rate (including games played with feeders). I test out every way I could think of to make this my perfect build, and if you couldn't tell, this is a hybrid build. I have evidence and detail to support every decision I make in my items and I describe them here. Proper usage of Akali with this build will get people adding you to their friend's list after every game.

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Playstyle + Runes

Okay, enough with the intro. I am only explaining the details of the build, itself. If you have any questions on how to properly play Akali, you should be able to learn through some practice games. All of her skills is like an orchestrated dance, they must be used at the right times and in the right sequence, or else you could've cost your team the fight.

You can substitute magic pen. for armor pen, if you don't have the runes, it is up to you, but I use magic pen. As for the rest, it should be self-explainitory. I used 2 health quints so I have more health early game which allows me to stay longer and harass more freely and 1 AP quint for a little bonus damage and allows me to get my passive quicker.

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Pros / Cons


    fast-paced (could be con)
    heavy burst
    built-in escape mechanism
    strong harasser
    excellent chaser
    excellent ganker

    fast-paced (could be pro)
    combo/timed-based (wrong move or time = kill lost)
    oracle = screwed (stealth is the backbone of Akali)
    can be squishy
    causes you to be focused often

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[Item Order]

    Long Sword + Healing Pot
    Ruby Cystal (Turn into Phage before or after Boots of Speed)
    Boots of Speed
    Giant's Belt
    Lv.2 Boots (Merc if a lot of stuns, Tabi if phys. dps)
    Turn Giant's Belt into Rylai's Scepter
    Pick Axe or Blasting Wand
    Pick Axe or Blasting Wand (which ever you didn't buy, then make Guinsoo's Rageblade)
    Zeal (turn into Trinity Force)

[1.0] Extra Items
Now, you might have noticed that I only have 4 items at this point. If your team is doing well, this might be as far as you get. If the game takes longer, then the rest of the item build is up to you. I can give some suggestions depending on how your team is doing, how you are doing, and what the other team is looking like. This will be talked about after all of the initial 4 items, in section [1.5]

[1.1] Trinity Force
Trinity Force: Now, many Akali users will say that getting a Lich Bane is better than Trinity Force. I laugh at them. Lich Bane gives you extra damage based off of your AP, Trinity Force bases it off of your physical damage and gives you a 130% bonus. Lich Bane also says that there is a 3 second cooldown, and on a Ability spamming champion, you simply just can't wait that long. Trinity Force doesn't say that. You combine this proc with what should be the buff from Akali's mark (which is how you should initiate attacking someone), and it does a ton of damage, one of your main bursts. That alone, could make it worth buying, but combine in the extra health, the chance of slow, the movement speed, attack speed, etc, etc, and its insane DPS.

[1.2] Boots
This all depends on who you are fighting against. If there is a decent amount of stuns on other team or high magic damage, go for Mercury Treads. If they are all or mostly phys. damage, then build Ninja Tabi. If you feel like you don't need to worry about their team's damage, then go for Sorcerer's Boots or Berserker Greaves.

[1.3] Rylai's Scepter
This is the ultimate hybrid survivability/assassin item. It gives a large amount of HP to help you survive fights and lets you chase down anyone that tries to run. All you have to do is use your ultimate or your mark and that person is basically screwed. Not to mention the large amount of AP it gives. Now, I always get Giant's Belt early, much earlier than when I buy the full scepter, since it gives a good amount of survivability for me. I usually buy the entire scepter after I have Phage, boots, and Guinsoo's Rageblade, or right before I get the Rageblade.

[1.4] Guinsoo's Rageblade
This should be a no-brainer to anyone that builds any champion as a hybrid. Not only does it give a good amount of phys. damage and AP, it gives more AP and more attack speed the longer you fight, which helps a lot.

[1.5] Extra Items (elaborated)
Originally, when the old Zhonya's Ring and Black Cleaver were around, I would say that those two as a combination are best for hybrid. Since they are gone, your next best choices would be the new cap (for the amazing amount of AP) and one of the two:
- Madred's Bloodrazor: scales well with late game against "tanky" teams and provides the attack damage to balance the "hybrid" style or
- Gunblade: provides both plenty of AP and Attack damage, along with a nice amount of lifesteal and spellvamp (on top of passive) to give a bit of survivability.
Of course, if you like a different item better or need more HP or other stats, feel free to go for it, these are just suggestions. Every item in this build is how I build according to my play style with Akali and my experience; not all of these may work for you, and if not, feel free to change to how you like. You should customize your own build, tailored to your style, all builds on this website are just recommendations.

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Early Game (Lv 1-5)

I recommend laning if you are new to Akali. Once you have experience, aim for a solo lane (she greatly benefits from it and is one of the best gankers at level 6). When playing in a solo lane, if against a strong ranged DPS, try to last hit minions with your Q. If playing against a weaker DPS, you can last hit minions directly and use your Q for harassment. Farm minions for the first few levels. Once you are level 3, it is easier to harass because of stealth. Try to get your Q off first, then throw stealth at the center of the enemy player (only if you can easily close the gap and not take too much damage). Run into the stealth field, attack the enemy to pop the Q, then run out. Rinse and repeat as necessary for harassing. Try to avoid a full on fight unless you are positive you can win (knowing comes with experience). Remember, at this level you should only be harassing. Keep doing this until you hit level 6.

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Mid Game (Lv 6-team ganking)

I say up until team ganking because the exact level of that varies from game to game and team to team. Basically, the real game starts at level 6 for Akali, since she becomes almost a completely different champion, in terms of play style. For best results, the combo should be (until you get a Sheen/Tri.Force) Q to R to attack (Pop Q) to R, then back. If going for a full fight, right after R, drop your stealth field IN THE DIRECTION THEY ARE RUNNING, just barely having them start in it, so they remain in the stealth for most of the duration of the fight. Always use Q when it is up. Even though R has a shorter cooldown, wait for Q. R wastes all your energy and leaves you with minimal damage. Q will refund energy on burst, allowing you to use R directly after. This build focuses on her Q for majority of early to late game, so use as much as possible for highest DPS.

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Outro/Contact Info

Well, thank you for spending the time to read this guide. If you need any further explanation of any item or reasoning, find a way to contact me on here or email me at If you want to learn how I play Akali, personally, then send me a message. If I get enough, I will put a detailed explanation in here.