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League of Legends Build Guide Author EHPiCk

Akali : The Ganking Ninja

EHPiCk Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*EDITTED Switched Guinsoo's Rageblade to Abyssal Scepter*
This is my first build so bare with me.

This build makes Akali survive in most of team battles but also deal tremendous damage on the opponent.

Item Sequence
Everyone must think why rush Phage? The reason for this is because Akali will gain Health and Damage for her Mark of the Assassin.

After Phage, we get Sorcerer's Shoes, this provides Magic Penetration for Akali's skills to provide more damage. Also, this provides decent Movement Speed for Akali to run to chase enemy champions or run away from enemy champions. If you want to survive more, you may purchase Mercury's Treads or Winged Boots.

After Sorcerer's Shoes/Mercury's Treads/Winged Boots, we purchase Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This is a big item for Akali because it provides Health for survivability, provides amazing Slow, and decent Ability Power.

Our next item will be the mighty Frozen Mallet. Of course combine the Phage. This gives Akali Physical Damage Slows, and huge Health for survivability - another big item for Akali.

Now another important item Akali must have. The Lich Bane. This gives Ability Power, Magic Resist, and this awesome ability. This awesome ability is when Akali uses a spell, her next spell will do 100% more of the damage it use it do. This helps to kill a lot of enemy champions!

Next item will be the Abyssal Scepter. This gives a special ability. This ability reduces nearby champion's Magic Resist by a fair amount. Giving Akali an advantage to have more kills. This item also provides Ability Power.

Finally, our last item is Zhonya's Ring. This gives huge Ability Power. And what's good about this item is that you can activate it and make yourself invulnerable for 2 good seconds providing enough time for your teammates to come and save your butt.

Skill Sequence
Akali's Passive provides her more Ability Power and gives her Spell Vamp

1st Skill to max out is the Mark of the Assassin. This does big loads of damage in the beginning of the match. Giving you first blood and money! Mid game is not so bad with this skill. Still does a lot of damage if you spam it. Late game even powerful than before! With your Lich Bane its over. (Meaning the other team lost not your team ^.^)

2nd Skill to max is Crescent Slash. This does decent damage and good for farming minions.

3rd Skill to max out is the Ultimate, of course. Shadow Dance is good for chasing, ganking, and hunting down champions with huge damage ouput.

4th skill to max out is your support skill. Twilight Shroud. This gives you stealth to help hunt enemies down and also can save others lives. It provides a slow ability if any champion or minion walks over it will be slowed.

Rune Build
Now I know people are wondering, WHY ONLY MAGIC PENETRATION??!?!!?!? Well first of all this helps you in early game. Giving you a lot of kills and money to buy your future items. With the lack of Ability Power at late game, your Magic Penetration will still make your skills very strong!

Mastery Tree
A simple 9/21/0 Tree giving Defense and some Magic Penetration.

Summoner Skills
Flash gives Akali the ability to own and teleport closer to enemies. Then slowing them. ALso provides a escape trick. Flashing through walls will help you escape.

Exhaust gives Akali to solo any DPS/AD Champion. Can also be used to run away from champions, or slowing a champion for a sweet kill.

Thank you for your time and enjoy! Love I mean From, EHPiCk