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Akali Build Guide by Dannnniel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dannnniel

Akali the mean machine

Dannnniel Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The master of burst and assassination, I personally really like this hero and this ought to be the reason to why I'm doing this guide about her.

When i started to play LoL i got attached to Akali very quickly and I chose a build that suited my game play fast. Although I'm not any kind of pro, i have noticed the lack of intelligence when it comes to building items. This is just something I've seen while playing, most players tend to not use her full potential. Instead of making her the full blooded killing machine they seem to be satisfied with the little cute girl throwing some kitchen blades.

With that said, here is my take on Akali and how you should utilize her from head to toe.

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Runes, runes and more runes...

My rune setup is formed to activate her 2 passive abilities at lvl 1 without buying Doran's Blade or a Long Sword

The reason to why I take a step back from these items is because I find it hard to stay in lane for a long time if my opponent knows what he's doing and gives me a nice piece of harass. Those triple health pots do their job and I'm able to stay for some extra experience before going to base.

If you want, you could always swap my Marks of Strength to Marks of Insight. But that leaves you with 2 options which will miss out on something. First option is to buy a Doran's blade or a Long Sword(You get the passive bonus but your time in lane will be shorter), second option is to buy boots and health pots, but that leaves you without the passive.

If you look at my other runes, it's strictly AP (and 2 magic pen) This is too give your Akali the burst you want when soloing someone from level 1.

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My skill tree is focused on damage, the last skills in the Defensive tree is just to give you that little extra armor and magic resistance.

I go this far down in the Offensive tree because I need the skill Brute Force to make my build work. This skill + my runes are the things that activates the passive abilities. And this is what makes her such a good solo hero.

I have seen builds where the take on Akali is otherwise. Some more Defensive etc, going down that path which includes some extra hp and damage resistance. But i find her survivability far enough evolved with her Shadow Dance and Twilight Shroud.

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As i said earlier I've seen people making the most bizarre builds. And of course i can understand that you can utilize her in many ways but why not build her as the killing machine she really is?

The burst you can get out from her is insane, even in early levels. She can take down the opponents AD carry in 4 seconds depending on farm, kills etc of course.

I start of by buying Boots of Speed and triple health pots

I try to stay in lane as long as i can to get the needed farm to start ganking.

When i go back i should have my Sorcerers Shoes and maybe an Amplifying Tome if my farm went well.

Now its time for a simple gank, go kill someone and go back to farm at mid.

From here on just go with the flow and buy the following items.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter (Sooooooo useful, this is the item that makes your hunting abilities thrive)

Sheen (Burst! The opponent will go like this, Wait... what just happened???)

Evolve into a Lichbane (More burst! Now the opponent will go like, Oh Shiiiiiiet!..... -.- Nerf Akali????)

With all this damage you should get Hextech revolver and evolve it into a Hextexc gunblade

You can go Rabadon's Deeahtcap before evolving the Revolver. Whatever suites you the best.
If you find yourself in a game where you already have all these items.

Hey! lets do some experiment. What do you need to survive? maybe they got some fierce AD carry or maybe some Ap nuker you are a bit afraid off. Well don't hesitate to get a Banshees veil or something to make you more open combat ready.

Or if you just want more damage you can always get a Abyssal Scpeter.

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Laning phase

When playing Akali, it's important to use her to the fullest in lane or you can easily be the target for some major harassment. Instead of taking that harassment you should be the one giving it.

If solo middle

Try to zone your target out of experience range and/or last hit range.
You do this by setting your Twilight Shroud behind the enemy players creeps, by doing this you prevent him from getting close to your creeps. If he still tries to make a move for a last hit, make him pay for it!

When you're below level 6 you have to use this as much as you can to get some hits on your opponent. if you're lucky. He might be too greedy and make a mistake. make this count and get your Mark of the Assassin up and cut him into pieces.

If Solo top (You have a jungler)

Use your Mark of the Assassin to last hit with, and if you see them going in for a kill make sure to toss down your Twilight Shroud and juke them.

You should ask for a gank fairly early in the game so that you can get an advantage on your 2 opponents.

If in a 2v2 lane
You shouldn't go 2v2 lane, to be honest you should solo. Levels makes you stronger, it's not just items.

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To summarize this guide I would like to tell you that this is my opinion and my opinion only. If you think otherwise fine by me, but I'd say this is the best way to play her. Of course you have to take the opposite team in consideration. And build from there but this is the basics and a solid ground to begin with.

Please comment and tell me what you think about this guide :)