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Akali Build Guide by dark25granti

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dark25granti

Akali the Shadowmaster: AP

dark25granti Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my 2nd guide on mobafire. Today I will be telling you about how to play and master Akali a very strong 1v1 fighter so I will tell you how to use her and how not to use her in the most understandable way I can say. Along with why I set certain things the way I did.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great speed
  • Amazing ganker
  • Handy Damage
  • Can Dash in and out of combat in no time


  • Very squishy
  • Bad out of 1v1 situations usually
  • Can't live through long battles

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With my Runes set up I chosen the best way to start off her in early game while in late game not having the disadvantage.
Greater Mark of Strength x9 This is to help guarantee you to be able to heal your self by your abilities early in game.
Greater Seal of Strength x3 The only reason I did this was too be able to allow your abilities to be able to heal yourself since the Greater Mark of Strength won't give you the needed amount. Greater Seal of Force x6 Now I put six of the Seals of Force since I found it wills with late game especially since by the time I'm level 18 that can be a good amount of ability power.
Greater Glyph of Potency x9 With this rune helps me get the greatest amount of ability power early game for my passive.
Greater Quintessence of Force x3 The greater rune that you can have would be this rune, since it will allow you in late game to contain a lot of ability power that can be put to excellent use.

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With the fact I went with a defensive build was only so I could increase her defenses while still keeps her ability power because of the fact that I stated earlier in the "Pros/Cons" Chapter that with Cons that she was "very squishy" so this helps her stay alive for longer periods of time and have the maximum amount of ability power that you can obtain out of your masteries.

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Now with the items, this is the most irritating part of this build since it took forever trying to find the right balance. Normally with builds at the start you will buy an item like Doran's Sword or Doran's Ring or a 5 gold per 10seconds item well not in this build. So here a list that will explain why.

1.Amplifying Tome(the reason I started off with this item is to give the maximum amount of ability power I can get at the start of a match.)

2.Health Potion(with this is only to help you out in the low levels while you don't have enough attack power to keep you in high health as easily.)

3.Boots of Speed(so you can meet up with your opponent faster when you hit level 6 and make faster get a ways.)

4.Hextech Revolver(This item will allow the you to get one step closer to the Hextech Gunblade while helping you with more ability power and spell vamp to help your heals.)

5.Boots of Swiftness(Its time to replace those old slower boots with a more faster pair that I will hope you find more effective when diving in for a kill.)

6.Vampiric Scepter(This bonus Lifesteal will be coming in handy pretty soon since that plus all the attack power you have put aside stacked up will increase your heals from your abilities by your passive soon enough by enough that death might now seem too likely.)

7.Bilgewater Cutlass(Now it is time to get some slows into play once you jump your opponent hit Bilgewater Cutlass and target your opponent for extra damage and a nice slow.)

8.Hextech Gunblade(Now it is time to combine the Hextech Revolver with that Bilgewater Cutlass to improve your bonus slow active affect that Cutlass gave you gave it 300 damage instead of 150 and a bigger and longer slow.)

9.Blasting Wand(This is item is the first step to what I call your best friend since no Akali build is good without it)

10.Amplifying Tome(This allows more ability power which=more damage for each normally hit plus more.)

11.Rylai's Crystal Specter(This item is the best one you can probably get since with this item allows your normal melee attacks to have an added slow because when you deal spell damage the slow happens and the passive is just bonus spell damage so it helps a lot.)

12.Sheen(This is the lesser part to the better final item of Lich Bane)

13.Blasting Wand(this is too increase your ability power while you wait)

14.Lich Bane(One of your best items even though the mana it gives is useless but while the ability power and magic resistance and movement speed plus the bonus damage after using an ability.)

15.Blasting Wand(this will be a life saver once for the next item you will be making)

16.Guinsoo's Rageblade(With this sword stacking ability that gives me more attack speed with each hit will really helps.)

17.Needlessly Large Rod(This is the first part of the last item you will be needing to make so be ready to become even more powerful then ever.)

18.Rabadon's Deathcap(This is the ultimate in Ability power that you will every obtain and that is Akali priority with Stats)

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Skill Sequence

With the Skill Sequence I used is to help with my Mark of the Assassin because of the damage I need it to deal and how powerful it can be. Then with Twilight Shroud I decided to set that at level 2 so I am able to use my first ability easier and more effectively on my opponent and taunt them in the process. Afterwards the Crescent Slash is an nice AoE that won't deal as much damage as your Mark of the Assassin but still can be effective. Then finally the Best move you obtain is Shadow Dance Your target you will dash too and deal incredible damage and is an excellent escape move if in the right situation.

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Early game Akali(Solo Top)

With Akali if your having to Solo top because your team has a jungler I normally start off Taunting my enemy and trying to get prepared for level 6 when it is easiest to gank from that point onward. Stay in bushes to be able to get a better chance at a good gank never start off with a Twilight Shroud I normally go with a Mark of the Assassin into a Shadow Dance(if level 6) Crescent Slash and if my enemy at that point can still over power me I Twilight Shroud then to get some energy back before I go back into attacking the enemy.

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Early game Akali(2v2 Top/or Bot)

With Akali you are going to need to make sure your partner in your lane is preferable has a stun or 2 so you can have a greater burst chances. If you have to go with a range with you try to stick with taunting and pushing them back while trying to jump them off guard at the same time.

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Summoner Spells

I personally have more options for summoner spells but I chose the best ones for the fastest ganking and damage.
With Ignite servers 2 purposes one to be able to deal an extra set of damage to my opponent and while it is on CD I am able to have an bonus 10 ability power.
With Flash it makes me get out of battles faster and into battles.

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Thank you for Reading and Viewing

Thank you for reading my second guide please leave a comment and tell me how I did, Thank you very much again and have a good time ganking the night away.