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Akali Build Guide by KonQel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KonQel

Akali the Surviver!

KonQel Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Akali is in my opinion the best burster ingame, and becouse off that best to get high and feeded asap (Best carry). I am not gonna go all out with text in this build/guide just gonna go through the cons and pros and how to show the true power of Akali.

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AD in Marks is a must to proc the Passive Spell Vamp of akali.

The HP-regen runes is becouse she is a surviver and when going mid u will harass the **** out off em with your mark & invis - and just keep your health up during until lvl 6 when u jumps and kill who ever the f u meet.

AP in Quint & Glyph is becouse well Passive & DMG.

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Specing DMG & Survival since that is what Akali needs to become the hunter she is.

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First off i start with Dorans Shield - Since it got the HPregen, life & armor that she needs to stay alive and to hold mid without any probs what so ever. I stay out midlane until i got either 1230ish or 1550ish (Mejal and Shoes or just mejal). What u need after Mejal is HEALTH there by the Giant Bealth, lots of peeps go with more AP but i say that staying alive with Mejal is more important. Build up the Rylals Scepter and after that go with Rabandans Deathcap and depending on your opponents build a defensive item at last (I ussually go with Gaurdian Angel), this is a pretty expensive build but i will show you how to complete it in every round!

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Skill Sequence

Your mark is the foundation off your DMG & can be proced x2 under a sec - Meaning that you can first throw and mark the target, wait just a sec to get rid off the CD then jump him with Ultimate - MIDAIR throw again & Throw out your invis on the target! DONT HIT EM WITH AUTOATTACKS!! Stay invisible until u get your mark without CD - Throw your mark again then jump em directly with ulti - and do this all over again and without wards/oracles no one can beat u when full health (Best example i got is when Veigar went from bot to mid to gank me when i was at 200 health (just dinged lvl 6 and nuked fiddle mid) i nuked him without any problems when he was full health! JUST DONT DIE WITH AKALI SHE IS A SURVIVER

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Becouse before lvl 6 akali is kinda waste without flash in mid - this can work as your ulti to proc your mark, and just an overall awesome survival skill when combined with your shroud!

Ignite - Chose to go with ignite since alot off champs got away earlygame with less then 100health, and also becouse u dont know if you are going against fiddle and i promise u without ignite he is a real pain!

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When u play mid just play like the underdog, the one u go against must think he got the upper hand in this case u WILL get to rape that champ very easy. And remember to not go home early on even at low health - that is were the HPREGEN comes in & combined once again with the shroud makes you a unkillable target early on - atleast when u get this to perfection like i, played akali for over 500games!
When u have killed your opponent in midlane - fakeportal back home and run bot/top and grab yourself a dblkill before returning home and buying mejal&shoes - go back kill your midlane again then run top/bot again - and just keep on doing this and you will win for your team!

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This build works just as good in ranked - didnt thought it would but had no problems what so ever since this build with Akali is pure awesomeness! And if they ward mid - u do the same and just destroy that ward (they wont buy and buy and buy new ones so it is no problems everyone thinks akali is a gamble ranked but srlsy no she is not...

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Pros / Cons

Very high DMG
Very good survivale
Underestimated since noobs cant play her

Prio 1 Focuse in teamfights
Early on ganktarget

But when u know these cons u also know how to expect and avoid it!

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Team Work

Akali is a awesome ganking partner - specially when going mid since she can move there very quickly and get a dbl kill, in teamfights Akali should solofocuse the highest AP user since she can nuke down that target just as fast as the other 4 can nuke the second! Akali should not be seen before she jumps her target since she will most definitly be targeted and nuked very fast so keep in bushes/forest and wait for your opportunity becouse as i have written before she is a surviver!