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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Safir

Akali The True Flippin Ninja!

Sir Safir Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Akali is my favorite and probably one of the best chasers in the game. She is very unnoticed for how good she can be, and is often underestimated for her abilites. Akali is a massive nuke and has the perfect survivability to make her a true ninja.

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Pros / Cons

-Massive Burst Damage
-Best Chaser
-Shes the true Flippin Ninja

-Somewhat squishy
-Usually focused
-Can be countered via teamfights by an oracle

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Summoner Spells

Good Choices:
Exhaust: One of my favorite summoner skills as akali since it helps majorly in the early game to mid game. This skill is perfect to twilight shroud a full hp champ drop this debuff on them and then start nuking. It also is perfect for when u are that one shadow dance short before that person reaches the tower, to get those few more hits.

Ignite: Allows the early 10 extra AP, via masteries, and is always nice for early game killing.

Bad Choices:
Ghost And Flash:
Although many people love these two skills to juke out of your circle, a skilled akali can escape without them. I mean for god sake you have a built in flash with your shadow dance. Pick a creep and your gone.

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The runes give akali the most AP, unlocking her one passive. The Reason for the 3 Flat AP Glyphs is honestly me being too lazy to buy AP per level, and these 3 give exactly 25 at the start. Ive been playing akali for a while and these 3 are just good luck charms :)

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*IMPORTANT* It is extremely important for you to keep your dorans blade until you decide to buy your hextech. If you Sell your dorans blade anytime earlier you will lose your 10% spell vamp passive. The only time to sell your dorans blade is when you are buying the pick axe to build your hextech (Which will pretty much be at the end of the game.)

Hands down the only akali is one who is focused around AP, this gives you maximum damage output, and all of these items will give you the maximum. Upon reaching your deathcap you should be around 600 AP :)

When you buy your lichbane it is practically good game for the other team. You can throw your mark and 1 shot any dps.

To glorify the power of the lichbane the most, Akali can 4 shot a full hp Turret with it. When pushing towers / inhibs / nexus with the lichbane i charge it up by using my Crescent Slash.

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In this guide your Shadow dance and Mark of the Assassin will primarily nuke your enemy to near nothing. Your mark deals nice harassing damage and combined with the second hit just completely obliterates your enemy.

*Important* When laneing, if any enemy enters your shroud make them pay for it! Use your mark and solo hit them to decimate a good chunk of their hp, then either go for the kill or back off and repeat.

Your Crescent Slash Skill for this build is PRIMARILY used for farming in the lanes. It doesn't do any serious damage to enemy champs, but by all means do use it when your on CD for your other skills.

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Early Game

Pick up the dorans blade and pick a lane. Last hit as much creep as you can while using your Q skill to harass the enemy champs. At Level 2 this becomes quite easy to harass and starve the enemy champs. Many people are **** scared of akali's twilight shroud, so you should use this to your advantage. Throw the shroud behind the enemy creep and Q skill the enemy champs and start killen creep. Usually the enemy stays far back until your circle is gone allowing you free creep kill and striking fear into the enemy.

If your lane is being pushed then put the shroud ontop of the creep and harass that way.

I usually try to stay in the lane until i can buy my sorc boots, but if i leave early i pick up the boots and spell book, to build the sorc boots / stacks on my next return.

At Level 6 you should try to go for the kill on the enemy champs in your lane. Make sure you have 2 charges for your Shadow Dance ready, one to engage and the other to chase. Put your Q skill on the enemy ,shadow dance to them, then hit and throw your summoner spells on them , and repeat spam your skills. This will nuke down the enemy champ's hp and have them slowed down to a near crawl.

*Important* Try to fight in your shroud as much as you can, since this leaves the enemy at an extreme disadvantage.

*Important* Dont be afraid to use your shroud as a slow, when enemies are within it they receive a small slow debuff. Only do this if the enemy is running away.

When you get familiar with akali it is very easy to get kills before level 6. The level 6 will be the final nail in the coffin for when the enemy champs tower humps :)

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Mid Game

Mid game is marked when teamfights begin. By now you should have your rylais and be working on your death cap. In teamfights, the enemy should be trying to focus you by now, this is what leads to their own demise. When Akali uses her shroud the enemy team has to refocus to a new champ allowing you to go in and out of the fight, while in your circle. This allows you to shadow dance far away to that viegar / anivia in the way back of the fight, and down them in seconds. And when the enemy team starts to run, all you have to do is shadow dance right to them and unleash the beast :) .

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Late Game

By now you should be just stomping the enemy team. You should have your death cap (Around 600 AP) and should be close to finishing your lich bane. For now you should be able to rape anyone on their team with a few skills. Finish your build and its GG :)

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Other Important Tricks

Akali is the best juker in game. Remember when things dont look good for you, USE SHADOW DANCE. This skill is like a built in flash toward enemy creep / champs. You can escape very easily by shadow dancing to the enemy creep wave. This also allows akali to tower dive those near death champs, that are recalling or tower humping, and shadow dance right back out to the enemy creep.

Shroud; The twilight shroud is amazing to escape with, it goes hand in hand with Shadow Dance. Drop it down and wait a while until the enemy champ commits to one of the sides and simply go out the other. By the time they realize that u left it, it will already be too late. If creep are near you at the time simply shroud away from the wave, sit in it, and shadow dance as far as you can to the creep and escape.

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Akali vs Akali

Early Game Akali vs Akali simply comes down to who has their shroud off CD. Take notes of when the other akali uses her's and base your initiation off of that.

*Important* Head to Head you do not want to face another Akali without your shroud, since you will most likely lose. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!

*Important* Try to avoid fighting the other Akali in her shroud. What i usually do if the enemy Akali drops her circle down is bait her to shadow dance a bit away to me. She will be far away from her shroud allowing you to drop yours and completely decimate her. Most likely she will try to run away, allowing you free hits at her vital hp.

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If you follow this guide you should be downing the enemy team before you could read this sentence. Akali is the best nuke imo and is very deadly. She has one of the best survivability, and is extremely fun to play. She can tower dive with ease. These traits earns akali the title of The True Flippin Ninja.

I will be editing this throughout the week.
This was my first guide so please comment below :)