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League of Legends Build Guide Author Okularnik

Akali-Theory of Chase

Okularnik Last updated on June 4, 2010
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Hello there! This is my first build and I will try to tell You about my favourite as far champion and The Master of Chasing- Akali.

Summoner Spells:

-Flash: That's a great spell for both runing from danger and surprising Your enemy in begining of game which I will tell You about later.
-Exhaust: Again, offensive aswell as defensive spell. Great for attacking Your opponent which makes him exactly defensless and if You have enough burst You may easly kill Your target.

Champion's Abilities:

-Mark of the Assasin: Your ability number one which You shall start with. It is great for early game where You should deal as much damage to Your opponent as You can. As I experienced many people understand that when Akali uses this ability They should run away from her because it will deal a lot of damage to them and heal Akali. Here Flash becomes handy. When You add Mark to Your target You have to quickly port to Your target's place and deal lethal damage.
-Twilight Shroud: Ability made for hiding and ganking. When target is low on health points You shall throw it right under Your target's feet and jump into shroud (use Flash if needed) and then quickly add Mark and Dash into them which should succed in death.
-Crescent Slash: This ability is called "Akali's Heal" by me. As it is is ability made to AoE down waves of minions annd automaticly heal You for precentage of damage.
-Shadow Dance: And finally main Akali's ability. The Dash always, always I say be sure that You have 3 stacks of it before You engage Your enemy. This ability is and should be combined with all of Akali's abilities. For example: Target is runing throw Twilight Shroud under him jump into Shroud (target is slowed) add Mark on target, Dash, attack to use Mark and if target is still runing Dash again then it shall be dead. If target is low on health points and You want kill it by any cost and there is danger of gank allways make sure that there is line of enemy minions or neutral monster behind You so You can Dash right into it and make Your enemmies really really mad! >:D


I used to start with Long Sword and Health Potion. Long Sword to activate Your passive of course which means You will heal for 10% of damage Your abilities deal. Use Potion only when Your enemy controls lane and You can't heal by hitting minons. As You get 1485 head to store and buy Haunting Guise, if You die before You get money needed to buy it I suppose You to buy Ruby Crystal for more health points.

Next You shall start collecting Your money for Boots of Swiftness which are most important thing You need to start Your killing spree. After You get boots go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter which will slow Your enemies making them really potent to Your attacks.

Afterwards You are ready to start serious game which is kill steal, kill steal and once more kill steal in team fights! :) So get Your Mejai's Soulstealer and Sword of the Occult and start getting Your stacks.

Enemy champions should be no problem for You as 1v1 so You will get money fast and You shall keep it for Sheen and then buy Lich Bane for the 80% and 100% Ability Power per attack so it will double Your Magic Damage at hit by 100% de to Akali's passive.


As Akali is champion that can solo middle I preffer to group with my friend at bottom or top. Akali is one of champions that can get First Blood really easy at the begining with a propper partner. I use Tank with Stun or Heal or Support (mainly Soraka) combo otherwise get melee dps so You won't be main target. If You have not lost Your mind yet You are impossible to kill although ennemy will focus on You so watchout. If Your partner is tank i suppose him to get Exhaust and some other Spell. 2 Exhausts is a must for First Blood.

When You get Your Rylai's Crystal Scepter You shall help Your allies with killing enemmies, as You can easily kill steal You shall get loads of money and go buy stacking items.

In mid game which starts after You get Mejai's Soulstealer and Sword of the Occult You shall stay close to team untill You get over 8 stacks of Meja's Soulstealer. If enemy is so stupid to let You get 20 stacks of each You are just impossible to kill. Both buffs Lizard and Golem are pretty nice upgrade for Akali. At level 18 with Golem buff Your Shadow Dance cooldown shall be between 0.5-0.7 seconds. Lizard Buff is needed for damage over time and slow effect on Your auto attack.

When You get Your Lich Bane and You are at 20 stacks of each item (which happens rly often with good group, I preffer premades of course) You are 1 men army and You are cappable to kill even 3v1 ganks unless there is some tank D: (Akali isn't very ncie idea to fight against tanks...) so better stay in group and Victory is certain.

Remember playing Akali isn't easy as playing Evelynn or Ryze. If You wanna play her You better play some practice games because You need to know which ability You should use in current situation and how to react, she is really hard to master champion.

That's all if it goes about my first build, Akali is not my main character but I think I like her most. I would like to give credit to HeAt because when I started playing Akali I used his build and it was really good.

Ok well I wish You good luck with Akali.

Comment and rate my build and tell me what's wrong with it and what should i add to make it better. Thank You for reading and have fun.