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Akali Build Guide by Bustinya

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bustinya

Akali-They see me Shroudin', they hatin'. (READ INTRODUCTION

Bustinya Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is directed to both rookie akali players and experienced akali players. Akali is a very powerful champ if you know how to play her. She

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Pros / Cons


    Great survivor
    Nice chaser
    awesome escaper
    Has a portable bush :P
    Gets targeted a lot if having a good match
    If underlvled, its REALLY hard to get back on track with everybody else.
    Needs a better dance.
    Not that easy to farm if zoned.

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(these are the runes for the first build)

I go withfor marks and well I dont seem to think of any other option xD

For glyphs, I getyou will see later why and another option is
For Seals, I getGreater Seals of Resilience butGreater Seals of Vitality are also a neat choice.

For Quints, I getGreater Quint of Potency x2 andx1 Greater Quint of Fortitude because 2 flat AP quints and the flat AP glyphs give you 19 AP plus the 1 AP at lvl 1 you have 20 AP! enough to activate your passive gaining 10% spell vamp from the dorans blade and your hits deal 10% extra magic damage cause of the runes, so there you have it! Sorry if I didnt explain myself pretty well xD hope you understood.

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Well you already saw them, the 9/21/0. I preffer that but some people go 15/15/0. I like 9/21/0 more because 21 in defense keeps you alive a lot more and gives you kind of a survivalist side too and the 9 in Offense is well to deal extra damage and for the extra AP and CD reduction :)

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Start with afor the spell vamp on my passive and well the extra HP and lifesteal let you stay in lane for more time.
Return when you have at least 800 to getBoots of speed andAmplifying Tome. *Note* If you come back when you dont have money for both, get the boots. If you have 1200 or more, gethextech revolver and if possible, boots of speed :) Finish those boots intoSorcerer Shoes when you can and start makingRylais crystal scepter. Noramlly, I start with Giants belt if I can, but the order of the items doesnt really matter. Next, Start making yourRabadons Deathcap!! Some people think this isnt such a good item with akali, but the OP 200 or more AP given is awesome to wreck someone up :P. After this, finish your. Try getting thepickaxe first for MORE spell vamp :O Well, the rest is up to you:Void Staff is pretty good if other team has heavy magic resistance and you get and need the extra magic pen. or if you get mercury treads because the other team has heavy magic damage and you need the extra magic pen. :PLich Bane is one of my favorites for late game, because its stacks WONDERFUL with akali's autoattack after throwingMark of the Assassin. Ive seen many akali's who get trinity force and wow may God bless them because you already have enough hp and well the attack damage isnt much from phage, you dont need the attack speed/crit chance from zeal and well the sheen is also in lich bane :P in lich bane you get MR and more AP even though the phage has a slight chance to slow the target, but still not worth it if you have Rylais and tri force is more expensive.
Ive seen akali's withGuinsoo's Rageblade. I tried it once, but didnt like it that much, only cause of the spell vamp :P
Zhonya's Hourglass provides more AP and a REAAAALLY nice armor boost which gives you MORE survivability and is very useful if a nocturne or master yi is getting on your nerves :P. Also the active stasis is a wonderful way to hold on for your team mates or holding on for CDs

You can also get defensive items for late game, such as:Banshee's veil
Randuin's Omen which gives you a nice boost in Health regen. Well, its all up to you to decide which 2 items to get last :P

REMEMBER you can get 2 items after finishing hextech revolver because you can sell your dorans blade.


The only difference is that you dont get dorans blade. You start with an ability tome or boots of speed and from there you take it to the hextech gun and the rest is all the same :)

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Summoner Spells

Flash is my favorite with akali. Its a MUST because if you are in a situation in which you are cornered and put your shroud, flash will save you SOOOO bad, its also good if someone popped ghost with less than 100 hp >:O what to do? FLASH--> DASH --> BOOM BABY!--> +300 Gold
Ignite is a greaaaat deal of damage helper. Also evitates people from escaping and if you if grab the ignite mastery, you would have 10 more AP when its not on CD, so its a good helper :)
Exhaust. A powerful spell if there is many DPS/AD carrys on other team. My bro says that exhaust is better than ignite for akali. By my opinion, ignite is better, but everybody has their prefferences.
Teleport. Not my favorite, but still works if there is no mid and you gotta take the heavy duty or if your soloing or some other reason :)
Smite. Only if you're Jungling btw maybe Ill make the junlging guide some other time :D comment if you want me to :P
Cleanse. Dont think its such a good option but its really good if you are getting targeted a lot or if enemy team has lots of CC.
Ghost. Flash is much better with akali but ghost is viable and if you have both its not such a biggy. Just saying that with ghost you cant cross walls xD

*Not recommended*
Clarity. O.O. speechless if I see an akali with it.

Revive. Lvl 1?
Fortify. Emmm try to leave this for the tanks cause you have better stuff to be thinking about like getting kills and farming then when to pop your fortify xD
Clairvoyance. Its viable but its not really the best. Akali is an assassin, not a support.
Heal. Well, I've seen a few Akali's with it now and then. It can save you from one of those moments in which you are trapped in you're shroud and dont know what to do, or in 1 vs 1's.
Rally. Can't find something in which it would be a better choice than flash, ignite, exhaust, etc.

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Try to last hit minions and your Q is the source of power to that. In Early game before getting Hextech Revolver, your Q including the auto-attack after it should take about 1/2-2/3 of the minion HP, so keep that in mind. Your E is a wonderful ability when clearing lanes or in team fights because it damages everyone near you and well that's OP :)

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This is my first guide and well, im a noob to this :P took like 1 hour to find out how to put images of items, runes, skills, etc. Hope you enjoy. Please please comment and rate below :D or give tips. Hope this guide helps you in future games and makes you the master of the kama :) (akali's blades) LOL well thank you for reading and I hope you rated after reading COMPLETELY and not only cheat sheet :P

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21/06/11 20:44: changed some stuff in the items section, added zhonya's and modificated some stuff about lich bane :)

14/09/11 03:53- changed a bit the runes from the second build and explained what is the difference between the 1st and 2nd build items.