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Akali Build Guide by Kumakuma

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kumakuma

Akali -Through Twilight's veil

Kumakuma Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my very first guide, which could propably suck, cause im to unexperienced to call me a pro and my english isnt the best, too.
So lets getting started.

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I think the runes are very self explaining. Greater Marks of Insight will provide you a huge DMG boost throughout the whole match. In combination with 'Abyssal Scepter' you will almost do 100% of your dmg to all enemys without stacked magic res. This can give you a more accurate calculation when starting a towerdive. Also the 'Greater XXX of Potency' will give you a nice boost at the start and dont forget, that it will proc your inniate. And at least the 'Greater Seals of Evasion'. Together with 'Evasion'(Mastery) and Ninja Tabi, you'll get a dodge chance of ~19% to which ill come later.

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I think 9/21/0 is the best way to skill Akali, cause she doesnt profit much from the offense skills below the 3rd line and utilita wont be usefull too due her lack of mana. Defense instead gives her huge survability, a smooth ap&atspd boost, and the best of all: 10% movespeed on dodge. Why is that so usefull? Cause it can be used for defense AND offense. It will proc when an enemy is chasing you, giving you a better way to escape. Or it will probably proc when running after an enemy, who tries to hide behind his minions. This will give you a small boost, that your enemy didnt expect.
All together, it makes you a hard kill and also gives you the chance to easily kill enemys.

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A nice Item to start with; 10AD which will proc your inniate and 100HP which allows you to start with about 575 HP.
cheapest boots of all; will grant you 25 Armor and 12% dodge. Together with runes and Masteries, youll have alsmost 20% dodgerate, giving you a huge survability against AD champions and will proc your Nimbleness at every 5th hit.
A bit risky but cheap. And stacked at 10 charges, it already grants you 100AP. 180 at 20 charges and a sweet CD reduction. This is a keyitem to reach the epic 800 AP border.
Very useful for many situations. Gives you a valuable AP and HP boost. also your Q,R and your autoatacks will slow your target by 35%, together with, your target wont be come that far.
One of my fav. Items. Giving you a nice amount of 70AP, a huge boost by 57MRes and on top of that, it reduces the Mres of close enemys by 20. Squishys will be more squishy, and fighters will be much easier, without having to buy a void staff.
This Items will give you the ability to hold lanes for almost forever, destroy buildings much faster, slow down escaping enemies(also procs 15%slowdown by your ryialis) and together with your Armor and MRes, it gives you enough Spellvamp (45%) to kill 2-4 enemies in a row, and running back with about half of your health. I almost got a Pentakill with this build, if that ****py twitch hadnt stole my last kill ...
This will be the last item to finish your Build. before this Point, your enemies are already fearing you and will be going to focus on you first, during teamfights or propably going to gank on you. thits Item will boost your AP from 450 to the huge amount of 800AP. From now on, you cant be stopped easily and you will be able to kill 2 enemies without any problems.

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Summoner Spells

In my Opinion, Exhaust and Flash are the best spells for Akali. both can be used to chase a running enemy, and both can be used to escape from ganks. Especially flash will be useful, to flash out of tower range, after killing a low-hp-champion, who felt save in the shadow of his turret.

But if you dont like those, feel free to pick what you want. You can take adventage of almost every spell, except clarity and revive.

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Pros / Cons

+ Huge Burst DMG
+ Good Survability
+ HP reg due Spellvamp
+ No Mana
+ A cool smokebomb, which will give you a chance to escape in 80% of all cases.

- Twilightshroud makes you an easy target for AOE skills and skillshots.
- No Defense against CC effects.
- not effective against enemies with stacked Mres over 100.

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Team Work

Team Work is essential for Akali, but you could get a few flames for 'Stealing', even when you jsut saved your allies ***.
In my opinion, the best lanepartner would be a tank. That way, he wont get probs, while you are hiding in your shroud, and he wont take all of your kills. This way your meijas will getting charged faster. A fed Akali will be deadly as hell and lead your team to Win.
In big Teamfights, take care to not be on focus. Twilightshrouds in the right moment and "Shadow Dancing" to places away from your chaser, will not only save your life, also gives you another chance to strike and spike out squishy enemies. Dont be hestitate to leave your shroud at any time. Patience can be the key to win a teamfight.
As long you are in your shroud, the enemy has to pick another target, a bad team will lose plans at this moment and start to atack random teammates. Now, where you are in the middle of the battle field, you can chose your target, spike it out and still got time to vanish in your shroud. This has to go very fast, so be careful and accurate. Throwing your kamas on minions could ruin everything.
But dont forget your mates. try to help your teammates at any chance. You got enough slow to help an escaping mate from getting killed. Even when you die. A good placed shroud before dieing, can safe 4 lives.

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very fun match. enemies surrendered cause they got owned by me and Malzahar. They only got squishies, which wont be a match for akali :D

hard hard match. yi fed them hard cause warwick continued on jungling for more than 30 minutes.
and i took mid, cause we hadnt any ranged champs. after getting raped by veigar,swain and irelia, which were kinda fed, we could shine in bigger teamfights, where I spiked out one after another. i got 3 triple kills in this match and a max killing spree of 8.

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End of my Build

Thanks for Reading my Build till the end. I hope some of you try it. Maybe you guys could even give me some advices.
I would be happy fore every comment i get. =)

in fute ill also add some screens to show your how much this build pwns.