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Akali Build Guide by Raokith

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raokith

Akali tips/guide

Raokith Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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#1- Regular offensive akali setup that has plenty of burst and sustainability.
#2- Defensive akali setup which has higher late game damage and more survival early in the game

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Akali's role.

When you pick Akali what role would you be filling? Well she is a very strong AP carry whose job is to dash into the enemy's team and assassinate their carries even if it means sacrificing your own life. Let's say the team has Ashe, and Soraka. Your job is to go in and kill Ashe and Soraka which ever one goes out of position first. You just made it a 4v5 or even a 3v5 depending how fed you got. That means in team fights your enemy's will be losing, or even better... Trying to counter you with goodies such as the mighty pinkward or the deadly oracle.. If your winning the game and they gotten those items that means if they don't kill you or better yet if you kill them you will be even farther ahead. Akali is a very easy character to play, but beware, playing her can mean you will be stupidly aggressive with other champions! All in all Akali is one of the best champions in the game, and is very easy to learn how to feed off their worst team mates. Akali is a very good initiator and should be used that way unless they have oracles on their team.

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I picked the 21/0/9 masteries because that is the standard Akali build because it gives you damage and faster leveling. 21 points into the offensive tree would mean that you would get 4% attack speed (Alacrity) and 4% ability power and attack damage (Havoc) which would make you hit like a truck. So what do you get from 21/0/9 that other build don't have? You get faster experience which is quite useful since you are a very great laner and you can kill well before level 6 do to your burst damage, and if your enemy lets you double mark I would definitely pick up Majais because this will be easy. Now that I shown you the pros of 21/0/9 I will show you the cons. Other builds will be going 9/0/21, 9/21/0 which will give them more survivability and greater lane sustainability which this build does not really have. Some builds counter oracles better then this build, but who needs defense when you can kill two people before you die.

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Summoner Spells

Why did i get these two summoners instead of the sacred Flash/Ignite? Well it is because ignite is just like Leblanc, really good early game, but falls off late game. Yea it gives you a kill in lane and also gives a -50% healing effect but if your missing your ignite damage that point into exhaust will treat you well. Reducing the targets magical and physical defense by 10 means that you get free spell pen which works wonders when they are walking away from you. When you get ganked just throw an exhaust and you will live because of the 70% attack damage reduction.

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Item Builds

Now lets talk about item picks:
Hopefully you will be soloing top or mid because Akali is one of the best AP carries in the game, and one of the best laners in the game due to overpowered energy. Sometimes I start off with boots and 3 health pots, sometimes 4 if you wait 15 seconds after minion spawn. Depending who you are fighting you should itemize to counter them and the team. If they have 4 ap champions i would invest into banshees or even a force of nature or even an abyssal scepter just to give your ap a little extra boost. If their team has 4 ad champions i would invest into guardians angel, thornmail, frozen heart or omen because just having one of each is enough since you will possible get 100 magic resist and armor during the laning phase. If you want alot of damage i would get sorcerer shoes, rylais, lichbane, deathcap and any of the defensive items depending on their team comp. You can get a mejais but you breaking it even is not what you want because yeah you broke even but would you rather have a needlessly large rod working its way into a deathcap? You will have to get 20 stacks for it to compete with higher costing ap items. Hex is another great item, but i feel its cost is very expensive, but the stats are godly.

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Tips on skills!

Somethings you need to know to play Akali! Double marking. I've seen so many Akali's (? is that how you do it) not double marking.. that's just a waste of Q. Now let me explain this thing. You are laning vs a squishy (always lane vs a squishy over a tank) just press Q and now just wait... cooldown is finish now auto attack (boom) Q.. auto attack (boom) way more damage then just one regular Q.
I know you can't always get this off but if you can (when trying to kill someone without them knowing of how strong you can really burst) when you want to kill someone just Q and wait for them to come in range of your R now charge auto q auto r and if your laning vs Ezreal or Ashe they should pretty much be dead. there is no way they cant be half hp (from full) now just finish it off. Remember always double mark! I like putting up crescent slash first because you don't need defense because most of the times your shroud will be on a cooldown because you use it alot to out lane and if you have points into crescent slash you will get more from your spell vamp and later life steal.

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Early Game

Lets talk about Akali's early game. Its one of the most important moments in LoL for every champion because it is either playing in your favor or you know your going to lose, now Akali has a very great early game, but its not the best. Now if your going to solo lane either get mid or top! I will explain why you dont want to even look at bottom as a choice but sometimes it is necessary because you got a support. Now if your going top vs more than one please do not get a dorans blade because it cost all of your moneys and you only get a passive active from it and 10% spell vamp + 3% life steal which if your fighting two people running in to get a CS (Creep Score Aka last hit) will probably cause more damage then your going to heal! I would invest in boots of speed and 3 hp potions because you will be running faster then your opponents and if you get hit you can just use the hp potion which makes laning very easy and if you invest those points into cloak you will feel even safer in your bubble and after this section ill explain each champion and how to lane vs them! Now first item should be Rylais but if your struggling dont hesitate to get hextech because when you get around 18ish spell vamp you will take hits in the face like a champ! Now i would say always pick a champion you like fighting one on one also you can almost always get first blood on squishys so that means never lane vs a tank because you cant get first blood easy or you wont kill them.

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: Shes hard to fight because if she has better runes then you it will be hard to fight her because she takes so much damage, and here is the counter always put your cloak in-between her mobs and yours because that insures damage if she comes close to you, and if she comes close to you i insure you that if you trade you will be happier then her! Now if they decide to gank you a helpful tip would be putting your cloak in-between the two brushes on top because that gives you 3 ways to escape either left, right or down. Now she is very hard to catch because if your level 6 a helpful tip would be run towards their turret because they will chase you and charge the farthest thing you can because they wont expect it and if they are slow by a second that means you can either cloak faster or will have a second head start which makes for a safe get away! but please if you know there is no getting away from AP sion laning and Tryndamere comes and ganks you can try and take out sion! also if they cant catch you running to their turret suicide because you wont give them goodies that they so desire.

: You will sometimes be fighting him in the lane because he is actually prety good at holding his own because of his tankyness and his two cc spells which can make killing the cow hard. You don't really need to worry about him because his damage only shines at level 7+ unless your really squishy. Tips would be never place your shroud unless your getting ganked or going to die because he only has two spells to burst you down with, why use shroud when he is just going to walk away.

: I've seen him lane and i have seen him jungle which is better, Now this is a very scary champion to Akali because he has the most stuns in the game, and he is not afraid to use them. Now if your laning vs him always stand behind your creeps because his Q is a skill shot and will get blocked by creeps, most of his spells are AoE so he wont be afraid of running into your bubble but if he does full force! unless there is people Mia or a jungler because he will just bait you out of your safe bubble and stun you to death. tough champion but not in the lane, if he is jungling you can always be safe of his ganks (untill he is level 6) if you see him running towards you run towards your turret and quickly go back because if he used Q he got about 6 - 7 seconds before it reloads which means your safe on that stun now if he gets close with his stun press R and anything out of his radius is safe (even if its near their turret) because he will ult and if you quickly charge out he will waste it.

: This bird... i would say a very hard challenge because she has rebirth which means she is pretty much a tank which means you should not lane against her unless you have too. Now her stun is a skill shot and for people that hardly fought Anivia might not know that if she presses Q again the ice ball will fall and do a small AoE stun this is very easy to dodge if you see her use it quickly move left or right! Never run away from it because you might get hit by it! don't underestimate the range because that can lead to a gank! Now her harass does not really start till level 6 when she can R + E (circle AoE/slow + ice lance) which does quite abit of damage. Tips on fighting her dont get stuck on your mobs and the middle of hers also your W is not safe because her AoE can cover it and wall the way to your turret so if you cloaked i wouldnt run out towards the turret i would walk around the top edge.

: Oh she sounds so weird.. anyways she is a very good character to lane against because she is a squishy also don't underestimate her because even with rank 5 cloak she can one hit you now how to lane. She uses Q to last hit and when she gets 5 charges (a stun) she will try to harass you just wait until she wastes the stun even if it cost afew cs because even at level 3 she can take 40% of your hp in that stun if she tries also if she has ignite she can probably kill you. Shes like akali when she hits level 6 ohh it is game on because she dont care if you have an aoe stealth she will tibbers your ***. Stunned in cloak and Aoe'd with her incinerate which will hurt and if she is smart she will stand on your cloak and follow up her assault after it is done, The smart thing to do is harass her at level 3 because you can easily out lane her because she does not have alot of hp and she probably did not get boots.

: A ranged hard carry with a stun and slow. Hard laning against but is probably the most rewarding at level 6+ because this is what happens. She will auto attack you right when you meet eyes, dont go into the lane until she auto attacked because she can crit for about 100 - 200 at level 1 which is about 10 - 15% of your hp plus she is ranged which makes her have an advantage on you, the easy way to counter her is stay near 3 minions on the opposite side of her so they will block her Volley but be careful if she tries coming at you cloak beyond her and attack her because she cant trade hits with you. Now when she is level 6 you have to be very careful because her stun will lead you to death if landed 3+ seconds away from you because if she ever unleashes it people will come in to gank you, the easy thing to do is try avoiding it by charging to a creep away from it or if its a dead on shot and you have no hope run towards it because the stun length will be reduced but she is one of the easiest kills in the game (besides the squishy supports) so once you hit level 6 and have 2 + charges just attack her.

: Oh my god. If your ever fighting a good one (he probably wont be soloing) but if it happens never ever ever go for creep kills near his turret, never run towards a bush he is in, never chase him unless its a sure kill and do not solo him unless you have rylais because this is what happens he has a pull which takes about 100 - 200 and a knock up which takes about the same and a silence which can prevent you from bursting him and hiding in your cloak also if you ever chased one he runs so damn fast and even if you got him below 20% he gets a shield which consumes 50% of his mana and turns it into a shield which means you probably used all 3 charges and bursts to get him there. fighting him 1v1 in lane is not hard just dont get pulled stay by mobs and when your in the bushes never go on the tips of bushes and if your quick when he pulls, you can W before he knocks up.

: Shes a great in lane now every 8/7/6 she will get Head shot which does 150% damage to champions. Same way with Annie and Ashe let her waste it (auto attack in bush counts as 2) she has very far range and a skill shot that goes through creeps never dodge it running away from it always left to right and it has a very fat radius so its not bad to over shoot the dodge. Her ultimate can hit you even if you cloak it, Which means if she ults you automatically cloak because it gives you defense which will hurt the damage it does. Now she lays traps which make you visable (even in cloak) and immobilize so if your trying to run or attack never follow her into bushes and never go into bushes at the tips because they will be trapped and if your chasing her she can use her E to knock herself back and slow you by 50% which means she can go over terrain which makes for a hard kill but to dodge her E just run and go left or right occasionally.

: I've personally only fought her two or three times. She is a very squishy champion and easily killed by Akali now afew tips is her passive makes her spells cost less so when she casts spells she will be trying to land as many possible. If your in your bubble try stay away from the middle and the back (towards your turret) because she will put her 7 second poison there and if it lands on you and she does twin fang its cooldown will be shorted . When your level 6 this is how you kill her: Q wait charge hit q hit ignite and run away because that damage will hurt her enough to think alright ill die if i dont use my ult which stuns if your facing towards her and slows if your not but now i have fought more cassiopeia players and they told me her ultimate is really buggy so sometimes it wont stun you if your looking at her or slows when your running which is really annoying.

: The king of top, Now he is actually hard to fight because he does alot of damage and is very tanky plus his passive gives him health and mana when you kill a creep. now to fight him i would always dodge his Q because it is a delayed aoe knock up which you can tell by the white stuff on the floor, run to the left or right. Now never fight him if you have less then 50% hp even if your in the bubble because his feast WILL kill you because it does True Damage (ignores armor/mr) which can lead to 60+ % hp in one hit (range is melee so never be right on him) also he got a silence. All in all i would never lane vs him but if you have too don't be aggressive because he is a tank with regeneration so its actually useless and makes your laning slower.

: He usually always goes mid but if you do fight him you will have a very difficult time because he is ranged and has an aoe skill that makes you go uninvisible so he can burst you down, now he is one of the strongest carrys in the game! so he can pump out the damage, now some tips he has a skill that can go through walls and blow half way through a lane which makes killing him difficult. Now dont stand still when he has Gatling gun because it lowers armor and is a cone shaped aoe which will hit you and lower armor when in cloak. His ult is a very far poke which every 4 missiles will make a big one which you should avoid being hit with.

: This champion is a weird one. I've seen him go top because he goes where he pleases. Now don't underestimate this guy because it will end up with you dying. he is an insanely tanky champion that has massive regeneration so i would not even bother harassing him because your missing CS and he does not use mana which means he will harass you. This is a good chance to focus on CS while dodging his cleavers which will lead to him losing hp because thats his mana bar also he will be losing out of creep kills. Now 1v1 we can take him anytime because we have exhaust handy but i would not tower dive this one because his ultimate gives him insane movement speed and he has a skill that gives him damage based on health missing. This champion is easy to lane against but i wouldn't recommend fighting him.

: Oh well you probably will never fight her on 1v1. She will get destroyed by you so if you 1v1 her always harass her! Dont even care about cs because she will either switch lanes or feed. Tips when she goes invisible just go back to safety because she cant 1v1 you in her wildest dreams (cant imagine them..) so that means you will be getting ganked or fed. She got nerfed so she slows instead of stuns which is... Good luck Eve!

: One word: DON'T GET HIT BY Q. That's not one word, but if you get hit by one say good bye to laning because all the main Ezreal players always hit like 250 at like level one which is just insane! Now im learning still how to master fighting him but from what i learned if he is going to Q you always go forward because he is expecting you to run away to avoid it. Now you should not be scared of him 1v1 unless he lands a full combo on you which looks something like this : E-auto-q-auto-w-auto-q-auto, etc. Actually that does alot of damage. Pro tip aswel if he got you to low hp and your blue pilling (B) WATCH HIM even if he is not in your lane because if he lands R you just died! Same with Ashe. Always B in a bush trust me the extra 2 seconds to walk is worth it. Very squishy champion i would recommend laning vs him.

: Almost never see fiddles 1v1. He is either jungling or never played. fighting him is hard because he is your nemesis. Never fight him without exhaust. First start off with Q waiting R and instantly put your cloak because his reaction is fear! oh wait shes invisible. Now i hate fighting fiddles without good AP items. (you can crush him once you have Rylais and Lich) First of all his life drain is still on yourself while in cloak (Really.. Really.. Annoying) every time try to get the most burst on him before cloaking and if your fighting fiddles in jungle or in a team fight do this. Ward the bushes for one. If your in a team fight and you see fiddles is ulting instantly charge him and be careful where he is moving. If he ults you in a bush (warded) charge him and run away. Hardest champion to fight.

: The MR tank. Very rarely i seen one, but when you do just cringe because he is absolutely annoying. His ultimate can make you run out of your cloak (Its a taunt) now i would never focus him in a team fight because even if your very strong he is still a MR tank which will probably laugh at your damage. Now i doubt he will 1v1 lane so if you ever do fight him dont worry he is not great because his only ranged skill that you need to worry about is an aoe skill shot which can be dodged easy because its kind of slow. Now dont tower dive him and have fun with him because he does not do alot of damage.

: The scariest person to fight period. He has a heal that takes off stuns/slows/etc. Which means he can get away from ganks. He has a skill that increases his movement speed and damage. You will be level 4 when he gets level 7. Now i would not 1v1 him at all because he is very fast, very strong and tanky. If you do he will ult to either kill you or slow you. Hint (If you dodge the cannonballs his ult does not damage or slow you) which means try to get to the edge when you are fighting him also if your blue piling you should be careful because he will ult the area your in and you will probably die. Now the scary part is when your laning against him you will be at his tower no matter what. Also if he hits you with an auto attack just start running! If he parrly's you and crits you probably need to b already. I would let the best of the best champions to 1v1 this guy.

: Xin Zhao's brother. Well he is actually hard to lane against because he does not use mana and he has a passive regeneration when not in combat. Which means harassing is useless and his ult is guaranteed insta death because it pretty much was made to one hit anything with low hp. Also his first starting item is probably boots and 3 health pots which means if you dont have boots you will have a hard time. Now he has an aoe spin so be careful about it. very tanky would not recommend laning against him. Tips would be try going in bushes and your shroud because it cancels his ultimate.

: Fat man. Very annoying and counters akali so if they have a gragas you will hate him because all of his skills are AoE's which means your not safe in your bubble and his ultimate blows you out of which so never initiate him because you will die. Now when he lanes try harassing him but if he is very smart he will cast spells to activate his passive which regenerates 2% of his hp which means harassing does not effect him. Now his barrel roll is a tricky dodge. always move left or right and if it does not blow up right away dont go near it until it does. Very hard to lane against.

: He is so annoying but easy to kill. Now he will out lane you until level 6 and might take out your tower if you let him. Nowadays its not worth attacking his turrets just go straight for that herp de derp and well he should drop easy.

:Ah someone that is tricky. You can beat her in the lane without a sweat but if thats their main and have had alot of pratice you might be setting yourself up for failure because when you get her lower then you she is actually becoming stronger as she gets lower and pro tip never ever tower dive her because once she is fed well just never do it because she takes about 400 with a stun plus the turret plus her ultimate life steal. Just dont unless you can positively one hit her now dont get in physical range of her because thats when she will strike and try to do as much damage before running to safety when she charges you put your cloak down fast and when you Q try standing away from her and going to her to activate it.

: Doubt you will fight her in a 1v1 lane but if you do you will probably get fed because she is quite squishy and cant out lane akali plus shes more useful babysitting. Shes actually a counter to Akali in a team fight never initiate with charge and attacking because without oracle its still very unsafe because her ult will blow you quite far from your bubble and she has a great slow so what i would do would be initiate and when she ults then put your bubble either towards her or where you are if getting focused.

:What a great champion! He has a shield, a skill shot, a knock up plus he is very tanky and has a ult that is actually countered by our cloak so dont worry to much but he will probably out lane you because his harass is E which actually works. Never stand in front of the banner also he can use to to move through terrain so he is hard to gank and i would never try and 1v1 him unless your fed.

: Well he is just like us because he can use these runes and masteries, he takes alot of damage but the worst thing to do is auto attack him. So all of those Akali's that get rageblade i just feel sorry because Akali is [highlight]NOT[/highlight] an auto attack champion because that leads to you nerfing your cloak and your burst so please never buy that item unless you want to push(use E when your attacking a turret with lich you will see alot more damage) now i have fought him 1v1 and well he is kind of hard because his jump takes alot of your hp at level 1 and one dodge can probably lead to you dying. Plus his ult helps him become a tank with 200+ mr and 3k hp which is very hard to burst down. Now if you are laning against him you will most likely win but never 1v1 him late game.

: support champion that probably will be babysitting. She has heals slow/speeds and well shields. Not very scary. just burst her down nothing really too it.

: Like it or not this champion is your counter. I absolutely hate laning against karthus because i hate tomatoes and he has an aoe which is way bigger than yours also when you engage him even if you kill him you better get off of his body quickly because he can kill you will ultimate this is actually why i get Zhonya's Hourglass because it just makes me laugh when i survive with 100 hp and block his ultimate. Now even if you dont have hourglass up and you think your going to die just cloak because that mr/armor might save your life. never get caught by his wall either. Stay on the edge of your cloak because he will always aim for the middle of it.

: Anti AP mage assassin. I dont think you can win this lane once he hits level 6 because he has a long silence (no cloak) plus he has a nice slow and a 3 second cd flash also he becomes quite beefy if he gets catalyst first. Now the way to fight this is to try and not trade hits Q for Q because you will lose and he can counter your charge with his flash so he is a very hard champion to really take out. Once you see in him a team fight go after him but be careful if fed he will probably instantly kill you before you can cloak but something useful to do is focus him till he rift walks away switch targets until he comes back in. If you know your fighting him investing in MR items and hextech wont be a bad idea and since we get W and defensive masteries he wont dominate us too much.

: Now another champion that destroys us because she hits just as hard as us, has a jump and has a ultimate that hits us in cloak. This is a champion i probably will never lane against i would probably take a side lane rather then fighting her because she has a healing debuff which will ruin hp potions and she just hits so hard plus she has no mana bar which means she can harass just as well as you can i would stay back and last hit with Q in team fights always focus her and if she ults put your cloak up because that resistance will help alot.

: Well i have fought her 1v1 and well i won until she started getting her set (rageblade) then she starts hurting alittle and when you harass her she will just heal and she can tower dive really early so if your in a team fight force her to blow that ult because she is very squishy but really hard to catch since she has +movement speed on her heal.

:Who can lane vs him? anyways he does not take alot till he starts getting some ap he becomes insanely strong at level 6 because he can still blast you in cloak also his ultimate hits you aswel. now never run straight and when he charges and does not hit anything ATTACK HIM because he wasted half his energy and he cant do any damage. Now when you see Kennen in a team fight never put your cloak first wait till after he unleashed stuns. Very hard to fight.

: He has long range and his ultimate can make you go uninvisible which can lead to alot of damage from this thing. Now he got a great slow that does some decent damage so when he does it walk on the side before chasing and well his passive is the best thing once you finish killing that mutant just cloak and run somewhere he cant get to fast he should not be to difficult to fight because he is a squishy but you can take him anyday.

: This **** is quite hard to kill because of the double once she gets low but the first thing dont get hit with one binding because she will one hit you and just be super careful when she hits level 6 because she wont even care about creeps anymore she will probably be leaving lane alot so follow her and wait for her to strike and help your team mate to kill her because her silence is long and she hits you with two of them so it actually silences you for one more second and if you dont have any mr (thank god we have alot of cloak + defensive masteries) she will most likely one hit you. Very squishy dont forget you can always 1v1 her unless she gets the first hit then you will probably die.

: He is a very strong champion because he has energy which makes his skills spammable and he has a shield, life steal, spell vamp, and some defense which can make him very tanky while being very hard to kill. His tempest is really powerful and it will make you unstealth which can lead to him kicking your *** out your bubble and into or near his turret. I personally would not bother fighting him because he will most likely win, but if you have a jungler try to gank this lane as much as possible.

This champion is a new tank which seems quite out of place in this meta which will dry up eventually and she will become viable. She has alot of anti-akali skills but all in all you should win just because she doesnt hurt.

:Lux a very good champion that takes alot. I really love fighting her 1v1 but i really think she is better 2v2. Anyways if you do fight her just dont let her get a combo out on you because you will probably end up blue piling back because she can take about 70% of your hp in one combo but i highly doubt she can kill you 1v1 without dying so if you ever do have the chance i would always fight her.

:A tank and a very good laning one at that. Your harass will be kind of useless but if the 4 second increase time on his passive might actually change my laning experience vs him because harassing him was completely useless because he will only harass when he has his passive (shield) up but once he hits level 6 you should be scared because if you get ganked you will probably end up dying because even though malphite is a tank he can dish out some damage and also his Q takes your movement speed and gives it to him so that means he can run faster than you and just auto attack you to death. Very hard to lane just like every other tank i would not fight him.

: Well since i had more practice fighting him during a solo lane i found something out, He is quite weak all by himself. Unless he catches you will his full burst which can well... take a lot of your hp if not most of it. Now if he is a bad Malzahar and he has a dorans item in a solo lane just straight out start bursting him, You should be able to dominate him during the laning phase because he does not have spells that he can just cast and they will hit you. He has to aim the wall and he has to put the aoe down which will destroy his mana. Now if he is hugging the tower and your destroying the lane and he decides to be tricky and put his dot so he can still get cs stand next to that creep and it will go to you instead of letting him farm. Very easy champion to fight unless skilled.

: Tree guy is actually decent at laning but doubt he can beat you. The trick to this champion is to destroy his sapling toss using monsters to block it and blow it up and if needed charge another monster to avoid it blowing up on you. Now he has a bind which has decent range but you can cast cloak while in it which makes for a useless skill and he has this short ranged knock back that you can avoid very easily just by moving left or right. Easy champion to lane against.

: I have fought him 1v1 and well i won. The thing that will be misleading is how tanky he actually is so i would not advise tower diving him unless he has almost no mana to cast meditate. Well he cant hope to win the lane so just stand back when he going in for a cs so you don't get hit by alpha strike. Easy win.

: Wow pro MF's will just destroy you in lane its sad. Anyways her double up has this cute little math problem in it. It will only hit something behind it and it has to be on a weird angle which is just about 165 degrees so dont stand behind the creep or to the left or right. Now her aoe is not big enough to fit inside your cloak so always stand around the edges so you dont get anymore harassment. Now at level 6 you can just kill her flat out because she is so squishy but never R her first because if you do your destroying your own damage. First start off with a Q to knock her passive movement speed off then go in for the kill and in team fights ALWAYS attack her first even if you charge into her ultimate.

: Never lane against him. He is the hardest thing to lane against for Akali. He has everything we don't like: He is a tank, Has a lot of aoe plus has no mana bar because that shield bar can be very beefy so Do Not Waste Energy Harassing Him please! I know it sounds dumb but if he has a full bar of armor it will cover up a double mark with ease now this is one person i absolutely never fight because at level 6 we have a slim chance to kill him if he is a smart player. Now one tip is to try and engage him when HIS creeps are around so that when he does ace of spades it hits your creeps aswel! Which does about 1/3 the damage it would of done and bringing hp pots every time going back to the lane is a MUST. His combo should be cone aoe, ace of spades, ult, ignite auto attack to death now if you die he can destroy your tower very quickly. So if you have a choice i would not fight him at all.

:What a good champion. She can black shield your mark which disables the after effect so its like you did not use it in the first place, she can black shield and walk over your bubble without any slow penalty. She can activate her ultimate even when she cant see you (i think but have not tested.) which means bubbling will not save you from its final tick but it will lower the damage and it will make her combos a lot less deadly. Now you should win the lane but just watch out for her binding because she does take a lot of damage plus its a skill shot which can be avoided easily. Dont try dodging it by running away from it because it has a very far skill range (1300 further then the ult from corki)

: Well you should win this lane because he will be mostly focusing on last hitting, so be very aggressive because this will end up him being forced out of the lane and wasting mana on spirit fire to get CS which means he will be going back a lot. Now a nice tip: Always cloak when you get hit with wither because you will either get ganked or harassed also it last 5 seconds which gives 3 seconds left of your bubble so you don't get ganked or harassed.

: Oh god vs a good nidalee you wont kill her or out lane her because she is hard to catch, has an amazing heal, got a trap that makes you uninvisible and has a skill shot that at far enough range can take 50% + of your hp. now be careful every time you go back always pay attention to her for a spear throw or even b only when your wave is at your tower. If she has alot of mana regeneration you probably should not be laning against her because she will just destroy you. Never chase her into the jungle because you wont kill her and probably will end up dying.

: He is a melee champion that jungles right now. I have only fought one and well he did not do so hot. The only thing i say is when you get ulted right away drop your W and laugh because now all he can do is put that aoe on you which does not hurt alot and running from him is hard. Dont be careless in the lane when he ults DROP your W because its most likely going to have him plus someone else coming in for you.

: NUNU!!!! Such a great champion who can actually lane but is way better jungling. Never waste your flash when he comes and gank just drop your W and run and wait until he ults before flashing. He has one of the best slows in the game and a nice tip if your walking into a bush but your walking very slow i would suggest turning around and dont go in that bush before putting a ward down. Now his ganks can be scary because he will blood boil your enemy so they both will walk way faster than you and when he hits you will that snowball your movement will drop to about 200 which is just about a crawl.

: Only a few people know how to play Olaf correctly and you probably will never fight a good one in your life time in this game because ganking with him requires a hit from his skill shot because if he does not land a slow or if you don't get slowed or stun you probably will end up not getting hit in that attempt. Just be careful and never 1v1 him unless your fed because he lower he is the stronger he becomes but you do have your cloak. I don't think he is good at laning so you wont have to worry to much about him. His E does true damage so don't cloak early for him.

: A champion that you should not fear unless your team fighting and he is left alone. He will last hit when he has his passive up (if your harassing him good) and he will harass with his spear toss which will add up in abit. Now his cone skill can hit you in your bubble so be careful when your 15% or less hp because he will probably end up killing you despite the armor increase. There is this neat trick when he jumps and stuns you can drop your W during the animation and until he connects which means you can waste 100% of his stuns. Now if you see his ult put your bubble just outside the lane and stay far away from the lane because his ult does hurt.

: A great anti carry! Kind of impossible to solo lane with her... Shes terrible at laning plus a great tip never fight her near a wall or your turret and beware the instant death when she is a much higher level because she can one hit almost anything with the right ap build (ad/crit/atk speed is not viable) you should win this fight. Never cloak unless your about to die. Only cloak when she pops her ultimate because it only last 6 seconds which leaves 2 seconds on your bubble. Easy kill in lane but hard to fight in a team fight.

: Should never seen him in the lane, but when he jungles you should always be careful because he can slow and taunt which will lead you to dying. Now the first thing i would do if i got ganked would press W when he lands the roll because you will get knocked back while having enough time to put up your cloak. Dont be scared after taunt is wasted because that's all his ganking power.

: Well i usually see him jungling or duo laning but if you do see him its quite easy to fight him because he is melee and melee champions just get destroyed by Akali just because of her cloak. Now he will either be getting his rage to half or full till he actually tries and initiates. Now his ult is pretty much like nasus in terms of what it does. When he pops it you should start kiting or hiding in your bubble double marking him. He is quite powerful but i think you can take him.

: This champion is so damn hard to fight in lane because he doesnt use mana which makes his spells spammable which is not good for us because he has spells that can hit us in our shroud. The way to counter rumble would be to exchange as much hit as possible because his flame thrower wont take as much as your Q which you will win eventually, but another hard person to fight in lane. Gank alot or get a ranged carry this lane.

: Since the new fix he has become so very powerful laning and in all just a great champion. He will beat you in lane no matter what you do unless he sucks. His Q has a 3 second cooldown which makes it spammable while it taking 200s so you wont have enough hp to live very long.
now fighting him is quite easy. When he binds just put your cloak there and engage after his binding is down because he cant one hit you without it.

: Well he is a great ganker but you do not have to worry because you have a stealth so even if he does gank, you can just drop your cloak and be perfectly safe and most likely wont die. If he tries and ganks you at level 6 straight out attack him because you can probably kill him before your cloak runs out. A very good shaco should finish his jungle around 3:30 - 4:15 so when its that time and your pushed up to their turret be careful.

: I have seen him in the lane soloing but well you should win without a problem. You take way to much for him to be taunting you plus he is not hard to lane against so what i would do is double mark him and always attack him. Be careful around turrets remember that he can taunt. If he ever does ult attack him right away try doing as much damage as you can so he will go there with lower hp.

: He is actually annoying to fight. You can kill him but he is like karthus he is dead but if your poisoned at low hp he will bring you down with him. Every time he puts that goo out just cloak because that means he is probably going in for some damage on you and dont forget about his fling. It throws you over minions so be careful around turrets plus if he puts his ult on run away because he is going in for damage or possibly a gank.

: AD or AP? Well they are both good except AD will get destroyed by us. Now if he is a good AP sion he will let you hit him with his shield up and blow it up when its almost gone. Now when he puts his shield up attack him and brake it because in 1 Q you should be able to destroy it and if he stuns just put your cloak before it hits you. He is hard to lane against because he can hit you in your bubble but if he does at level 6+ you can probably take him.

: Wow what an easy champion to fight. Since the nerf she has just become so weak and useless im surprised your reading how to fight her. Anyways move right or left when she throws the boomerang and always attack her because she cant trade hits at all but when she gets level 18 with good gear she becomes quite strong and i would not advise soloing her unless you can match her life steal. plus when she got that shield on and you Q her your Q was just wasted.

: You will never fight her solo but if you do attack her because she is too squishy to be fighting you. So if she is soloing i would invest in majais because no one can solo with her.

: Well i have seen her solo but its not pretty. She can hit us without letting us attacking back which can be annoying and once she gets alot of mana + ap she can heal all of our harass untill we get stronger. All in all you will win.

: Dont underestimate him because well he is great at laning because he is ranged and he has a harass that does not cost a lot of mana. You can harass him all you want but just don't get caught by his bind because if he lands a combo it wont be pretty. Dont tower dive him unless your sure of killing him also save ignites for when he goes into bird form.

: You should not be finding him in a solo lane but if you do harass him because he heals dont heal too much at a low level and the closer you are to his stun the more it takes but if he just throws them out you can bubble it before it hits you. All in all you should win without any problems.

: Well he is actually hard to fight. Be careful of teemo because he probably will be in the lane invisible waiting for you to come out before attacking you. He is very hard to lane against because he has a blind which will make you miss your mark activation plus he walks so fast so you wont catch him without being level 6 but when you do hit level 6 you can automatically kill teemo. When he hits level 6 always walk around bushes or go on the sides near the middle because in most bushes he will have shrooms there and well they take a healthy chunk.

: You will destroy this yordle because unless she is tower hugging you should be able to take a lot of her hp in just one mark. Last time i fought her solo lane she was hugging the turret and every time she came out she had almost died. Unless your fighting Locodoco you have nothing to worry about. Be careful about her knock back because she can blow you into the turret.

: He mostly jungles and you will never see him in a solo lane but you wont have to worry about his ganks because if he puts that nasty pillar down just W it and walk around because he cant do anything. You can even wait the pillar out. Now if your soloing him and you have these leaves and grassy things around you i would advise to start kiting him (at least try because he does walk fast) and walk out of his tainted ground so he will be a lot weaker.

: You should never see him in a solo lane but if you do just harass him because until level 6 he wont be happy fighting us and even at level 6 he wont be happy. Just bubble when he is almost done and activated his ult and wait till he starts running away to leave because that means he wasted 3+ seconds of his ult and he needs to get out. I would charge him once he spins away and even tower dive him because his slow only works when your facing away from him. If you get ganked by one just bubble and wait for that slow to go off because its just insane how slow you get.

: If your fighting him you should have nothing to worry about. He is so squishy to be trading hits but the most important thing is not to get hit by wild cards which has 1700 range. Never run away from them always go in between so you dont get hit. At level 6 just attack him he will either die, run away or ult away because ive never seen a good tf. (I've seen good tf's because my team mates always die to his gank)

: I never see twitch around anymore. I don't think he solos... Well he is the squishiest champion in the game so if he does initiate attack him because he wont leave alive.

: Great at jungling plus he walks very fast when he has bear stance. He can stun lock you which is annoying. He can be anything he wants. A tank, a dps, anything. Lucky Akali is the counter to AD :)

: Well don't think you can win this because he can do his aoe in your bubble and spam Q which does a healthy amount of damage. Now since you got those defensive masteries he wont be taking as much as he could against someone without it. When you dodge his aoe run towards it because they will be shooting it so you run away when you see it. At level 6 go all out against him unless he is next to his turret because he will ult you and just kill you.

: Vayne is a ranged AD carry. Shes a mix of miss fortune and corki because she has strut on steroids and she does true damage every 3rd attack. She has a tumble which can change her positioning which can make an expert at Vayne change from being out of position to being in position. She has a stealth when her ult is on. Harass her because i don't think she can handle trading but she is ranged so try not taking too much harass. remember she runs faster going towards you and slower running away.

: This mage is kind of like Nasus because of his farming sense. So i would start distrupting his farming because once he gets farmed he will just start one shotting most of your team but in a 1v1 lane i dont think you sjould have much trouble fighting him since he is alot squishier then you and when he puts his stun out and misses you should cloak and run to kill him or run away.

: He is hard to fight in the lane because he can shrug off your Q spam by just using his Q to heal his life while having it damage you. I would be very aggressive until level 9 because once Vladimir hits level 9 its a new champion. He becomes so strong and tanky which is not good because we are not suppose to fight tanks in the lane. The good way to destroy him is try and bait his ult and when you do just cloak because if he does not hit you with a spell or attack it does not work. Plus the extra MR will help since it hurts.

: He can 1v1! Also he is great at it because when you harass him he will just heal up all that damage plus he hits like a truck with that Q. The way to kill him is get quick silver sash after rylais and lich bane which the only way warwick can get damage is from his ultimate and Q which is totally weak compared to what you can dish out. All in all your not suppose to be fighting tanks but you probably wont have too much trouble but if you do switch lanes because you wont get farmed well.

: He hits like a complete truck! The way to counter this guy is to bait his charge and knock up and once you do just go in and try to do as much damage as possible. You should have no trouble with him since you are a melee destroyer because of your cloak. Just don't get caught in his full combo because it hurts.

: Harass yorick right as you see him because he either got his slow or life steal ghoul first which means depending on which one he got will mean if he can survive getting harassed that early. Akali beats almost every melee champion in the game so yorick is not an exception. He can spam his ghouls all he wants because you take way more then he does and if he ults use your shroud and when he runs away go in again.

: Old man is so annoying because his bombs take 200 at level 1 and well if he has alot of mana regeneration or clarity he will be a very tough fight since he can just harass you way better. Once you hit level 6 you can solo him without a problem even if he ults. Just wait till level 6 before trying to 1v1 him.

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Oracle/pink ward.

The all mighty oracle/pinkward
This item is made to shut down any invisible champion, but it probably shuts us down the most since the other invisible champions can walk around invisible while akali only has the bubble. The way to counter this would be: Dont go in first and don't be caught alone. Stay back and let your team initiate because if you run in there you will get focused because if they bought oracle it was probably because you have been killing them or they just want to shut you down so it can be a 4v5. Worry not the build i have makes me able to survive a lot of harass and damage while being able to destroy anything i touch. Always focus the oracle first unless its Alistar because he wont die for awhile and you will die before him. Now if your laning and the other team bought a pink ward just hug your tower and wait for a gank because you will die if they catch you. You can buy oracle yourself to counter the pink ward because you wont be dying a lot plus every ward you kill you get 25 gold (?)

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Abyssal Scepter: You can get this item if your fighting alot of mages that get some MR or you can get this item if you want to go full out AP. I would take off Banshees if you get this item.

Rageblade: I would never get this item unless you feel like auto attacking which does alot of damage because of her passive. I wouldn't get this item because akali does not auto attack that's the reason they gave you a stealth you can go in and out of.

Hextech Gunblade: This is a must have because it gives so much AP/AD and its active is sick! Imagine someone flashing out of your range and you just barely hit them with it because it has a 50% slow which is just like a nunu snowball or nasus wither.

Ionian Boots: I would not get this item because akali has short cool downs except for her charge and her cloak which these boots wont make anything game chaning.

Lichbane: This item is always your 2nd item to get after rylais because it gives you one of the strongest synergies in the game! Once you Q you get the passive of lich bane which gives 100% of your ap in damage. So you will be hitting quite hard.

Mejai: You will almost always get this item because once you hit 5 stacks you just made profit. Once you hit 20 stacks you pretty much won the game.

Deathcap: The reason i don't get this item is because it is to expensive and we dont really need to 1 hit anyone. I do get this items if i am really fed though so you can still get it as your 3rd item.

Rylais: Its a must since it gives a very nice slow which we desperately need also it gives tons of hp and ap. Its the core get this item first.

Sorcerer Boots: Get this if there is no cc or a mage that can one hit you.

Sword of the occult: If you start off with long sword because you cant get 10 ad at level one make this because same reason for getting majais if your fed this item will help you 1 hit people.

Thornmail: Get this item only when they have 2+ auto attackers because your paying for the reflect which does not help at all if they get life steal. Also you shouldn't be getting auto attacked.

Warmogs: This item is good hp for 1 slot. I never got it because i never needed this much hp. If your dying alot after rylais + lich get this item.

Voidstaff: Amazing item if your fighting 100% tanky guys with 100+ mr.

Will of the ancients: This item is good but we want gunblade. its cheaper but it gives spell vamp + ap not ad + ap + spell vamp + life leech.

zhonyas hourglass: This item is kind of expensive but if they have 3+ ad champions i would get this item after lich.

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Lets talk about where you should be at all times. Well of course you can either stand behind your tank, but if your team is decent you can actually initiate. Charge in and cloak right away will usually set off a nice team fight. All you have to do is that much! Once you do that focus squishes mainly the strongest bursters like Annie or Ashe etc because if you don't you will be useless. Anyways if you get caught you will always put your cloak in a smart position. Like top between those two bushes and near the golems that 3 way its a perfect spot to juke your enemy because you can run 4 ways. Akali is easily fed so at level 6 when you reach 3 stacks on your charge i would start roaming because you can make ganks happen. Charge in Q hit charge will usually make someone flash/ghost or even die. When your roaming look at your partners and who needs a gank the most. Always gank for a stunner or knockuper(o.o) anyways i would not spend time ganking Alistar because well you know. just be careful of dying because once you start getting out leveled and losing in cs you will become useless to your team. The most important thing you can do to prevent this is laning confidently and if you don't have that please duo lane and let your more confident team member solo don't steal it always.

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Raokith- I've been playing Akali since she came out.. I have around 750 normal, and about 200 Ranked games with her. I have maintained 20-4-7 for the first 20 ranked games I've ever played. My top kills in ranked hit 38 and i never went over 7 deaths. Now-a-days everytime i play i usually go into Normal because i dont want to try hard in ranked, but if you see Raokith and Akali don't expect to lose :). Have fun and pro tip: Don't rage at your team because it will just make them feel bad, and it will lead to more mistakes and protentical feeding.. If you are a truly good player you wont get stuck in ELO hell and you will get high. It just takes time.