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League of Legends Build Guide Author FearCircia

Akali : Yep, she just did that. [WARNING: -Long- Guide]

FearCircia Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone, and welcome to my guide for one of the ninjas in the league. Akali, The Fist of Shadow.


Let me start out by saying that this is just a guide, in no way should you follow this build every game, there WILL be games where you'll be excelling and should build accordingly to that. There will also be games where you won't be doing so hot and so you'll skip past snowball item(s) and build towards a more defensive Akali. My ingame name is FearCircia and I play Akali quite frequently. In this guide I shall explain to you item builds, skill builds, rune builds, masteries, tips from early-mid-late game, some ways to approach ganks/team fights among other things. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will learn a few points if you are new to Akali and learn more about her if you are already familiar with this champion. But enough talk and let's get straight to the guide!



  • She is an amazing 1v1 champion. With little to no cooldowns you can kill a champion with one to two rotations of your combo. (Which I shall explain later on in the guide.)
  • Decent farmer with your MotA and Crescent Slash
  • Excellent ganker especially if you have 3 Shadow Dance charges. You can hunt down anyone in the game. The only champ I recall escaping from me when I have had three dashes was Master Yi, he popped Ghost, Ghostblade, Highlander and a Flash. =(
  • Available as a jungler. Although she gets outclassed by Warwick, Olaf, Amumu, Shaco and other junglers she still holds her own.
  • She can nuke down squishies off to the days. Once you figure out Akali and her rotations, killing a squishie is no problem at all!
  • Woman ninja.
  • People who are unaware of your sheer damage output will suffer from it.


  • Akali being a great nuker tends to stand out in a team. This leads to you being focused, tanks and other characters building against you, and overall just extreme hatred towards you.
  • She has a pretty weak early game (pre level 6). The reason I say this is that she is a melee character, and what you need to do to take chunks off your enemie's health is land a mark on them with your Q and follow up with an auto attack. To do this you obviously need to close that gap. Sometimes there will be careless opponents who stay within your range after you land a mark but more often than not people will keep their distance.
  • If the team is smart, you are easily countered. With a few smart plays, magic resist items, and oracles one can shut an Akali down pretty well. I've seen too many people call her overpowered but when you only whine about your killer even if you know nothing on how to counter or how the champion works then you won't get anywhere.
  • Not much skins to choose from :( (Looking at Ryze, Corki, Teemo here.)
  • She has no effective CC. Her shroud slows them but if youre less than 200 health against an Ashe and your only hope is to pop your shroud, what are you going to do if there are no minions to dash to and your flash is down?

Note: Now I know some of you like to see alot more pros than cons but I like to keep things realistic. It's better to know your champion's limitations rather than just reading a guide and playing a match after thinking youre omfggodmode then going 0-5 10 minutes in.


Flash: In my opinion, Flash is one of the best summoner spells for Akali. It simply adds that much more to her playstyle in terms of both survivability and killing ability. Some simple uses for this is flashing over terrain, out of ultimates, getting the jump on people by using flash>dash>Q>hit and other things.

Ignite: I only take ignite so that I am able to secure early kills, not to mention the other effect that cuts healing by half it takes care of champions with spammable heals or just overall large heal over time spells.

Other spells you can take are:

Exhaust: A versatile spell, this can stop auto attackers like Tryndamere, Master Yi, Ashe. Lets you secure kills as with this, Flash, Shroud, and Shadow Dance nothing can get away.

Ghost: If you feel that mobility is still an issue for you with Akali then feel free to take this as one of your spells. It's a great spell.

Heal: I don't really recommend it but it DOES help early game. It also helps with luring people as well as saving some allies.

Smite: Pretty self explanatory.

Cleanse: Another self explanatory spell, Nobody likes being sniped by Ashe's arrow from bottom to top lane and then finding 4 people ready to kill you. It has happened to me and that was when I thought "****. Cleanse, QQ"

I decided not to make a "Don't take these spells" section as those spells simply do not fit Akali. Also, I didn't want to make the guide longer than it is right now.



Dorans Blade: The extra 100 health is always helpful, if you also got Health Quints then you will be one beefy Akali early game. The extra AD activates your passive in synergy with Brute Force and the tiny bit of life steal never hurt anyone.

Choice of Boots: I normally choose Sorcerer Shoes being that I play Akali AP based (Never seen an AD Akali to be honest) But your only choices SHOULD be Sorc shoes, or Merc Treads. You already have superior mobility against other champions so Mob boots along with Swiftness boots aren't needed. I once saw an Akali with Zerker Greaves and I cried a little.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Once you feel confident with Akali then I recommend getting this item Being a really good mid-game champion, Akali can easily rack up kills and with enough stacks, youre even more powerful. This isn't recommended for the newer Akali players though.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptre: This item has everything you need. Extra health, extra AP it's best feature, the permanent slow.

Lich Bane: More AP, Magic Resist, Movespeed with a good passive to boot. What's not to love?

Zhonya's Ring: Huge amounts of AP, the passive adds even more and it's Active is really handy. Use it to delay champs, wait for cooldowns etc.

Hextech Gunblade: I normally don't get this far in my build but after this, you have that much more survivability, and with it's Active cast nothing, and I mean nothing can run from you.

Note: If you decide to not get Mejai's I would recommend a survivability item, such as say Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel and the likes. Abyssal Sceptre would work out too. I used to apply Rageblade into my build but as I've played Akali more I realized that there are much better items. The AP is nice and all but that's about it, you get the AD you need from Gunblade, and the passive on Rageblade is not that effective on Akali. Your role in matches is to eliminate their carry and cause a disruption in their formation as fast as possible, not to sit there and auto attack with 8 stacks on RB.


When it comes to skills you want to max out your Mark of the Assassin, followed by your Crescent Slash. Your Twilight Shroud should come in third, with your Shadow Dance at levels 6, 11, 16.


This is all now personal preference, but I highly recommend getting Magic Penetration. Other than that, If you like to play a more tankier playstyle, get Health Quints and Dodge Seals. Literally, just build whatever you like.


Early Game
I almost always get mid with Akali. I know to some it may sound rubbish but once you get the hang of her, trust me. It's really easy. Sometimes its the fact that people underestimate her in middle lane is the reason I get kills. Pre-Level 6 obviously focus more on last hitting minions while harassing your opponent with Q, and if they get too close land an auto-attack in and that should send them running back. If they don't learn just repeat the process. Once you hit level two and get shroud this is where things start to get agressive. Whenever shroud is up tag your opponent with a Q, pop shroud on them and run in to auto attack. The slow from your shroud helps to close that gap between you and the other person. Keep doing this while last hitting minions. If by a chance that your opponent is less than half hp before you get your ultimate this is what you do: You hit them with your Q, wait til its off cooldown again, flash in, auto attack, Q, auto attack and then finish off with an ignite. Once you hit level 6 though its when Akali reaches her killzone. What I normally do before I try and kill my opponent is wait until I have 2 dashes in stock. If I've done everything that I have said above they should be at half,nearly half, and sometimes less than half health. With this I just repeat the above combo. Q, wait until it's off cooldown again, dash in, auto attack, shroud, Q, auto attack dash Q auto attack. If flash is up that's even better. If you run out of dashes, just flash in, if you decide to tower dive just flash out to take less hits. Ignite also helps a ton in these situations.

Mid Game

This is where Akali shines the most. Your Q is that much stronger, and you now have stacks on your Shadow Dance pretty much all the time. Keep in mind that whenever you get kills and assists you get an extra shadow dance stack so don't be afraid of tower diving and then dashing to an enemy champion or minion. But also don't make harsh or stupid decisions. That morde at 1/3 health won't die as easy as you think ;). When team fights start to happen you should be careful on who you target depending on how well youre doing. If youre facerolling it literally doesn't matter who you target as Akali. They WILL fall down once you get two-three rotations in. If youre doing mediocre - poorly I suggest going for the lowhealth squishies as usual while picking off runners from team fights. Akali is a chaser and she does so well in punishing people who try to run away.

Late Game

I find that Akali's damage output is still quite amazing in late game. You can dash straight to their carry, do a combo, dash back out and then wait for another opportunity to strike. Always be on the move in a team fight. Dashing in, doing your combo until the target is dead and then dashing out, waiting for another opportunity to go in the battle. You're not beefy enough to stand toe to toe with the whole team but with enough practice you should be able to spread out your skills so that you are always up in your opponent's face causing disruption in teamfights. Be careful of AOE ultimates here as they hurt Akali pretty bad.


Like I've said before, whenever you're ready to commit to a kill be sure to always, ALWAYS have an escape plan. A small tip I can give you is for when youre ready to kill someone wait until he pushes you by a creep over. This is so that when you dash in to harass or kill him you have minions to dash back to incase something goes wrong (or right :D).

If by some reason you don't get a solo lane (mid or top) here are some good lane partners to be with.


Here are champions to look out for, both in team fights and laning phase.


Extra Tips: Here I will include some extra pointers against some champions. I will point out their main flaws against facing an Akali. Some of these you might not agree with, some of these you might not even know, but this is a guide for a reason. Anyways, the usual trick with any champion you have trouble facing is to play that champion yourself, this is so that you know what is going to happen or at least expect what will happen. A good player in any game; RTS, MMORPG,MOBA knows the repetitiveness of their game and plans ahead based on the enemy champion(s),characters and actions throughout the game. If you have other things to add feel free to do so in the comments page! I'll happily add it on my guide and also at your name to the credits area.

Ashe: Though her slow and crit rate might scare you early game, don't be afraid of still harassing her with your Q and an auto attack. Good Ashe players tend to distance you between them but with the use of our Shadow Dance you can close that space. Another thing to look out for is that Ashe is a champion with no escape skill, she's one of those champions like Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw, and Sivir. They may be difficult to face pre-level 6 but once you know what to do against these people then it will be easy.

Mordekaiser: Ah, the big bad Morde. Shout out to a guy named dema888 because he's a HUGE Mordekaiser fanboy. But moving on, Mordekaiser has a pretty weak early game. With this said, whenever he tries to charge his shield on you try and tag him with your Q before he tags you with Siphon of Destruction. If he misses and you don't this is your chance to go aggressive on his ***. Most Mordes run away after hitting their E but with Akali having short cooldowns you tend to shred his shield down before he has a chance to bring it back up. Harass Morde before and after he goes to charge his shield. Even though I've said to be aggressive with Akali against Morde remember the differences between a smart and dumb move. Once both of you hit level six and if he's more than half health with you at half just blue pill back to base.

Vlad: I really don't find Vlad a threat anymore. Just bring the fight to him and he will fall. With your ignite his heal will be cut to half, and with a good eye you can sense when Vlad will use his ult. This is when you either move, dash to another spot, or flash behind him. Some people don't approve of wasting flash but hey, as long as you kill the guy right? Just be sure to not waste your flash left and right mid to late game as these become more and more valuable as the match goes on.

Kennen: This guy must be one of the champions I have trouble with. It may be the case for others too or it may just be me being bad, either way here is my 2 cents on Kennen. He's a pretty good counter to Akali in my opinion because all his skills, apart from his Electrical Surge passivedon't require you to have a visual on your target. What this means is that a good Kennen will stun lock you for a solid amount of time and you won't put out enough burst to bring him down. If he gets a mark on you just wait it out. Keep harassing him with your Q while hiding in your shroud frequently , keep in mind this gives you extra armor and magic resist. What your shroud also does is it usually taunts an enemy Kennen into using his Lightning Rush to try and tag you in your cloak. So a good combo would be to tag him with your Q, pop your shroud, if he closes in auto attack him. If he keeps his distance then you've got a good amount of time to last hit minions. When a fight breaks out between the two of you there's almost a 90% chance you will be stunned at some point in that fight, and when that time comes you want to be in your shroud. So time it right and practice well, Kennen is a tricky opponent.