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Alistar Build Guide by Divipper

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Divipper

Alistar - 1v5 Build (Nautilus Update)

Divipper Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Alistar Bot


Solo Top Alistar

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 15

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This build will not help you get awesome scores like 20/2 but it will give you the way to an Over Powered champion that can take out more then a single champion and if with the help of an AOE Ulti (like Fiddle's or Katarina's Ultimate you will see your self killing most of the enemies team in seconds.
this build will give you Tones of assists, your team will love you, you will get 90% of the time Victory.

In my opinion this build is one of the best now after they nerfed the AP ratio. and increased the time of the ulti at low lvls.

his Attributes:

-heal( Triumphant Roar)
-stun ( Pulverize, Headbutt)
-farmer (now his passive help him alot farm after lvl 5)

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Champion Requirment

This champion is unique he's not like any other tank or any other DPS/mage/ etc.

this champion requires:
-Courage (where you dash in the enemies)
-Fearless (if your scared of dying then i suggest you search for another champion)
-team-player (this champion cannot be played as a lonewolf until he's full seted you should always carry your team by : healing, stunning, etc.

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Runes help you chose if you want to build Alistar more tanky or more Powerful in his hits.

you can chose any sort of dmg runes u feel comfortable, you can get armor pen, AD, Crit chance or atk speed.
my favorite type of runes is Greater Mark of Attack Damage to enhance my AD at early lvls.

you can chose between Greater Seal of Replenishment for mana regen
or Greater Seal of Defense to be more tanky in the end or Greater Seal of Armor if your going solo top.

You can chose between Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for Cool Down Reduction
or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to be more tanky against magic spells or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if your going top, where you will hardly find AP champions but will help you allot late game.

Finally Quintessence:
Quints are like marks you may vary them as you like, what i use is 1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and 2x Greater Quintessence of Desolation this will give you 10.6 AD and 6.7 armor pen which will proc to 11 AD and 7 armor pen. which will maximize the benefit you get from runes.

In general i like to go with Greater Mark of Critical Damage, Greater Seal of Defense, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, and Greater Quintessence of Desolation

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my masteries are defensive cause this will help a tone in pregame.
the only important thing is to master exhaust and ghost and 21 in defensive masterise then u have 7 points that you can put anywhere you want it wont matter.

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Here is the good part.
u will start your game withfor mana regen, some health, and some more dmg for pulverize

-Bootsfor some attack speed.

-Chalice of harmonyfor infinite mana and some magic resistance.

And now come the AD part:

- you start with zealso u buff your movement speed to 416 so u can easily reach your enemies and easily get out of battles. it also give you some attack speed and critical chance.

-now u get the "Tiamat"which will buff your attack dmg and make each hit splashes and dealing dmg to all nearby enemies. this will extremely help you when going against multiple champions or farming.

-after you got the tiamat you can now upgrade your Zealto a. after completing to this part you now are an awesome tank and an excellent dmg dealer. you have now high movement speed to chase your enemies and very hard dmg especialy when you use your ulti.

now come the late game part. you will sell- now you have the choice on getting more tanky with getting randuin's Omenif your going against a melee team.
or Banshee's Veilif your going against a mage team.

-Or if you see that your doing great and don't need that much of tanky items you can just go to Infinity edgewhich will buff your dmg superbly you will now deal over 700 dmg with each Critical + the splash dmg which will deal 350 dmg to all surrounding enemies you will see your self going 5 v 1 and owning them till they run away. and maybe getting 2 kill and successfully running away by using ghost and stuns.

-if your like your dmg and want to do more just get a bloodthirsterand you start dealing 1k dmg + getting life steal

Optional items:

-Frozen MaletHelps to slow the enemies so no one escape you.
-Trinity Forceif you want more dmg and don't want omen's or phantom dancer
-atma'su can build it with Frozen mallet if your health exceed 3k hp this will give you over 60 dmg and some armor and crit chance, only for 2355.

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farming is easy after the patch after changing the passive which was
dealing more dmg to the turret by 20/40/60%
now it does dmg to all surrounding enemies for 3 sec after using a skill and you can pass minions without getting blocked.
so basically after getting your purveliser to lvl 3 go between minions use it then when the passive fed away heal so it continue dealing dmg till they die.

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Laning and team work

here come one of the most important parts, teamwork:
even if your playing Alistar as a dps he still starts as a tank with 700 health,
so u will need in your lane mate either a good ranged dps to finish off stunned target really quickly without getting hit or an other tanker that can help u stun/taunt or grab, like Rammus (taunt), BlitzCrank (pull), Sion (stun).

Now Team battles,
When you come to situations where your pushing and you see all the enemies camping the turret simply go hit this turret wile using your ulti, the normal reaction will be that they will surround u trying to defend their turret. at this point just use your Q and let your team jump on them killing them all wile you finish off the turret.

If they are pushing your turret it's really easy to defend with Alistar, all you gotta do is head butt the tank away and stun the rest with pulverize. if they decide to target you simply use your ulti and your safe to fight for 6-8 sec without getting any serious dmg.

Finally, when your in normal team fights you should be the one breaking the ice by head butting the tank and pulverising the enemies and letting your team owning them.

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Alistar Solo Top

I know this might look weird but this build makes Alistar one of the best Solo tops in game. his CC is too hard to counter, his heal give him unlimited sustain with low mana cost, he has some really nice base dmg and beefy as well. incredibly hard to gank (CC, ultimate clear CC and reduce dmg,Heal).

In solo top you have 3 situations:

1-if you have the advantage:
Keep harassing till he gets low then finish him or dive him using your ult.

2-if you are both equal:
if you want to avoid trading hits with the enemy laner u can just farm and when he goes for the last hit simply us your Headbutt to deny him the farm.

3-if he's beating you for any reason:
simply play safe, use your Triumphant Roar for sustain and wait for the right moment to throw him to your tower by your pulverise to stun him and Headbutt to throw him into the tower.

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how to deal with kitters

I've heard people in the comments having problems against ranged dps kitting them,
well that's easy to deal with.

Rule number 1: don't go in their range if your not going to attack them.
Rule number 2: Don't be scared of them and keep running away till you die.
Rule number 3: if there is bushes around you go in it and w8 for them to come to u then pulverise and kill them.
Rule number 4: don't forget you are a good dps and they are squishy so you can kill them really fast
Rule number 5: if they are trying to get away after the ambush just exhaust them and punch them to death. :)
Rule number 6: if they manage to kit you and you can't reach them use the trick of head but, pulverise combo then finish them by melee attacking them and exhaust them if needed.

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Tips and Tricks:

here are some simple tips and tricks to use:

-Pulverise headbutt combo: press W and wait until the target is in it's range then press him and Q at the same time.
-Advantage in 1v1 fights: in 1v1 fights you might need all the advantage you can get so try to fight inside the minion wave, this will reset you heal allot in the fight, he might not have defensive masteries which will result on minions owning him, your passive will give you the advantage on mobility because it let you move threw minions.
-if your bot and the enemy support warded the bush that your camping in just get a pink ward to clear it out and to be uncounterable.
-in case of ganks: save your Headbutt for the right moment where he's most close to you, or play smart and throw him to the tower. ;)
-when your doing well in lane feel free to gank mid lane which will result on an easy kill because Alistar CC + his dmg is just gonna destroy squishy champions in mid.
-Always try to hit your Headbutt into a wall, because it will add a hidden stun or paralise effect. but take care of saving him by throwing him off the wall.

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1v2-5 situations

i don't suggest doing this often except if your sure of your self and there is an ally around you to help in case something went wrong.

But if your out lvling them and you have allot of kills and know that you can take them down in less then 8 sec (ultimate time) go for it.

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- added a new section on how to deal with range dps.
- Runes Updated.
- Introduction updated
- still works after Nautilus's patch
- Optional items added
- Solo Top added
- Tips and tricks added
- Runes updated