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Build Guide by L8buff Jorgen

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author L8buff Jorgen

Alistar Ap - Deadly combo

L8buff Jorgen Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! this is my first guide to Alistar and will be open for discussion.
first off, i want to talk about the difference between Ap Alistar and support/tank Alistar
Ap Alistar got like 600+ ap if played right end game and WILL BE DANGEROUS + with ult he survives anything
support/tank Alistar only has his disables and will be in no use if all are dead + survives almost anything, always

Difference? damage and armor difference, but who need armor when your heal heals the double + alistar got this ult of his reducing incomming damage by 75%!

BTW, with ap you can kill anyone with your deadly combo i show you later...

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Pros / Cons

* Great nukes (like 1500 dmg on 1 sec with 650 ap+).
* Incredible chaser with his combo.
* can carry and tank at the same time.
* can stand anything with his ult (except true damage of course).
* He is a Bully you don't mess with.

* Mana problems if you're not careful.
* Without you, your team may be slaughtered.
* Slow movement in beginning
* needs a rather good team for this to work.

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The masteries i picked are because we need a little cooldown reduction and feel free to switch good hands with Perseverence and one point is Blink of an Eye

This is just my masterie selection, want to try it out before complaining? Good.
feel free to comment on it.

I see some Alistar users are using the defence masteries, but we are NOT going for a very tanky kind of Alistar, but feel free to try it (don't do it).

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okay.. first off you start with a dorans ring and stay laning for as long as you can. then when you return to shop pick up some boots and a health potion, if you have farmed well, pick up some boots of mobility right away. keep on following my build and feel free to get a mejai's soul stealer a little earlier if you're doing well :D

Why this build is SO good are because of a combo. the Deadly Combo of Alistar! Low ELO ppl feel free to watch the video so you can do this too:

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Unique Skills

Alistars Deadly Combo! as i like to call it are done like this:
first off, get a target
next you have to get up in range for headbutt.
AT THE SAME TIME the headbutt hits you will have to hit Q for a Pulverize.
that simple, or is it? you decide.

for people who don't get my point heres a video:

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Team Work

Okay, why do i have this tread? i know it and you know it, its because this game is all about team work.
what partners a good for Alistar in the laning phase (if not mid)
well here is my list:
1.) Blitzcrank
2.) Malphite (our combo do the same as his ult, with more damage :D)
3.) really anyone with slow, stun, taunt and etc. etc.

First blood

Well.. first blood is REALLY nice to get for your team, giving you an advantage.
my tips for first blood may be, are you laning with blitz? are they at their tower at bottom? are they even squisy? WOW, you so luck to get a free first blood if that blitz do right. pull them up from behind and stun them right away. really good to have ignite since you dont havethat much dmg at level 1. good spots at bottom (i always lane bottom with Alistar) is south or downwards for the blue buff and with the golems at bottom
i might make a map later showing the places, but this is an Alistar build, not blitzcrank.

Otherwise, i just hope you stay in some bush and luckily a squisy ashe walks right into it and you and you teammate start nuking with CC's. GJ with that FB :)

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My runes are:
9 magic penetration marks
4 mana reg/5 seals flat
5 health seals flat
3 exp quintessence

However, at top you'll see i consider movement speed too. You decide!

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Skill Sequence

Well well. here i will comment for my skill sequence, which in my opinion is quite good, so try it out. the reason for my build is to get you the combo right away and then start building up damage. I get E on level 3 just so i can lane longer (tip: dont use heal all the time... this is what cause mana problems)
keep on till u have maxed headbutt since this skill is taking the most damage (1:1 ap ratio!)
and put some into Pulverize on the way. Always pick your ultimate skill when available.
i also want the heal to be more efficient along the way so i put 1 point in it when its needed more.

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Summary - Ending

Well my summary is short.
Alistar is INSANE with AP and i hope you liked/loved the guide