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Alistar Build Guide by AlexanderTheGreat94

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexanderTheGreat94

Alistar as He is Meant to be

AlexanderTheGreat94 Last updated on January 23, 2012
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First Things First

Most Of The Guids.. Think of Alistair As a Tank.... He is not Tank... He is Basicly Supportive... Even If his ulti Makes him A Tanky..... In This Guide We r going to Clear All the Missunderstandings About Alistar .
With this build Try to be In the Same lane With a mage Or any other squishy type... (Assasins Recomended!!!) and always Focus Ur HeadBut Towards your teamates So that The enmy can Feel The Rape Better !!| If u cant do that. Try Pulverizing them First And then move to their backs So that u can pull Of the hEadbut trick ;)
(Turrents Recomended) use turrents till they beg for mercy ! **Add Some Health Potions Whenever u Think fit !

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Other Item Recomentations.

-Meki at the begining is a must ! Because Later on It is Build Into a Chalise -OR- an(tear of goddes)Archangel .but even if u dont like the idea.. U can take Dorans RING OR SHIELD and end it there... .
-I Chose boots of swiftness because With his 3 spell (the roar) he ignores Unit collision making him a Good escapee Or hunter.. And if combined With force of nature.... Wooohoo 426 movement speed=> Beep beep .

-Now... About Force of nature... IT can BE Easly Replaced With Thornmail IF ur Facing An Attac Damage team.... Even if FON rly helps u With ur healh Regen. Against a Dps team.. u wont have time for regenrtion.. .

-Cataclyst The Main Reason Is Because Rod of ages gives u More mana And More Health Than Rylais :P and the AP can be used into the roar. even though it will be only +26,6666666667.. its better Than nothing.

-Frozen Heart Instead of Frozen Mallet. Because with the mana u get regeneration isues. And because 99Facking Armor ARE A HEAL OF A BOnus ! Combined with ur ulti... => Unstopable.
!!BUT!! FM is not out of the question.. If u have a Problem with the health Or Hunting Problems(even if ur goal Are not kills) u can Take the Mallet .. Along With Rylais . ;)

Thats aLl...

===If u Come up with better ide*** let me knoww ;)

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As u can see Ive put 2 mastery points into summoner spells ... With this way |Fortify| can help u in combination with ur headbut (To get an enemy near to ur turrent) and then slow him down With ur Pulverize.. forcing him to eat AT LEAST 5 HITS ! And with clarity If u ever run out of mana u can use it.. And i also gave it a point so that u can Recover the same amunt to ur allies

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About the Runes...
I try To balance the Flat Marks of Intelect With the knowledge ones.. Because.. at the early game u will need some flat mana but in the after game.. and because of the passive |Strenght Of Spirit| u are going to need them so u can regen health faster.. Thats the whole reason why this build is focused around mana ^^

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Random Knowledge for making my build valid

Mana is an indigenous Pacific islander concept of an impersonal force or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects. The word is a cognate in many Oceanic languages, including Melanesian, Polynesian, and Micronesian.
In anthropological discourse, mana as a generalized concept is often understood as a precursor to formal religion. It has commonly been interpreted as "the stuff of which magic is formed," as well as the substance of which souls are made.
Modern fantasy fiction, computer and role-playing games have adopted mana as a term for magic points, an expendable (and most often rechargeable) resource out of which magic users form their magical spells. _

Concepts analogous to mana in various other cultures include the power of magic, sympathetic magic and of seeking the intervention of a specific supernatural being, whether deity, saint or deceased ancestor.
The concept of a life-energy inherent in all living beings is a common archetype, appearing in many ancient religions and systems of metaphysics.
Analogies[citation needed] to mana in other societies include:
Anishinaabe traditional beliefs : manitou
Australian Aboriginal mythology : maban
Aztec religion : teotl
Basque mythology : Adur
Egyptian mythology : ka
Finnish mythology : Väki
Greek mythology : ichor
Inuit mythology : inua, sila
Iranian mythology : asha
Iroquois mythology : orenda
Leni Lenape mythology : manetuwak
Norse mythology : Seiðr
Roman mythology : numen
Salish-Kootenai mythology : sumesh
Sioux Indians (Dakota) : Wakan
Welsh mythology : awen
Yoga : prana, chakra, Bindu
Yoruba mythology : ashe
Also related are the philosophical concepts of:
Chinese philosophy : qi (or chi), Tao
European alchemy and philosophy : aether, (or ether), quintessence
Hindu philosophy : Maan (Respect, acknowledgement, belief)
Japanese philosophy : kami, ki, rei; Ryukyuan mabui
Tibetan Buddhism & Bön : yang (g.yang)
Vitalism : Élan vital

Mana came to the attention of the anthropological community with the English missionary Robert Henry Codrington's (1830–1922) work The Melanesians (1891). It has since been discussed by anthropologists such as Émile Durkheim (1912), Marcel Mauss (1924), Claude Lévi-Strauss (1950) and Roger Keesing (1984).