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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jimroff

Alistar (in progress)

jimroff Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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WHAT Up? :P this is far from finished working on it little by little.

short explaining on how i play alistar :P (not a guide yet)
the masteries look abit ******ed but i go that build cus i want to do damage and at the same time be durable and long lasting in lane. thats why i pick some points in offense to get that extra damage and AP. the points in defense are ofc for the durability early game. the points in utility is for lasting longer in lane leveling faster / having more mana / more mana regen. i hate going full tank cus then my attacks deal decent damage but nothing critical or fight changing. i dont want to go full AP damage dealer cus then im squishy as hell. in this build im still abit squishy but it senergise well that i can regen quickly and get right back in there. also in the long run me hiting like a train will benifit my team more than just bieng tanky. cus everybody knows not to target alistar that goes full tank. but bieng abit of a hybrid like i am.. ppl tend to target me more and their mistake cus i can do some serious tricks :P

dont pay much attention to my skill sequence cus it changes depending on what i face. example: if the one im facing in lane can harass me alot i go for the heal first. if its someone of equal harass i go for headbutt. is it someone i counter veary well i go for pulverize. but i get all of them by level 3 regardless. after that it just depends on what my role becomes or is in the game.

as for the rune build i like to go AP heavy and MP. i want as much early game damage as possible and some mp5 to last longer in games. i sometimes go a more tank heavy rune build with armor mr instead of the mp5 and the extra AP. but i still keep the MP marks and AP quints.

here comes the fun part :P my item build. i go a veary wierd item build i tell you. but it works for me. and i have alot fun with it.
so i start of with a doran's ring. and i have that untill i have around 900 gold. then i go back pick up boots and another doran's ring and or some pots / wards if you can afford. if tragedy happens and you die you pick up another doran's ring and go back to lane. if not if maybe you get a kill or assist and you have enough for 2 dorans ring's you go back then and pick them up. now i have 4 doran's ring's and normal boots. at this point im a beast farmer and i hit like a firetruck. and still keeping some tankyness cus of my masteries runes and HP.
at this point i go either with magic pen boots if im doing well or the 3 enchanced speed boots if i feel like roaming works well or merc treds if i feel i need some more tankyness :P. after this i go death cap starting with large rod and then completeing it. if at this point its going bad for either you or your team i usaly skip lich bane and go for banshee > GA > hourglass > crystal scepter. if its going well and you feel confident you gather money for sheen and sell one ring to fit the sheen in there. and after awhile you go back and finish the lich bane. at this point i hit for alot but im really squishy cus of the enemy team will probably have some nice damage by now. so here i got for more tanky items. i go for hour glass (starting with armor cloth item) if AD is bothering you most. if AP is annoying you go for banshee starting with the MR item. if you feel like your bieng to much in the center of attention i would go for the guardian angel. not only does it give you tons of defence but it give you a nice revive that you can use to stomp and headbut the hell out of the time one more time. and thats how i play alistar

as for my summoner spells i use ghost and ignatie. i get ignatie if there is a healer / lifestealer in the enemy team. els i get flash to be able to position my self in team battles.

(im a low elo player so this works for me thats why this thing is a work in progress and really messy right now. i want to get higher elo playing alistar my way up and then build a proper up to date alistar guide. right now its just a short, not really worked on project. will get better tho)

plz tell me what you think on how i play alistar (there is no point commenting about the guide aspect of the guide cus i know its ****) you get an overlook of how i play him. is it good / bad. what would you change